Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday Friday

Not much on this Friday to be talking about from my home, but for some reason I feel like I should blog something.

I went to Melli's and took her quiz and got the same results as she did!! Sometimes I wonder about those quiz things. I am a relaxed CAT like she is!! I can relate to the CAT part and most of the time I am relaxed.

Tomorrow is our last ladies NEIGHBORHOOD party!! Tootsie and I started it over 3 years ago. We think that we have done enough now and it is time for someone else to take it over!! Tootsie has so many things to do and I am also so busy any more too. I really think that in the near future we both will be moving away from this community anyway!! Guess that makes it time for someone else to do what we are both ready to give it up.

I have my house all cleaned up as best as it is going to be. It is another beautiful day here in Savannah. One of my azalea bushes is starting to bloom. I really need to find some time and get outside and clean things up. I have lost some flowers or it looks like I have...NEVER know they might be lurking right under the dead leaves!!

My dad is doing well so that is the best possible news that I can have. Mother is having to learn to take more responsibility which i know is not fun but has to be done. They are seeing about getting a life line today. I hope that works out!!

Hubby's work is still pretty slow but we are still eating (too much) and still paying our bills!! YES!!! THanks for all of the prayers that have been going up for us.

Grams let me know that Linda over at This n' That is expecting the birth of her grand baby. In the meantime here is what happened:

My dear blogging friends. I received some horrible news this evening from my daughter who is pregnant. Carson, her first born, fell off a slide today and is now in intensive care. The CAT scan showed a dark spot on his brain which the doctor said may be internal bleeding. They are awaiting an MRI. He has a concussion and is very lethargic.

We all know the miracle of prayers. Please keep Carson dear to your heart and pray for him and my daughter Nicole. I’m leaving at first light.


Hope everyone today is doing great in Blogsville!!


Denise said...

I am glad that your dad is doing well sweetie. I am praying for carson, bless him Lord. I love you my friend.

Nancy said...

We are having the same beautiful weather and it puts a smile on my face. Glad to hear your dad is better and I will keep him along with Carson in my prayers. Have a great weekend. said...

Hi Sandy, If you hear from Linda please let me know... praying for Carson. I have been praying for Mike to get more work!!
You have flowers in bloom! Wow!! Love Grams

Betty said...

Hi Sandy, I have gotten behind in visiting so I'll have to catch up with your other posts. I am thankful that your Dad is doing well. I can imagine how hard it must be on your poor Mom.

Isn't it terrible about Linda's grandson? I hope everyone continues to pray for him and the family.

Have a good weekend.

Peggy said...

praying for Carson . Have a great weekend and relax!

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Good evening Sandy, the kids are in bed and the new mom is sleeping , so I am sitting here trying to catch up on all of you..I have forgotten how taking care of a newborn and running after a 2 and 4 year old can keep you so busy... but it is a pleasure for this old grandma....I have been to Curves twice this week and will go in the morning.

I miss you and our girls from Curves.Anything new around there??I have to do my Saturday post ..
I will talk later and I am keeping up with Linda and her daughter and grandson..This is so sad with her grandson...

Talk later, hugs, Barb

Susan said...

Hi Sandy,

I hope someone carries on what you and Tootsie started. I know it's something that you enjoyed, right?

I'm praying for Carson.



Saija said...

hope Carson is doing much better now!