Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Summary!!

Sunday is here and it is a very SUNNY one for us here in the Deep South!! We had a horrible day yesterday as far as the weather goes but today is looking great!! Remember as long as there is SUN!!

I have a pot of chili going in the kitchen waiting for hubby to come home. He is out running a couple of errands before lunch.

Last night at church i was told something that i would like to share with you. Even though i am ONLY "the grandmother" it made me feel great to hear!! Our two grands Madison and Garrett only go to church on Wednesday nights. I am excited that they go then. I guess this past Wednesday night Garrett was in his class. They were studying about having friends. His teacher asked everyone to tell her who their friend was. His teacher said that everyone was naming their friends, like Jack or Billy or something like that. When it came to Garrett he said, "My friend is Jesus"! I was thrilled to hear that from him. His teacher said that she looked at his little face with those big brown eyes and a sprinkling of freckles across his nose and thought how sweet is that. She wanted to share it with me as well as she shared it with his mother, our daughter! There is HOPE!!

Yesterday i went with my hubby to do measurements for Lowes. It rained horribly so most of the time I just stayed in his truck and read. He stopped in at two Lowe's stores and found out good things...ONE that more kitchens are coming in and in the other brand new store he found out that an old friend is the Install sales mgr. When they saw each other they gave each other a big hug!! She told him that she will MAKE SURE that he gets the kitchens.. WOW!! You know we need that right now. Hubby has only had ONE kitchen the whole month so far and well you know that is not much especially when we have another family that has to live also. Hubby's partner!! Keep up that praying!!

Hope your Sunday is great!! I am off to the kitchen to make a chocolate cake with a topping that you bake right into the cake. I will share this if you have never done it before. I have baked cakes like this for years.

Just mix up a cake usually a chocolate one is the best...before you bake it mix up some nuts, brown sugar and some chocolate chips. You can also add coconut if you have it. Sprinkle this on your cake before you bake it. Bake as usual. It makes a good topping. It is even better when it is warm from the oven with a little whipped cream on the top or vanilla ice cream. Try it sometime. Really easy....



Melli said...

Well, I don't know what you all have been praying for as far as Mike's work goes -- but I got a MAJOR chill reading this! MY prayer has been answered!!! God is sooooooooooooooo good sometimes I can't BELIEVE how good He is!!! THANK YOU LORD! AMEN!!!

Melli said...

Oh gosh! I was sO excited about Mike that I forgot to comment on Garrett! That is just the sweeeeeeetest thing! We need to get that boy a copy of Chris Tomlin's "I Am A Friend Of God" -- and Matt Redman does it too! (actually, I'm not sure which one it 'belongs' to)

Lazy Daisy said...

Doing a happy dance here for you and Mike. Stealing a line from Mr. T and the A Team, "I love it when a plan comes together!" I'm a big pile of Goo when it comes to the Gar Bear anyway, but from the mouth of babes...I pray that he feels that way all his life.

Gotcha all prayed up!

Denise said...

God is so good, so happy for you and mike.

Betty said...

Hi Sandy,

I know the answer your grandson gave the class teacher warmed your heart. So sweet.

We are having veggie beef soup tonight, too. Good weather for soup.

Susan said...

What a sweet story! I love it when our children "get it" and often reveal it to adults in their own lives. I think that's more proof why Jesus had such an affinity for children.

I am so excited about Mike's job ops. I know God will continue to provide for the two of you.

Much Love,


Linda said...

I am beaming over Garrett's comment! Praise God! And, glad to hear the good news about hubby!! God does answer our prayers.

That cake sounds yummy!! I must try that. It would be an easy dessert for company.

Don't feel obligated to do the meme. I try not to tag the same people every time I get tagged. It's hard to keep track as to who has done which meme.

I got some news from my dermatologist this morning. As soon as I make my rounds I'll do a post.