Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday Dozen --Letter I

Twelve things about me that begin with I.....
  1. Idle: Something you will seldom see me being!! I love staying busy!!
  2. Imagination: I used to have a very very good one. I think as I get older it is not as good!
  3. Immaculate: I love a clean house. I used to think that my home "had" to be cleaned once a week or the world would come to an END!! Again with age I am learning that it does not need to be!! Dirt will ALWAYS be there!! smile
  4. Improve: I want to improve myself from the inside out!! Beauty is not just on the surface. As i write these things I realize that most of them have come with getting older..Hm..birthday next month!!
  5. Income Tax: Oh how I hate these two words!!! Especially at this time of the year!!
  6. Independent: That describes my personality i think. I have always been like this, wondering away from my mother to talk to people. I still do that...strangers might have something to say!!
  7. Indoor: I am more of an indoor person. I love the sunny weather but i prefer being in my home.
  8. Insomnia: I suffer with this just way too much. I am now on the other side but i never know about when this will creep back !!
  9. Iodine: Whenever i see this word my mind immediately goes back to being a kid. I have been outside either riding my bike or roller skating. I fall on the concrete and wipe out one or both of my knees. My grandmother takes me to the basement and sits me in this same chair. She would say, "ready to blow?" Out would come the iodine and she would apply it while both of us blew on the sore spot. Man did that burn!! i can still remember that!!
  10. Irresponsible: I don't believe I have ever been this. I am quite the opposite!! Very responsible!! Guilt even comes into that situation with me ...often!
  11. Irritations: People that are late; not returning your cart to a rack/store; poor drivers; driving behind a truck; migraine headaches (I am working on one as we speak); trying to lose weight; Insensitive people; crowds; people who talk during a movie; cellphones that go off at quiet times and people ANSWER them;
  12. Interests: scrapbooking; blogging; exercising; my hubby; good friends; crocheting; shopping with my daughter/s; reading; learning more about computers; grandchildren. Our oldest granddaughter is coming from Illinois to stay with us in March!!


Gattina said...

Against insomnia there is only one thing which helps you : a hammer !

Hootin' Anni said...

...and it's funny, now you are supposed to watch anything with a lot of iodine. Weird, we survived with the 'pure' stuff. Oh how I remember that too Sandy, and the odor was something to not forget either!!!

I love your rendition of "Independent" with the fact that -strangers might have something to say- I like that, I like it a lot!!!

Julie said...

great list. It is WAY too cold here today. The kids still have school.-11 right now.

Melli said...

Great list!!! And Julie's coming??? Cooooooooool!!! YAY! Tell that migraine to GO AWAY - and have a great day!!! said...

Hi, I e-mailed Glo last night and found out that it didn't hurt so bad to type now! So I did a new post and have gone to a few blogs and left comments!! I have been reading everyones blogs but not leaving comments but thats not as much fun!!! :)

I miss everyone soooo much! I like your list.... You really do a good job with this!! Love and hugs Carolyn

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sandy, I hope your headache is gone..You did better than me with your letter today..I got a little off track with the letter x....Two more letters to complete my alphabet...I don't know what I will do next on Thursday Thirteen??

You have something to look forward to with your grand daughter coming to see you ...I want to meet her , maybe we can go to lunch..

It is a dreary day , a good time to stay inside and read, do computer work, or take a nap... Hugs, Barb

Susan said...

I love your list, Sandy! I hope that you are feeling better and that migraine went away.

Love ya!

:-) Susan

Betty said...

I think you still have imagination, Sandy. You sure do a good job with your blog.

I get irritated at people who are always late, too.

Enjoyed your post today.

Denise said...

Wonderful list dear.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Sandy. I admire your sense of independence. That is my weakness. Something I still need to work on.

You have a nice list of interests. Thank you for sharing.

Hootin' Anni said...

Well, you didn't post about your anniversary I will drop by HERE and wish the two of you a very happy glorious day in celebrating 44 years......


Linda said...

I see Anni beat me to wishing you and hubby a happy anniversary!!

Hope you have a wonderful celebration!!