Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Memories

Monday is here again!! I was trying to think of some good memories to post this morning then i remembered being in a small country school where we had 2 classes per room. I know some of you went to the ONE classroom school. My honey did!! But we had 3 rooms with 2 grades in each room.

The picture above is of my 3rd and 4th grade class. It was taken around 1955-1956. I remember this class so much because i had fun here. Mrs. Busby was my teacher. In this picture i was in the 4th grade...can you find me? I hope that it will enlarge for you...

I was looking at it and saw that everyone in the front row had to have their hands in their laps and everyone in the other rows behind their backs. We were well behaved children!! smile!!

I remember each and every one of these kids. Some I have seen again and some i have lost complete touch with. One of the girls I have known for most of my life. She and I still remember each other's birthdays. She is living in Colorado and me here in Georgia now!! We used to ride the bus together for years and years.

As you can see we girls did not have a great pick for boys....I bet you can guess the ones that we all giggled over???

The one guys in the back row...tallest one...was always my admirer!! He came from a family that had little or nothing at all and those kids were not the cleanest either. But somehow he just loved me. Mother would come to our small school to bring my accordion so that I could play for everyone and he would rush out to help her carry it in.

I remember the Halloween times!! They were the fun ones. Our parents would come and get us and then we would get dressed....then they would let us out a few blocks from our small school and then no one would know who we were...HOW fun that time was!!

WE would bring roller skates..Yes roller skates!! Skating was our recess fun. Our recess seemed to last forever and was the highlight of every me that is!!

If that bored some of us girls we would go into some short bushes that were growing by the school. We would sweep up the dirt and set up house!! Crazy!! We had nothing to play with so we made up our own games then. Now kids are bored after about 15 minutes!! I don't think they LOOK for things to do!! We did!! We had too!!

We had the best big swings, teeter toters, slides and merry go round!! They were the old heavy ones and boy would they go!! I loved to swing and I still do. Just get me close to a swing and I am there!!

One day my friend, Jan (in picture right in the center middle row) were swinging. One of us was sitting and the other was pumping (both in same swing). We were getting really high, the wind was blowing through our hair and it was such fun. That was when my little brother came running over and we hit him...KNOCKING him out!! I was scared to death. I really cannot remember what happened next but that was very traumatic for me.

We would have races, play games and of course baseball!! What fun!!

Classes were fun too. I especially liked spelling bees. We would stand around our teachers desk. She would start on one end and give us a word. If we missed we had to go to the end of the line. We could work ourselves back up to the front by spelling correctly. I was very good at that...THEN!!

One day i remember one of the 5th or 6th grade boys was caught chewing gum (that was a no-no). He was punished by standing in front of our two grades and chewing gum. What if our school system today had that "bad" of problem in their schools!! Where has it all gone? Sad for sure!!

Well I hope this has not bored you too much!! Just some things that i was thinking about today and decided to write on.

(**OH!! Thanks go out to lazy daisy's hubby, Mr. Wonderful...he let me have a wonderful scanner. nice and neat little thing so now i can scan my pictures!! Thanks Mr. Wonderful!! Guess you really do deserve that name!!)


Linda said...

Good morning Sandy, Enjoyed reading about your early school years. Did you know the school system in NC is going back to combining some of the elementary grades. That is to help kids who may not be ready to advance to the next grade, but not doing poor work. They are transitional classes.

LadyBugCrossing said...

Are you in the middle row second from the end??

Flip Flop Floozie said...

WOW!! Lady Bug you are so good..yes that is me 2nd row second from the end on the right hand side!! Small and tiny then...Sandy

Lazy Daisy said...

I knew it....look at you Miss Thing, so fashionable even at such a young age. (A future home coming queen in the making!) You are still beautiful babe. I enjoyed your stories and your "shout out" made Mr. Wonderful blush.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sandy, your school picture is great and I could enlarge it , but did not pick you out..I am glad we were told where you are standing..Are you working this afternoon?? I may not get there until tomorrow.. I had a Mammogram this morning and will be going to a service to night for a nurse , I know that has died..
Enjoy your day, hugs, Barb

Monkey Giggles said...

I love the photo and the story.

Denise said...

I really enjoyed this post sweetie.

Linda said...

Stop by when you get a chance. I have a little something for you.

I went back and looked at your school picture again, and knowing which one is you. What a cute little girl you were and still are.

Mary said...


I enjoyed your Monday Memories. Yes, we found our own fun back then. I went to a one-room school. There were 58 children in grades one through eight with a nineteen year old teacher. Some of the older boys were almost the same age as she was, but there was never a problem. Discipline was fast and swift. It should be the same today and there would be less problems. We had one swing and two teter toters. There was never a problem about who used them. We all took our turns.

When I entered grade three, the one-room school closed and we went to a two room school. I never liked school the same after that. I guess I didn't like change even then.

Enjoyed my visit. Thanks so much for sharing. You were cute.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes I remember those days, they were good days I think. Know you had a good time and such nice friends too. WE had to take your brother to the hospital as we thought he had broken his jaw, he got all black and blue if you will remember and he did hurt, but he was ok, just hurt a lot. I bet he remembers that too. Such a cute picture, I kept it as I do not have that one, but then I gave you most of the pics, so sometimes I think of all those pics and how nice they are. You still look a lot the same I think, still pretty and full of spirit, so glad. Take care. Love Mother & Dad

Needled Mom said...

What wonderful memories! Yes....if only the schools had the same issues these days....dream on.

lillinda said...

Wow ! When i looked at that picture, I thought it was just like my first grade picture. Mine has a girl in the middle front row with the same dress,except the girl had blonde hair. We also had a combination first and second grade.
Thanks for the memories !
Oh, and I still get the shivers over the roach scare !

Peggy said...

I just loved your school day memories!! Made me start thinking about my own. I wish our grandchildren could have school day memories like these.

Deanna said...

Hey Sandy! Loved your post, too! Love all the memories you have of your school years. It was nice to have school that had recess. We did, too, but my daughter doesn't. More here that in Florida. That always puzzled me. They want the kids to be good in class, but they don't give them time to burn off some energy outside! Hmmm... Have a wonderful day! We have the flu bug in our house. Mary is a sick little puppy...

Betty said...

Hi Sandy,

I enjoyed the picture and reading about your early school days. I started my first grade in a one room schoolhouse and then second grade was a large school. Guess that makes me a little older than you.

Gattina said...

Loved this post ! it is so interesting to read how you spend your childhood compared to mine !

Maggie Ann said...

This was so enjoyable to read! What wonderful memories you have...I vaguely remember being smacked with a wooden ruler on the palm of my hand when I was in kindergarten or 1st grade for something I did not do...and wondor if I ever liked school after that moment. I'm glad you have such fond memories of your classmates and teachers.

Jane said...

Wonderful memories! Loved the picture. I wasn't sure which one you were.....I'm glad LadyBug figured it out!!

Melli said...

I KNEW right away which one is you! Cute little bugger too!