Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday Dozen --M

12 Things about ME with the

  1. Mechanical: NOT ME!! for sure!! I am just not one of those women that can do anything that has "anything" to do with that word. I just do not even put things together well. It would be a mess if I tried!!
  2. Macrame': Now this is something that I can do!! When this was the "going thing" back in the seventies ( I think)!! ...I did tons of this and sold it!! I was doing great and made enough money to take our whole family to Disney World. I also bought us a little puppy!! It even made my fingernails grow (the only time in my whole life that has ever happened)
  3. Make-up: I just started to use that in my late 30's. I really had no need for it until then. When I discovered that "Maybe" I needed to use it I had NO idea how to!! So I picked out a woman at church that I thought looked nice and asked her!! Now since I am older i really need it...Like one of our pastors used to say, "If the barn needs painting..paint it!"
  4. Mother: That has been my BESTEST title!! I love being a mother and now a grandmother!! Next a GREAT GRANDMOTHER!! WOW!! That will be quite the title to have!! (I am too young yet....okay BRIE?)
  5. Married/Mate: Yeap 44 years and still going and going and going!! I hope that we are like the "energizer bunny" when it comes to racking up the years of our marriage!! Course i am so fortunate..God gave me the right man for just me!!
  6. Middle-Aged: yeap I guess that is me!! Just what exactly is that age anyway? I have always wondered. Guess at 63 i am probably there and beyond!!
  7. Miscellaneous: I love Milk, chocolate, Curves, my friends, My honey, my cat Annie, my parents, my family, my home, blogging, knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, my church, the bible, my Lord, freedom, sunny days, flowers of all kinds, Spring, no snow, traveling with my honey, your comments, meeting new people, shopping, spending money, seeing the USA, studying the bible, making scrapbook cards, watching movies of any kind, reading, losing weight and inches, having company, my diet green Tea, a warm shower, sleeping late, learning new things, and just being ME!!
  8. Money: I have decided this is something we are not MEANT to have!!
  9. Math: No way...Hosea'!! I just do not like it, do not want to like it and will never like it!! So there!!
  10. Music: I love music!! Almost any kind from Classical to Contempoary Christian!! I am not at all fond of rap but I love music. I think it does something wonderful to this people it sure does!!
  11. Mystery: yeap a good movie mystery...a good book that is a mystery!! I love trying to figure them out...WHO DONE IT!!??
  12. Messiah/Morning Star: My Lord and Savior...I hope HE is yours too!


Melli said...

ROFLMBO! I LOVE how you worked Miscellaneous in there!!!

And... according to FemHealth, the average life expectancy for women in Georgia is currently 75.3 years ... so that makes "middle age" 37.7 years old! Just thought I'd toss that out there! LOL! In MARYLAND women can expect to live to 76.3 years! Head NORTH Sandy! But Hawaii has the highest -- Hawaiian women can expect to reach 80 years of age! (still puts "middle aged" at 40!) We're BOTH beyond that!!!

Maggie Ann said...

Just coming by to say Hi...I'm with you on the math!

Linda said...

I learn something new about you every Thursday. I can see you as a flower-child doing macrame (hehe)

I've worn make-up since the beginning of time, especially eye make-up. I won't walk out to the mailbox without my eyeliner.

I started TT13 today and copying what others, like you are doing. The abc's of me.

BTW, Melli downright depressed me with her statistics. That means my kids are middle-age so that makes me over the hill.

Tammy said...

Awesome post!
I enjoyed reading every bit of it!

Needled Mom said...

Great "M's". It was fun reading each one of them.

Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
Loved reading your list of M's. It's always fun to learn more about our blogging friends!
I especially agree with #4 and #5!

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said...

I love the part about the make up... if the barn needs painting, paint it... I can just hear that...
and you just picked someone out that looked nice.. you are a hoot..

I love your misc. list... wow.. lots of goodies...

and then... drum roll please....


happy thursday...

PEA said...

Hi Sandy:-)

I so enjoyed reading your list starting with did a great job on it!! I agree with you on Money and Math...not something I'll ever have lots of and not something I enjoy! lol I remember when macrame was all the rage...I never learned how to macrame but I did have a lot of the hangers for my potted plants:-) xox

Betty said...

I enjoyed your Thursday Dozen, Sandy. You must have really good skin to not need makeup until you were in your late 30's. I have been wearing makeup since I was in high school.

I hope you have a good trip. You will be missed.

Denise said...

Really great post.