Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Funnies and More

Good Morning everyone!! It is a dreary, foggy Sunday morning here at my house!! It was hard to get up!! I always want to sleep unless the SUN is shining. It has not been doing that much for the past two days here in Savannah!! I think that we get used to sun and then when it takes a vacation then it makes me kind of in the dumps!! I am a SUN person!! I need that heavenly light to make me feel GOOD!!

We have lived here for almost 7 years now...this coming May!! I am so amazed that we moved here in the first place and now look at the good years that we have spent here already!! Time flies by so quickly anymore!! The years are just slipping past for both my hubby and myself. Next month I "get" to have yet another birthday!! It is just a mystery how I became so old in such a short amount of time!! smile!!

I was over at Susie's Space the other day. She had a great explanation in her blog that I want to share with you too. I thought it explained a lot to me!! Here is what she wrote:

Why God allows us to get old

A woman who was facing the difficulties of aging asked Bible teacher J. Robertson McQuilkin, "Why does God let us get old and weak?" McQuilkin replied, "I think God has planned the strength and beauty of youth to be physical. But the strength and beauty of old age is spiritual. We gradually lose the strength and beauty that is temporary, so we'll be sure to concentrate on the strength and beauty that is forever. and so we'll be eager to leave the temporary, deteriorating part of us and be truly homesick for our eternal home. If we stayed young and strong and beautiful, we might never want to leave."

I thought that this makes great sense to me!! How do you like it!!?? We need to get old and frail and weak in order to turn to God for our support!!

I hate to see people that I love have to go through this. My Dad is going to be 90 this year and to watch him go downhill is not fun to do. I remember when he was so young and ready to take on anything that came his way. He was a farmer and would work and work hours upon hours. Now his big enjoyment is sleeping!! Sometimes he gets mixed up where he is. I really hate that for him and also hate it for my mother. They just celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary yesterday!! Isn't that wonderful?
We had a wonderful sermon last night!! We always study tithing at the first of the year. Every year I wonder just how our pastor is going to bring it around to us in a different way!! Well, he found a new way last night for sure!! He made us understand even though we THINK we are not RICH, we are RICH!! It really hit home to me.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday no matter what you might be doing...something special, going to church or just plain spending your day at home!! Just remember that God has a plan for us. We don't know what it is but you can bet it is the best that there is for us!!



Anonymous said...

Ok I will do that, would like to make my daughters day much brighter if i can do that. You know you are such a wonderful daughter and we are so glad we had you and that God gave us such a wonderful young lady that knows God. We feel so blessed. Yes Dad is going to be 90 I will be 84 and we just celebrated our 64th wedding anniversary. Several of our church members, Pastor Mike and Mary Ellen, all went to eat together, so was a nice day, can not think of any better people to spend time with than our church family when our family is not around. We both feel so blessed. Thanks for being there for us and know we are here for you too. Love you so much. Mother & Dad

Kari & Kijsa said...

Loved the cartoon! We love knowing God has a plan for us- it makes us feel so safe and secure in His arms!! thank you for that blessing!

kari & kijsa

A Stone Gatherer said...

First of all I love that your 84 year old mother is commenting on a blog! My 79 year old mother gets dizzy when I show her mine! I love a healthy attitude and your mother sure seams to have one. I can see where you attitude comes from. Anyway just came by your blog via Laced with Grace and wanted you to know I love that quote too! Even though I don't want to wish away the time with my kids, I do look forward to spending more time with my Father and His word. I love the wisdom that comes from ladies (and men) who have time to be emersed(?) in the Word of God. Thanks for the bright spot to aging!

Betty said...

Hi Sandy,

The sun hasn't been shining here today either, and it was a little hard for me to get out of bed, too.

You are so blessed to still have your Mom and Dad. Did your Mom type that comment to you? I hope I'm still doing that well if I live to be 84.

Puss-in-Boots said...

You know, Sandy, that description of aging is so right! I can relate to it myself. I can see it in my mum and in my father before he died. I see it in two of my brothers...unfortunately, the other two have not found that spirituality, but that's their choice.

What a terrific post, Sandy, and don't worry, the sun will come out again. We haven't had many sunny days, either, but we've had lifegiving rain, so no one's complaining, rather, we're giving thanks for that! said...

Sandy you have a wonderful post today!! I love the cartoon! Your Mom and Dad have been married 64 years is so great!!! They are Blessed for sure!! I think it is great she can get on the computer and leave a note for you!!Wow!!
I did a new post for today, too!!
It is a Thankful Sunday, Thursday all rolled into one...
You are so Blessed to have your folks still with you!
Love and Hugs, Carolyn

Denise said...

You always have such wonderful posts, thank you.

Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
How blessed you are to still have both your parents here with you (and commenting on your blog too!)
I'm so glad you found that quote meaningful. I truly do appreciate your comments and prayers for my Grandpa.

Melli said...

Ohhhhh yea! God is FULL of plans! Just tell him what ya need - he'll find the plan to fit your need! *nods* But think REEEEEAL hard before asking for patience!

I guess all the ministers are preaching tithing at the new year... Pastor is at it too! LOL! And I have no problem - but I wish DENNIS would see how BLESSED we ARE! Pastor used to say I should ONLY tithe MY income - I'm not allowed to touch Dennis' money. But now that I'm no longer EMPLOYED I've noticed that Pastor is not turning down the money that I give him!!! (and I still give the same amount!) Of course, I always gave more than a tithe of MY income - 10% of pittance is squat! Of course - 10% of nothing is... even less! LOL!

I LOVE that explanation on aging! And I agree it 100%!!! The more I watch Mom, the more I know I wanna be down the road LONG before my brain gets THERE!!!