Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday Dozen--Letter P

Things about me that start with the
Letter P.....
  1. Pajamas: What I am wearing right now. Somedays I wish that i could stay this way all the whole day!!
  2. Pain: Unfortunately I live with a lot of this stuff!! I take pills for it but nothing but exercise seems to help.
  3. Paper: We use a lot of that stuff around here with my hubby's business. I used to hear that someday we would not have to have paper!! Crazy!
  4. Paradise: Heaven that I am waiting patiently for someday!
  5. Parent: I would have never thought that at my ripe old age of 63 that I would still have my two parents!! I am blessed!!
  6. Park: NEVER and I mean NEVER ask me to parallel park...ever. In high school when I was learning (ha!) I hit the car in front of me and the car behind me!! DUH!!
  7. Paunch: My lovely stomach after having 4 operations is still in the "Paunch" mode!! I keep working out and well it just will not GO IN!!
  8. Peace-Maker: I would like to think of myself as someone that does not want things to be confused or upsetting. I would hope that I could help keep things that way!!
  9. Paycheck: I get one of these now...however small but they still call it a paycheck!! Smile
  10. Peach: I live in the Peach State and have yet to find a GOOD ONE!!
  11. Pickles: I love Lime, Bread and Butter and Sweet pickles the best!!
  12. Pet: We only have Annie now and our life is a lot smoother and happier. She is a delight to watch. She is the only cat that we have had that actually stops and watches TV!!


Melli said...

My last Sunday School class I took was on being a "Peace-maker" --it was a great class! Next week I start a new one.

What IS it with Peaches anymore? I NEVER get a GOOD one either! I really did think YOU would though... being down there.... but they all seem to be mealy and tasteless. What happened to good old SWEET juicy peaches? They just don't grow 'em like they used to!

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sandy, I love your "p" list for today about you..Annie looks so sweet resting on your bed...thanks for coming over and helping me with crochet...You have to add the word 'patience' to your list... that is what you have for trying to teach me this morning.I hope to practice and learn how to do this crochet...Don't work too hard..
Hugs, Barb

Julie said...

Liked your list. Am just too busy lately to blog at all. Haven't had time to. Tried to get one in yesterday but had to quit b/c something came up. Maybe will settle down this weekend HAHA.:) Have tomorrow off!!!!!!!!!!Am really looking forward to it.

Julie said...
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Linda said...

Sometimes in the winter you will find me in my pj's day. I think we have earned the right to lounge around once and awhile!

Happy Spring. It's sunny but only in the 40's here.

Phyl said...

Ummmm....did you forget that you have a friend named Phyllis? lol...great list:).

Denise said...

Great list sweetie, love you.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Sandy. I love Peaches. What a coincidence, I posted something about peaches earlier. I'd like to share with you the fun time my two chefs had at home. :)

Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
Love your list of P's! Like you, I love peaches and pj's (we have a peach tree that has yummy fruit!)
Easter blessings!