Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday News

Parade in downtown Savannah

Here I IS this morning...alone!! Brie just left with our daughter and family off to the BIG Savannah St. Patrick's Day Parade!! I have heard that we are the 2nd largest parade in the USA!! I don't know if that is true but we will have about 3 million people in town today!!

Yesterday when we stopped to see my friend, Tootsie, we told her that they were going!! In her own Cajun way she looked at Brie and said, "Are ya' outa yo' mind"!! She says she has never gone. Our daughter, kids and myself went one year...did you hear ONE YEAR and well that is it for me!! I did enjoy it but it is LONG!! It runs about 4 hours.

You really cannot drive down there so they are going to the mall this morning and be transported down there on a shuttle!! Best way to go!!

So here I am....I need to clean house and do some major picking up. We will be keeping our youngest granddaughter tonight too. I work this afternoon again and of course tomorrow!! I so so ENJOYED yesterday!! I had the WHOLE DAY OFF!! What a treat that was!!

Brie went to shadow our daughter as a nurse at Memorial. She really enjoyed it. She is thinking about either getting into radiology or becoming a nurse!! Good for her!!

It is so odd to see my granddaughter so tall (5'9') and all grown up now. I remember when she was born like it was just today!! Now she is almost a grown woman!! She looks just like her mother which kind of freaks me out sometimes!! Life flies by so quickly, doesn't it!!?? I read in a book the other day that life flies by like the birds in a big flock do!! One minute they are right above you in the sky and the next they are gone!! It seems to me that my life has been like that...young and now pushing OLD already!! There is a good song that says, "Once you were Young and Now you're old!!" Yeap!! Fast!! Things change so fast!! Life is so fast and quick!! No slowing down it seems!!

We sure have enjoyed making invitations for my dad's upcoming birthday party in August. Together Brie and i have made about 25 now. She just loves it!! She has also learned how to knit. I have had a good time trying to teach her new things. She says that she wants to come back again. Boy, I am so impressed that an 18 year old wants to come back to her old grandparents again!! What does that say!!??

I will get to each blog as soon as life calms down here. I so miss reading everyone's blog!! I hope ya'll are fine!! Just be patient!! Now onto trying to do some cleaning this morning!! UGH!!



Melli said...

I LOOOOOOOVE a parade! I have always wanted to go to Macy's Thanksgiving parade. ... never been. I have always wanted to go to New York's BIG Easter Parade. ... never been. But ONE of these days, I AM coming to Savannah for the GREEN parade! YES I am!!! I DON'T think that's something I can do with Mom though... waaaaaaay too much confusion for her!

I really AM just so impressed that Brie wants to spend time with you too! I mean... I knOw WE all LOVE you -- and I would expect the grandkids to LOVE you too -- but wanting to spend TIME with you - that's a whole 'nuther THING! And I am impressed! And I think it is a WONDERFUL gift from God -- for BOTH of you! (all 3 of you actually!)

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Happy St.Patrick's Day Sandy,I thought you would be at the parade with Brie... I am so glad she is having a wonderful time, but of coarse she would with loving grandparents like you and mike...I know she will enjoy the day with her Aunt and family...I will see you at Curves in the morning...hugs, Barb

Anonymous said...

Yes it is wonderful that Brie is enjoying being with you. Seems along time ago that I had the kids, that would be your little ones spend the time with us. I can remember Jon so well when he was little, took him to work with me one day and they had a fit over him, he was such a cute little guy, he is still cute. Gma too proud maybe. Just keep that girl knitting and making those cards, glad she loves them both. Need more young people learning crafts. love you all. Mother & Dad

Phyl said...

I love your St. Patty's day flip flops!! I do love a parade! When I was growing up there was the Autumn Glory Parade every year...wonderful!



Linda said...

I read somewhere this week about Savannah being one of the largest St. Patrick's Day parade. When my daughter was growing up she was in several parades every year. She was in dance, majorette, gymnastics, band, which all wanted parade participation. I am parade "out".

Good to hear Brie is having such a good time with her grandmother. I love she has an interest in knitting.

My favorite saying about getting old is "Life is like a roll of toilet paper, the older it gets the faster it goes".

PEA said...

I love going to parades but not too sure I could handle a 4 hour one! lol We don't have a St. Patrick's Day parade where I live but I think they do in the big cities like Toronto which is about 5 hours from here.

Sounds like Brie is having a great time staying with you and it truly is the best compliment, knowing that she wants to come back:-) Love the invitations you two have been working on!!

The years certainly do go by oldest son will be 30 years old in April and it just doesn't seem possible. I remember being that age myself and it seems like only yesterday!!!

Have a fabulous weekend my friend! xoxo

Denise said...

Glad you enjoyed the time with your dear granddaughter.

Betty said...

I would like to see that parade. It must be really big to last 4 hours. I can't imagine having to stand for that long.

Hope you have a good weekend, Sandy

Deanna said...

We heard the parade was a BIG thing here in Savannah with all the other St. Pat's day activities! We did not, however, attempt to go. I don't do crowds well! We grew up in Southern California and never went to the Rose parade! Not once! I would have braved it when I was younger, but don't think I should attempt those crowds now. We did go over to the Savannah Mall to shop for shoes for Mary. Hit Red Wing for Bill, wandered around Target and had dinner at Texas Road House!

Hope said...

Hi Sandy,
I was thinking when I started reading your post about the parade that there's no way I'd want to get in that crowd!! It is race weekend here in Bristol and the traffic is bad everywhere. I have never been in that crowd either but I'm not a race fan anyway!

When you get a chance to stop by take a look at my post about my son's 35th birthday. Talk about feeling old!! I love that my grandchildren still like to spend time at Granny's house. My oldest grandson will be 14 this year and so far he still likes spending time with me.

I hope you're having a great Sunday!


Hootin' Anni said...

A four hour parade? Serious? Wow....I'd ache before it was done, unless I had a curb to sit on while watching the procession...then, after that long, I'd have to have help being pried loose! LOL

I love to clean, it's good therapy. LOL

Hope you're having a terrific weekend.