Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things that begin
with the letter V
all about ME!!

  1. Vacation: Boy could i used one "right now" but that is not going to happen until August. My dad is going to be 90 then!! We are going back to Illinois for a party, to see all of our family, and to go to my 45th high school reunion...
  2. Vacuum: I do more of that at CURVES than I do here at home. I need to do that right now but...someday I guess!!
  3. Video Store: I don't go to them any longer since we have been using NETFLIX!! We really love it!! We are movie people you know!!
  4. Vocation: I never really had one except to get married and have children!! I had wanted to go to college and major in music but that did not work out!! So now i am still married 44 years later!! Not too bad anymore..I do have my MRS degree!!
  5. Vote: Boy!! I always vote but this year is the worst election that i can remember...Confusing to say the least!! BUT vote we must!!
  6. Volunteer: I have always been one of those!! Someone that does not know the word NO!! But I am now learning!!
  7. Vaccine: This year I got the flu vaccine and have been glad of it too!! I have been well so far!! Hubby got one too!! He was sort of "forced" into it!!
  8. Vegetable: Never saw one that I don't like..YET!! I always thought that I would make a good vegetarian IF I just knew how to cook like that. Course I just need to LEARN how to cook...PERIOD!!!
  9. Visit: I have two grands coming tomorrow after school to VISIT with Grandpa and myself. Their parents are going to a reunion up north!! They will be staying till Monday!!
  10. View: Someday I would love to live someplace that when I look out the window of my home that I have a beautiful view...Let's say mountains, trees, water...guess I can dream too.
  11. Vandalism: We have been vandalized 3 times now since we moved here!! Never before has this happened to us. It is very feel so violated too!!
  12. Vast: (I am going to stretch this meaning): Just to show how small our world is!! Today my daughter and I were in a store. We were talking with the sales lady. She said that she was from Illinois. I asked her where and she said the same 'small town' that my hubby is from. I asked her...what her last name is...AND can you believe...she is the daughter of the couple that we used to double date with back in high school!! Can you believe!! How vast is our world but small at the same time.
  13. Verbal: Yeap that has always been me...Chatty Cathy i guess!! I love to talk!! Sorry just me...

Thought for the day: "Everyone has a photographic memory. Some, like me, just don't have any film!"


Susan said...

My word, what a small world to run into someone with that connection to you.

I love your list, Sandy. A music major, huh? Voice or instrument? That's something I didn't know about you until now.



Susie said...

I would have thought V to be a tough letter, but you came up with some really good choices.
What an amazing coincidence to run into the daughter of friends from high school!

Lazy Daisy said...

Loved your "V" list. Good choices.

Melli said...

Annnnnnnd a VALUABLE member of society! That's you too! You did really WELL with "v" -- I thought it would be more difficult - but WOW! You really did well!!! GOOD JOB!!!

That story of meeting your friends daughter right there in the neighborhood - isn't that SOMEthing?! Amazing!

Deanna said...

Love your thought for the day! That's SO me! lol I've had that experience, also. Kind of long, so I won't go into all that here. (Hmmm...feels like a blog post...) Hope you're feeling better every day!

Denise said...

Such a great list sweetie.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Good morning Sandy, You made the "v" list look easy...We enjoy movies from Netflix..Do you ever run out of movies to pick from their list??. It was amazing how you met the girl from Hubby's town here in Savannah...It is a small world..I am going to Curves in about a later. Hugs, B

Linda said...

You made the V's look very easy. Great job!! Boy, your story about the daughter of your hometown friends just shows we do live in a small town called American.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy,
I loved your list!!! Great you get the grand kids....mine are too far Calf!!
Yes I wrote the poem on my blog...we are supposed to do a 24 hour crop here starting tomorrow night...not sure if I can do it...I'll be the "oldie" there!!!
Pam 'Oh Da Woods

Clif said...

All those things that start with V. That sounds like a challenge to me. I can sure identify with some of your V words. I enjoyed reading all of them. I think the little flip flops are so cute. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the nice comment.

Charlotte said...

Oh, Man. The above comment was from me. The computer was still logged in under my husband's blog ID so it posted it under his name. The comments are from me. Sorry about that. Bet you thought Charlotte looked a lot like a man. Ha.

PEA said...

You certainly do have a wonderful vacation awaiting you in August:-) I've never been to a High School reunion but I imagine it would be awesome to see everyone so many years later! I always vote too but as you say, it's getting more confusing every year and since my belief is that all politicians are idiots, it's very hard for me to have to vote for one of them! lol The only vegetable I don't care for is asparagus...I've come a long way since I was a teen when the only veggies I'd eat were corn and potatoes! lol We've had our home vandalized a couple of times and yes, you do feel very violated afterwards! Great list as usual dear Sandy:-) xox

Mississippi Songbird said...

I found your blog thru Renie's blog..It's so neat..
Have a wonderful May Day!

Mary said...


A small world, isn't it? We never know when we are going to meet someone we know.

I loved your TT list. I learned quite a bit about you from this. Thanks for sharing.


Toni said...

Great V list. Have a great time with the grandkids. 44 years that is something to celebrate for sure!!

Technonana said...

Oh Yeah... this is a small world!! I learn that more and more each day!!

Sioux said...

Interesting bunch of "V"'s! I notice that I, like you, have 3 grown children and 7 grandchildren!

Mar said...

Enjoyed reading your list of V's (except for sorry about that)
That vacation in August sounds fantastic!! My neighbor's mother just turned 90.

Phyl said...

I am so with you on the kind of view you want:).

So are you gonna contact the couple you used to double date with??? Nosy semtimental fools wanna

Samantha said...

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