Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

This is a beautiful day!! Gorgeous!! The birds are happy and singing!! We have food out there for them plus just got a new hummingbird feeder up yesterday!!

We had to put it on our front porch because then the hummingbirds will have trees to flit between!! BUT the other problem is our cat, Annie!! She has claws!! She can walk on the rail of the porch and somehow she catches these poor unsuspecting little sweet birds.

Hubby and i both have thought and thought how to get the feeder out far enough that she cannot kill these sweet little birds. Finally the only way we could come up was to use a dowel rod and extend it out where she could not reach these birds.

Hubby got it up yesterday!! We went to put up our old hummingbird feeder and it was broken...so off to look for another one. We found this one and hopefully once those little guys find it they will love their new red restaurant!!

We both love birds..Can you tell!! We have a feeder off the back porch and also one down in the front yard!! We love watching them.

We get a lot of cardinals, woodpeckers, finch and some other ones that i just do not know their names. The wood peckers are fun to watch. They hang on upside down and eat!! Hm!!

Loved having a FULL DAY off yesterday!! I am sure running on LOW lately!! I am off to the doctor tomorrow afternoon!! I don't know what can be done but I know I am not happy anymore!! That anti-depressent really has thrown me for a BIG LOOP!! I cry and am just not the happy person that I know I usually am!! Not a fun way to live each and every day!!

Hubby was home yesterday...no jobs but it was nice having him here with me. I am off to work this afternoon and then every day through Saturday this week!! I need to cut back!! We have a little problem going on at work!! Guess there is never the just perfect job!! Hm!! I was hoping!!

Hoping soon to get back to the real ME!! i do not like this lady much!!


Thought for the day: "A friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart!"


Aggiema (Michelle) said...

Praying for a day filled with blessings for you!

Maggie Ann said...

I'm so sorry you still are not feeling well. (I'll pray) Hopefully the Dr. will get to the bottom of things. I love your comment about my blog..you made me laugh! Yes, I did go out on a limb but only after experimenting with my 2 other blogs and ended up loving all '3' new looks. I'm thinking of making my 2nd blog focus on one topic..still thinking about it. I love your little red restaurant! You've inspired me to enjoy my day and HUNT that bird seed for the empty feeders. I KNOW its around somewhere! I keep waiting on hubby, would you believe its going on 2 seasons now...to take care of the bird feeders. Your post has rallied the troops..me! thanks...=)

Glo said...

So sorry your still not feeling well. I just loved all the pictures you posted. Praying for you.

Melli said...

See? I thought I had found the perfect job at Curves too. And then... a little something went on. You're right - there is no PERFECT job -- except being RETIRED! LOL! Sandy, I'm sorry that you are having such a rough time right now - please DO know that I am praying for you EVERY day... I always do! You and Mike too... I hope things improve for you soon. ((((Hugs))))

Needled Mom said...

So sorry to hear that you are not feeling on top of things yet.

Your hibiscus is just so cheery looking. I hope that the hummers will come back SAFELY to the feeder.

PEA said...

Like you, I love watching the birds and have quite a few bird feeders hung up. I haven't taken out my hummingbird feeder yet, though, because they don't usually arrive here until mid May. With the beautiful weather we've been having these last few days, though, maybe they'll arrive earlier!! I raked the front and back lawns today and the birds were upset at me for being in the way! lol

Sounds like your anti depressants aren't agreeing with you...some react the opposite of what they're supposed to do. My mom always has a hard time with them...she was taking some that made her feel tired and weepy all the time, just like you and the doctor tried another kind on her and they finally worked well.

I just love that picture of you and your beautiful daughters in your previous post. What a fun day that must have been:-) xox

Denise said...

Birds are so awesome, and so are you my friend.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you are still feeling a little bummed out. Now just remember keep the faith, dear one. Just hate thinking of you not feeling well yet. Know it is terrible to feel so bad and have to work. As i told you yesterday don't let someone dictate what you have to do if you are not feeling well, take care of Number UNO first. It is your health and remember that. Take care will pray for you and keep you in my thought. Love Mother & Dad

DaBookLady said...

so sorry your not well, I have been really tired here...I almost thought the pic of your 1st flower was the one I took... LOL...looks just like it...prayers to you

Lazy Daisy said...

Hey babe, So sorry that you are still dragging and feeling so bad. gotcha all prayed up. Miss you.

Phyl said...

I love lil red restuarants...the loveliest lil diners frequent them:).

I hope you get to feeling better soon. I hope your meds get adjusted correctly...that is always a pain-in-the-rump.

What??? You can't wear flip-flops????

Gattina said...

You are a sadist putting bird feeders up and poor cat can't get the birds, lol ! I love birds too but with my five cats it would be impossible to feed birds here in our garden it would be a massacre !

gab said...

Today I woke to the rat-a-tat-tat of a woodpecker. I love birds and usually have feeders for them. But lately with rying to get my health under control I just havent had the get up and go to put out the food. We have Robins, Bluejays, woodpeckers, Cardinals (both female and male) lots of crows or black bird or gackeles or all 3,and a few others..no hummingbirds. I have yet to see one in my neighborhood. It may be becasue there are so many stray cats. One reason my two stay inside!