Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday Tidbits!

Today was Mother/Daughter day!! I wish that my oldest daughter could have been with us too. Becky and i met this morning and just sort of shopped around a little. Then we had a great salad at Ruby Tuesday!!

We had planned a couple of days ago to go see the new movie, "Atonement". She had her kids picked up after school and i had the day off so we figured this would be a good day!! We by passed the popcorn (even though the smell was just so inviting)!! We went into this big theater where we thought for sure we were having a "private showing". It turns out that 2 other women came in. I really think (according to the cars in the parking lot) that we were the only 4 in the whole theater!!

We settled in and were ready for this great movie...It starts off SLLLOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!! You wonder, "why did I come to THIS MOVIE"? Then about 30 minutes later it gets some better!! It has a lot of flashbacks and that can be confusing.

There are a couple of scenes in this movie that afterwards Becky and I talked about and still could not figure out for sure. Keira Knightley is so absolutely THIN in this movie. She could stand her behind one of our tall pines here in Georgia and you would not see her!! smile!!

I will tell you one thing...Not giving away anything...that you come out of the movie not feeling too well!! If you want a HAPPY MOVIE..Please do not GO SEE THIS ONE!! If you want a love story then go!! BUT remember what I said...not a good feeling afterwards. When it was over Becky said..."All righty then!!" That sort of sums it all up for it!! Thought you might like my small movie review!!

Weather here got a lot nicer this afternoon...62 for some of you with tons of snow!! I am not rubbing it in just stating a fact!! This year we have had almost all kinds of temperatures from 20-80!! CRAZY!! I think everyone's weather is crazy.

Something else that is CRAZY is our economy!! Hubby is still not having many jobs. He talked to a real estate lady today and she said the same thing!! I am so afraid that we are in a recession!! I just looked up "recession" to see what the ole' dictionary has to say. It is a withdrawal!! Okay...so those of you that are smarter than me...OH...many of you...that means our economy is going down? Correct!! I know that something is mighty wrong.

Our subdivision is crazy. The police came here last week telling us that we can no longer have hubby's work trailer in the street and it cannot be parked in our OWN driveway!! What do we do now..."hang in in the pine trees?" We have to take it to a storage place and pay upteen dollars for it to stay over night and on weekends. Hubby has to go get it every morning and take it back every night!! I am wondering what kind of place we are living in. I thought we paid our house payment every month. I thought we paid our taxes (God knows we do that out the nose)!! But now we are paying more and nothing (almost nothing) is coming in!! NUTSO!!

Sorry my complaining!! But just wanted to SHARE!! Smile.

Hope you had a great day..Flip Flop flipping out of here.!!!!


Melli said...

Alrighty then! I'm bettin' I had MORE fun in the Riviera! Matter of fact... I'm sURe I did! I had my whole FAMILY with me!!! LOL! I will make certain that is NOT a movie that I accidentally watch one day!

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sandy, I will not go see that movie... doesn't sound like a good one to me.I spent the day getting my hair cut and fixed...then buying some new make-up from Ultra... Have you ever used bare minerals make-up??
I went to the piggly wiggly to buy meat and found out they are closing in two weeks...Oh well... our new Publix is opening up in March.... Have a good night..Hugs, Barb

Denise said...

I will not be going to see that movie any time soon.

Amazing Gracie said...

I'm with you on the movie, besides, I cry too easily and make a fool of myself!
I cannot believe the situation with your husband's work trailer. Of all the bureaucratic bungling, that has to take the cake! Call your city counselman/woman and let them know how you feel. It probably won't make a difference but you may feel better!
I'm so glad to read your blog and I love the new (to me) look. It's beautiful!