Saturday, February 02, 2008

Saturday Snow and Sun

Some picture...right? I am hopefully the sane one!! At least I have been trying to be lately!!

Today the sun came out and the snow is melting!! YES!! We got out this afternoon to just...get out!! We went to Pamida to see what we could see!! We put dad in a wheel chair once we got there and wheeled him around. He was going to stay in the car but we told him that he needed to get out and at least see different surroundings!!

We ended up getting some yarn and I got some knitting needles. Mother has me knitting a scarf right now. She just finished one for me. She took a picture of it. It's this pretty? Just my color!! Course in Savannah today it was 75!! Guess I won't need it there!! It is warm and soft plus being purple is a good thing!! I need that here right Glo and Carolyn!! You two have had the same kind of miserable weather that Illinois received!!

It has mostly been in the 30's today so that is a good thing!! The snow on Dad's car has melted all off. He was worried about the pressure in the tires and just HAD to go see if they were okay. Mother and i let him go and he seemed happy about it. He is asleep in his chair now.

We both can see that the medication is working wonderfully!! We are both wondering if he really DOES have alzheimers or it is just dementia!! He has been doing so well. Course it could be that we got the medication to him quick and that is working. WHATEVER it does not matter. He is himself and laughs and still clowns around at times. Once that goes everyone knows that is not good!! It will be a week tomorrow that he just lost all of his memory!! We have so much to be thankful for this week!! Funny what a week will bring!!

Tomorrow I go to church with my parents then out to eat with them and all of their friends. I am leaving from Bloomington, Illinois Monday around 2:00. I will be so happy to see my hubby!! HE said he "might" come to the airport and pick me up!! SURE!! Such a tease that man!!

Hope all is well in your part of the world. I have tried to read what blogs that I can.

Back to my knitting!!!


Melli said...

Do YOU see a scarf? I don't SEE a scarf! ANYBODY SEE A SCARF AROUND HERE??? (and she says she's the SANE one... HA!) LOL! It sounds lovely my dear!

Denise said...

So happy that your dad is doing so well, love you my friend.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You scared me! We are moving to Savannah in about a month and I thought you were talking about snow there! Whew! That'll teach me to read more slowly! Hope your dad is doing better every day! Get home safe when you go!

Monkey Giggles said...

Amen. I am so happy to hear your Dad is doing better.

Enjoy that scarf.

Smiles and hugs