Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Memories in Black and White

My nifty red Western Flyer Bike

Last night as I was laying there trying to get to sleep I started thinking about when I was very young and lived in a small town in Illinois. I would stay summers with my grandmother (MOM) and her husband.

Back then we were not worried about everything that worries parents these days. I would wake up in the morning to a warm breeze floating over me. The curtains would be waving in the summertime breeze. I would lay there listening for that favorite sound of a pigeon. They make a sound that is really soothing. For years i thought it was an owl but later someone told me that i was wrong. I hated to get up but knew if i did that maybe I could get on my bike and run to the little store and get some chocolate donuts and some chocolate milk. It is odd after all of these years that I can still remember being so comfy!!

My day would consist of getting on my big RED bike and running across town to find my friend Pat. She and I would then ride all over our small town looking for boys!! How much fun!! I still remember my favorite street..YATES street where the boy that I liked lived on. We would ride by hoping to see him in his yard or better yet maybe on his bike.

My step grandfather ran a Mechanic shop. We would go there to visit. He would sometimes give us a deposit to take to the bank. We would hop back on our bikes and bump over the railroad tracks and off to our little bank.

The bank was one of the "Now" very old fashioned ones. I remember the bars on the tellers windows because i would have to slip the deposit under the little hole in the bars.

From there we would wander around town until lunchtime. We would go to Pat's house and fix peanut butter and banana sandwiches and water. Then we would take them down to a creek that was outside of our small town and sit on the bank and eat our great lunch!! Just sitting there I can still remember that too!! Crazy how those long ago memories stick in my head after all of these years.

Then we would hop back on our bikes and ride the whole afternoon. Sometimes we would run into those "boys" we had been looking for and of course that made the afternoon EVEN more fun!!

There were days that we would stay out riding until dark. Can you believe that? Today that would be so unheard of. Oh, yes we did check in once in a while but most of the time we were just "on our own".

What summertime fun we had!! Some days i wish for that time to come back. Just relaxing in the sun or on our bikes. Wind running through our hair and the best thing...NO CARES in this WHOLE world!! Oh to be young again!!

(PS...these pictures are of me and my boyfriend John back then. He is the one that lived on Yates street. I named our first son after him. The others are of Pat and I...we were so skinny then!!)


Linda said...

Oh yes, those were the days!! I had to smile at your bike being a boys bike.

I spent many days in the same way. I didn't learn to ride a bike until I was 10 or 11 because of a childhood illness I had.

I woke up this morning with laryngitis. Guess it's from jumping in and out of the car into frigid cold wind on our way back home Sunday evening. I think hubby is enjoying the quite (giggles).

Hope you are having a good day.

Hope said...

What a great post, Sandy, and such wonderful memories of carefree life! I have some of the same memories minus the bike. My dad wouldn't let me have one so I never learned to ride until I got much older and rode my friend's bike! I had a bad wreck right off the bat and skinned both my knees in gravels! Bad memory!! I learned to ride a little but never enough to get confident about it.
I'm envious of your old bike and the fact that you can ride! :o)

I do remember laying in my bed at night between fresh line-dried sheets, a breeze floating across my face from the open window and listening to the night sounds as I would drift off to sleep. How peaceful and relaxing that was. I don't think my body OR mind has had a moment like that since I became an adult!! How sad that is!

Thanks for the memories!


Glo said...

This post was the best. I also had a "red" bike. My day went much like your.My friends name was Joan. Except for lunch we would go to my grandmothers store and have bologna,cheese and crackers. Of course back then I'd have a grapette to wash it down. Today I have an old grapette bottle with it's cap setting on top of my cabnets with other old thing I've collected. If I ever get my camera working again I going to put pictures on my blog of all my "Special Memories""

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said...

Does your husband know you named your son after your first boyfriend?

I love old pictures and the stories behind them..

Thank you for your prayers also

Love you

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said...
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Hootin' Anni said...

Sandy!!!! This was ONE SUPER blog today.....wow, it was like going back in time with you. My bike was a blue metallic Schwinn [girls bike] and I'd ride like the wind. And oh what fun...chasing boys, going to the park...all around town. As I grew older I continued to ride and ride and ride. [My brothers used to tease me telling me it's against the law to pedal your ass ---being a street lady, I KNEW what they meant!!!--- but as you said, out until dark and on our own. LOVED it. Loved this a lot.

Thanks for dropping by.

Betty said...

You really were out on the town, weren't you? Those days are gone forever. It wouldn't be safe today to go anywhere by yourself as a child.

Nice posting, Sandy. I enjoyed it.

Susan said...

I love this post, Sandy!! I love the memories and the photos.



Denise said...

Great memories, thanks for sharing.

Nancy said...

I wrote about black and white today too but a little different take on it. I guess here in the south, our minds are on the same wave length... hehe! I loved your stories because they sound so much like my days as a child. Thanks for sharing.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sandy, I have enjoyed reading your trip down memory lane...I can relive those days too..playing outside all day and only coming in the house for food,drink or a potty break..sometimes I would wait so long and wet my pants going up the stairs with my legs crossed...What fun times we had with family and friends..Miss you. Hugs barb

lillinda said...

My bike was green. One day my little brother rode it to the store and came back about an hour later with a big long rope.He had traded some guy my bike for that rope. He was so proud, now we could have a tire swing.
By the time dad came home from work, they couldn't find the guy or my bike.
We did have fun on that tire swing, but it took me a long time to let him live that down !
I got another bike from Santa that year. A shiny red bike with a banana seat and a "sissy bar".
I was COOL !!
You brought back some great memories.Thanks

Deanna said...

Wonderful to read your post today! I spent many days on my bike, too. I grew up near Los Angeles and shudder to think about riding around there now! Too funny about the street the boys lived on! That's my maiden name! lol Have a wonderful day!

Pat said...

Bet I enjoyed your post more than anyone -- as I was lucky enough to have lived it with you! I can still see the layout of Mom's house. She was the best! I'm still eating those peanut butter & banana sandwiches. Thanks for making such great memories with me.

Donetta said...

Talking about those memories like laying there listing to the rock doves once again.