Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Good Morning to everyone in blogland!! I wanted to post last night but our server was down. What a day yesterday turned out to be. Anymore you just do not know what to expect from each day!!

I was washing with my new washer and enjoying things getting done so fast!! WOW!! I now know that my old washer WAS not spinning right because i got my clothes washed and dried in "express time" yesterday!! WOW!! I was just buzzing right along!!

My daughter called and was going to Target and well I try never to miss an opportunity to go shopping with another person. I love shopping with someone. I limped along with her, hurting all the way but finished up some good shopping for these two grands here and a couple of nice neighbors!!

We went to OLIVE GARDEN to eat and by the time we got there we were both simply starved. After 2 salads and 2 bowls of their yummy soup we decided to pick ourselves up and get going again.

I had to get home in time to only leave again for my orthopedist appointment. When i walked into that BIG OFFICE I thought that everyone was on crutches, walkers or limping like me. What a crowd...most of Savannah was in there!!

I got in quicker that I had figured!! I had 4 standing xrays and then was ushered into the doc's office. Wow!! This guy is a looker even for me being SO OLD!! He thinks that maybe i have torn my miniscus!! GREAT!! They are ordering an MRI soon. It will tell the real story!! He kept asking me what I did and you know i have NO IDEA at all. I just got up from bed one morning and POW!!! He said everyone has a story. I said well not me unless you want me to make up one!!

He came back in and gave me a cortisone injection...which of course hurt...but oh well what is new!! He said that would help me be comfortable for a few days....and it is!! Now we just wait for the MRI to be set up and go from there.

I still have to deal with all of these silly stairs here at my house!! I go down sideways!! What fun!!

Just wanted to update you guys on my KNEE STORY!! I am so glad that I am about finished with Christmas shopping just in case!!

It has turned off cool here now!! More like the season that we are in!!

Have a wonderful day!!


Linda said...

Glad you are enjoying your new washer. Now they will be no excuses for piled up laundry. LOL Keep us posted on your knee.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Good morning Sandy, You are lucky to almost be finished with your shopping. I am not finished with mine... It is warming up to a beautiful day.. Hugs, Barb

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I just popped in to see what was new... sound like you are 'knee deep' in the holidays.
Bless your heart~ although that does leave you more time for blogging =D

Jane said...

Sounds like you have been busy. You know I understand knee problems. I hope your is resolved quickly.
Enjoy that new washer....mine is making some funky noises, I may be replacing it soon. It's probably about time, it's only 23 years old!!!

Talk..to..Grams said...

So glad your washer is working so great!! Sorry your having knee problems.....Hope they can get you fixed up and going strong again!! I bet you do hate all the steps!! I have to have help going down to the basement but I can go down the ones outside. Love and Hugs Carolyn

Betty said...

I've been reading your blogs almost daily. This is the first time I've posted, but I wanted to say I wish you well with your knee problems and hope that you won't have to have knee surgery.

Also, I'm glad you are enjoying your new washer.

Denise said...

Bless your heart, praying for your knee to heal.

Julie said...

hope you are feeling better. It is snowing here.We are suppose to get 2-6 in. Took more pictures in the snow.They turned out so well last time Will send you some of them.May post some too.

Melli said...

And did the Doc say what the treatment might be IF IT IS a torn miniscus? Sounds surgical...

I'm sO jealous that you are almost done shopping! I'm not even close! I need to go! I NEED to GO!

Susan said...

I can never find anyone to shop with! I wish I did have someone. I am praying your knee does not require surgery...but I know that your stairs must make it stress even more.

Hugs to you.


Jennifer said...

Rut roh...isn't the miniscus what Daisy had to have fixed? *sigh* GIRL!!! Are you sleeping on the couch this week?
Love you!! (HUGS)

lillinda said...

That description sounds like the same gorgeous doc (Dr. G) that fixed my ankle. He's good. Sorry your knee is bothering you, esp this time of year!