Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Four Generations of Hands
Julie at age 40; Emily age 16; Me age 62 and Mother age 83

WHEW!! I am finally home!! I figured this was a good NON-Wordless Wednesday for me!! It took a lot to get here!! I worked on it for 2 whole days!!

We left early Monday morning to drive to Bloomington. My parents got a good friend to drive us all. The fog was just incredible!! Everyone was saying that they had not seen it that way in a long time. You could see your car hood and then just a little ways beyond that!! It was like traveling in a white out!! I knew that once I got to Bloomington then I could stay someplace with friends.

I waited and waited for my flight only to be told that it had been cancelled. No more flights going or landing!! I called two friends and got one. She braved coming to get me. She said that she could not even see the terminal!!

My old friend (just long time friend) Donna took me kindly to her home. I had a great visit with her and her hubby!! Also a great bed to sleep in that night too.

Got to bed early and up again hoping that I could leave. Donna dropped me off at the terminal. As soon as I got in I saw that my flight had been canceled. I decided to just stay. Called Donna and told her that i was going to just remain hoping that I could get a flight out. The fog started lifting just a bit but then it started raining, lightning, thunder and wind. You know out on the plains like that it really does blow. I know one night last week the wind just howled. I had not heard that for a while.

I finally got on stand by on the last plane out to Atlanta. It kept getting delayed. Finally I went up to the desk and they said that I HAD A TICKET!! YES!! I was just thrilled. One guy was sitting there trying to get to Jacksonville, Fla. His daughter was getting married today and he had never seen her. I hope he made it.

Finally after sitting ALL DAY!! (reading 1 book) I made it on that last flight out. I knew that there was a big storm coming today and knew that if I did not get out I probably would not make it.

WE had some pretty bumpy weather up there but not as bad as i thought. An airline pilot sat with me on his way to Atlanta. Nice man.

Finally I get to Savannah at around 11:30. Mike was there. So good to see him again. I hate not being with him.

We finally were home and in bed by 1:00...CAN YOU SAY TIRED!!?? Yeap that is me. I am going into work this afternoon for a couple of hours. My sweet boss has been doing all of my hours. I hate to not go as she needs some time off too!!

I have a couple of pictures to share with you. This is a great picture of my dad (minus the mustard and ketchup)!! It is rare to get him to smile. I love this picture!! We were at a great pizza place there in Illinois that we just ALWAYS have to eat at because if we didn't...well it is just not right!! smile. I am shoveling snow!! Trying to get Dad's car uncovered. What a mess. We got 6 inches of snow. Not my favorite thing!! I could live without snow forever!! I did get to throw a snowball at Mother though!!

The hands at the top is a great thing to do with generations. Those of you that have small babies try this the next time you get together. I think it is a great way to show how we change as we age.

I hope you are all well. i know i need to get out there and visit and i will. Just give me some time. It is nap time now. smile!!


Glo said...

Glad your back home safe and WARM....You forgot to do one thing...take the cold with you....BURRRRR 21 degrees here. said...

So happy you are home safe! With all that terrible weather yesterday and last night whew I am thankful you made it, Okay!

I love that picture of the hands! We will have to do one of these when my daughter is here when the new baby comes in June! Get some rest and you can visit us later!! Love and Hugs,Carolyn

Denise said...

So glad you are home safe my friend. I love the picture.

Melli said...

That IS a great picture up top -- and I'm so glad you have arrived back home, safe and sound and WARM again! I know Mike missed you as much as you missed him. I am keeping your folks in my prayers... and of course, you too!

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Good evening Sandy, welcome back home..You have had an adventure in the cold and snow....Looks like your dad has improved...I love the picture of yours hands.... great shot...
I am in my element with Olivia and taking care of Julie and family..Fred and my mom are coming to Atlanta this Friday for a visit...

I went to Curves today,and will need to go 2 more times this week...It has been hard to get away with all of my busy work...

Sleep good and rest up.Hugs, Baba

Hope said...

Hi Sandy,
I'm glad to hear you finally made it home safely. What an ordeal you had just trying to get home. Mercy me!!

I love the hands picture and since I have a brand new grandbaby I really want to do this. So sweet.

Love the picture of your dad with the big smile. Looks like he's happy to be eating pizza!! :) You snowballed your mother??? LOL Then you came home to shovel more snow?? We still haven't had any snow here and yesterday was in the 70's with sunshine. Today is rainy but still warm. Now they're saying rain mixed with snow!! Who knows??


Susan said...

I love the hands. They are great. Yesterday I talked to my friend Suzi (who lives in IN) and she had had travel issues in Chicago too.

I'm glad you got to be there with your parents.



PEA said...

Goodness, what a time you had trying to get home but I'm glad that you finally did!! That picture of the hands is brilliant...showing 4 generations, such a powerful picture! Loved the other pictures as well...your dad is looking good:-) And there you are shoveling...we have lots here if you want to shovel some more?? hehe xox

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I hope the guy got to his daughter's wedding~ Never Seen Her???
We need the rest of that story!
I know you are glad to be home.

Betty said...

My oh my, you really had a time getting home. That must have been a real ordeal for you.

Your Dad looks great. I'm glad he is doing well.

I liked the four generations picture. Neat idea.