Monday, March 24, 2008

Today is a special Day over at Hidden Haven Homestead!!
Peggy has a birthday!! She is a very special blogger. If
you have the time go over and wish her a GREAT BIRTHDAY!!
Once you get to her site you will see that she is very occupied right now
with her sweet neighbor, Ms. Fran but i thought it would
be great if we show her some birthday LOVE!!

Monday Memories!!

I was thinking yesterday that Easter at our home is not the way it used to be!! We used to have family over for dinner and then in the afternoon we would hide Easter Eggs for the little ones to find!!

I did not know then but things would change and we would not be having those "fun times" any longer!! But we did have them once upon an Easter a long time ago!!
When we were little Ron and i got new Easter outfits!! We were all dressed up with the fancy dresses, little white gloves and a hat...always a hat!! Ron would have a new suit or new pants and he even had a hat!! Those were the times. This is not the picture that i was looking for and it is not the best but you get the idea!!

We do not do that anymore here!! I guess it seems kind of sad to me but we did have fun on Easter at one time!!

Do you remember when people would get in their cars and take Sunday drives? We would just drive and maybe end up at someone's house. We never called them to see if they would be home and might be wanting company. We just drove and ended up at their homes.

We kids would go outside and play and the adults would visit or play cards!! Where have those days gone too?

Now none of us can afford the gasoline even if we still wanted to do something like that. People need to be called now too..WHY is that?

We kids did not know then that these things that we took for granted would one day not be the "thing to do"!!

Now I suppose the regular Kid would think it was a waste of their valuable time!! Smile!! We Americans have changed a lot!!

Hope ya'll had a GREAT EASTER!!



Lazy Daisy said...

I remember new dresses, little white gloves and socks with lace and white patent leather shoes and hats. Let's face it sweetie...we are relics of the past. Miss you.

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing your memories.

Linda said...

Your post reminds me of the conversation I had yesterday with my son's MIL. We were talking about "how Easter's use to be". Guess that was on a lot of our minds.

We had dinner at my son's house and also celebrated his birthday. He turned 38 today. I put one of the pictures from yesterday on my blog this afternoon.

Hope you have had a good day.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sandy,it sounds like you had a quiet Easter like me..I loved getting everything new at Easter when I was growing up.I only got two pairs of shoes a year, Easter and when school started in the at Easter new underwear and slips along with the other stuff...I don't know how our parents could afford everything at Easter, I never felt poor, but we were not rich...Kids have Easter egg hunts in the house now days if the weather is bad outside..We really had a great childhood...thanks for sharing.
Hugs, Barb

Needled Mom said...

I, too, remember the Easter attire, the Sunday drives and the chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner that afternoon. Those were some fine memories. Nowadays we are lucky to see dresses instead of jeans in church. :(

Melli said...

LOL! WE always had lacy dresses and socks, white gloves and patent leather shoes, and yes - bonnets! (or hats) I believe that is where my great LOVE for hats began! Easter was always a time for NEW! And very dressy! My kids always had NEW... and the girls always had dressy! The boys thought dressy was torture - so they just had NEW -- and at least they were "clean"! I still like to dress up on Easter -- and, once again, I was the ONLY woman in church yesterday with a HAT! And that was out of 2 services! I was at 8:00 and 11:00 because I worked the nursery at 11:00, but had no takers until after the children's liturgy. And I'm telling you - Women NEED to wear hats more -- MEN LIKE THEM!!! I got compliments, I think, from every man in the congregation!!! T'was FUN!!!

Deanna said...

Well, we had colored eggs and a little hunt for Mary, an Easter basket AND a Sunday Drive! We drove out to Wormsloe and Skidaway!Hope you have a wonderful week!

Carolyn said...

I need to dig out some of my "Easter dresses" pictures from when I was little. Yes, Sandy, Easter in some ways, has changed over the years.

I am blessed with a husband who's family still gets together for holidays -- and a son who loves getting together with them. He stayed out there after David and I left ... to look through old scrapbooks and newspaper clippings. Then they went out and did skeet shooting and 4 wheeling. Busy day for us, with church and family, but it still wasn't like it used to be.

I have moved. Well, actually, my main two blogs (Quiet Time w/Carolyn & A Prairie View) are still very active, but I decided that the direction they were taking makes it hard for friends to weed through "all the stuff" to find the meat and potatoes of "just my day". So, the main focus of my day to day stuff can now be found at Stop by and say hi:)

Peggy said...

Thank you so much for the birthday post. I feel very blessed to have spent my birthday seeing my best friend on her heavenly home. I am also blessed to have a wonderful friend in you. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Yes I remember Easter so well. Use to be something to look forward to and you kids always loved it. Today it has changed so much. Our family is too strung out to get together, but I still miss that part of being together. I did get to talk to both of you and that helps a little. Dad and I took 2 of our friends with us to lunch Easter Sunday. Was a very good meal and we had lots of fun just visiting when we finished eating. So much for Easter, guess it is not all about EAster Eggs anyway, our Lord was risen on that day, so that is what we have to be thankful for now. As we grow older we feel so blessed, nice family that loves the Lord and know they were all in church. Thanks for sharing the picture of long ago. Love you Mother & Dad

Maggie Ann said...

I remember the little hats and gloves with the new dresses..once upon a time. We didn't get many new clothes growing up so when we did it was special indeed! Happy Birthday to Peggy for sure. Each year is such a gift from God! And, it would be fun if teacups could talk...what if they used bad language though? guess we'd hustle them out of the house to Good Will or gulp...what? smile.