Thursday, December 27, 2007


Welcome to my own "meme". A dozen things
about me...this week is the letter E's turn!!

  1. Education: I finished high school with a good grade average!! I did not go to college but had a room and was ready!! I got engaged instead!! OOOPS!! I would do that all over again!! I have my degree MRS for almost 44 years now!
  2. Eldest: I was first born!! Can't you tell? I have most of the qualities that they say the first born have.
  3. Encourager: I like to be just that and I try all of the time. I especially have to be that in my job at CURVES!! There has to be a lot of encouraging to the women who come in to exercise!!
  4. Enjoy: being with my hubby; movies; scrapbooking; family; traveling; getting emails; blogging; going to the beach; listening to music; singing; losing weight; sales at the stores
  5. Erupt: Not my style anymore...BUT i was really good at it in my 20's and 30's. I guess i just grew up and found out that it was hurting me more than anyone else!! smile!!
  6. Ethics: I have a lot of those!! I get upset really easy when i see people that just seem plain stupid to me when they do things that i know are going to hurt them. We all have to learn but it is too bad that you have to learn the hard way!!
  7. Exercise: I am really learning to love this new thing in my life!! I know i have been doing this for going on 3 years now!! It takes awhile for me to enjoy hurting, sweating and being out of breath!! But i feel SO MUCH BETTER!! I am hoping to lose 20 lbs. this coming year!!
  8. Eye glasses: Yes, I have to wear these awful things!! I just wish that i didn't have too. I have told hubby that I want him to break them at my funeral...not buried with these things...besides i will be seeing without glasses for the first time...really seeing!!
  9. E.T.: I loved that movie!! I have always wanted to see someone like that..Part of me believes that there are others out there!!
  10. Employee: I am back in the working world now these past few months!! I was hoping that I would not have to go back to work but I really like this job with Curves!! It is not stressful like my last one at State Farm!! That was awful...stress all of the time!!
  11. Emily: My 16 year old granddaughter!! She lives in Illinois and boy do I miss her and her sisters and brother!!
  12. Energy: Boy I wish that I had more!! Exercising helps me a lot have more of it!! I just keep going...but I am not the energizer bunny for sure!!


Lazy Daisy said...

I love that you posted about energy and then have tired ole Garfield below. Love your "E"list. Come on by and check out the best of the Christmas pictures.

Julie said...

They all miss you too:) Enjoyed your list.

Betty said...

I love learning more and more about you through your blogs. Before I forget, I used to work at State Farm years ago when I first got out of high school.

I enjoyed reading the dozen things about you, most of which I didn't already know.

Hootin' Anni said...

Great list and super idea Sandy!! It seems like I've been away from the computer for months and it's only been days...I guess that's what they mean about addictions.

LOL -------love the 'day after Christmas' photo too. That brought a big ol' grin to my lips!!!!

Betty said...

I only worked at State Farm for a year. We covered Kentucky, Arkansas and Tennessee. I had a physical when I was hired, and then they gave each employee a physical each year. When I had my yearly one they found a spot on one of my lungs. Sent me to a TB Hospital where I stayed for three weeks. All the tests turned out negative, but State Farm wouldn't let me return to work. That was back in the late 50's when no one even thought of suing anyone to get their job reinstated. Anyway, turns out they did me a favor, but I didn't realize it at the time. said...

I liked your list. I read your post from yesterday and it sounds like you all had a wonderful Christmas!Love Grams

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Sandy. Thanks for sharing this interesting meme. I like what you said about you being an Encourager. It's nice to have positive people around.

I miss going to the gym. I think I have gained several pounds this Christmas break. Looking forward to getting good exercise soon.

Melli said...

Your E list Excites me! LOL! I have GOT to get BACK to exercising so I can have MORE ENERGY!!! And yes ... I'm doing it!

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Good evening Sandy, I enjoyed your e list...we are headed back home in the morning.I have not been blogging very much... too busy with family.See you soon.I have got to get the sugar out of my blood!!!