Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

  • Good Morning!! Welcome to another dreary and rainy day here in Sunny Georgia!! ha!! We do need the rain though so cannot complain. I got my flowers all put in the ground just in time on Sunday...Hope this makes them grow really well!!
  • Not much going on here today...a trip to Lowe's is scheduled and stopping at the grocery store too. Home then off to work again!!
  • I did work out yesterday even with this high blood pressure and am still here to talk about it. Been a little afraid of working out but I guess it is going to be okay!!
  • Do you watch, "Dancing with the Stars"? We both like it here!! I think that everyone is pretty exceptional this year!! Going to be a close race for a change. I so enjoy watching dancing. I would LOVE to learn. Reckon it is too late?
  • I heard that my grand girls in Illinois are very sick with the flu!! I just pray that they are better today.
  • Our youngest daughter and her family are out in California visiting with our son. Bet they are having a great time but may have to come home to rest!! Vacations can be like that!!
  • Hubby has a big job today!! It is good to see him going to work most every day now. Things are starting to pick up some. Praise God for that!!
  • Guess I should close this "mostly boring post" because it is just plain boring....
THOUGHT FOR TODAY....If you love life, life will Love you back!!

Flip Flop


Julie said...

Haven't talked to the girls much today They are both sleeping at the moment. No one sick since supper last night so hopefully they are getting over it. Just don't want anyone else to get it.
Enjoy your day.

Lazy Daisy said...

Hey babe....seems like everyone has lint in their brain this week. It seems to be spreading. So glad that Mike has work. Miss you.

Denise said...

Bless you sweetie.

gab said...

I too am so looking forwards to spring and my flowers.
Tag your it. Please go to my blog for instructions.

PEA said...

Your posts could never be boring:-) You're so lucky to have been able to plant your flowers already...won't be able to do that here until the end of May or early June when the chance of frost is over. It's no wonder we have such a short growing season here in Northern Ontario!! I do hope your grand girls get over that flu quickly, it certainly isn't any fun to have!! xox

Melli said...

Might be "mostly boring" to you - but I am THRILLED to hear that Mike has had WORK!!! That is WONDERFUL!

Linda said...

All I've been doing is trying to figure out html. I'm to the point that I'm going to have to ask for help.

I too love Dancing With the Stars. I've been rooting for Priscilla because of her age. She looked great last night.

It's sunny and in the 70's here in the north. Tomorrow I'm taking a break from the computer and will be doing yard work.

Needled Mom said...

What perfect timing to get the flowers in before the rains.

Sorry to hear the girls are sick. That flu has really been going around lately.

Glad to hear that you felt okay after working out. :)

Mary said...

Oh, Sandy. I wish I could plant my flowers now, but living in southern Ontario, I won't be able to do this until near the end of May. Before that there is a chance of a hard frost, so anything planted wouldn't survive.

I hope your grands are feeling better. That flu is nasty.

I will pray that more and more work comes along for your hubby. I know how difficult it can be when someone is not working on a regular basis.

Take care, my friend.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sandy, it is late so you are not staying up late , after working this afternoon.I am glad your blood pressure is getting back to normal.Good news about Hubby working more jobs...things are looking up in your world...The flu has really hit a lot of people.I hope your granddaughters get well soon...Talk later. hugs, Barb

Betty said...

Oh Sandy, I don't think your post was boring at all. I enjoying hearing about your day.

Exercising should lower the blood pressure, or at least that's what I have always heard.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Sandy. I hope your granddaughters are feeling much better. Wishing them well.

Congratulations to your hubby's big job. Hope it will continue to pick up.

Take care.