Thursday, December 20, 2007


Welcome to my new meme that I have called
The Thursday Dozen. The letter for today is D!!

  1. Diet: One of the 4-letter words that I try never to say outloud!!
  2. Diva: I have never really understood that word SO I guess that i am NOT one!!
  3. Diary: I have always loved writing in one since I was very young. Blogging is a lot like it, no wonder I LOVE BLOGGING!!
  4. Dairy: Hmm!! I love MILK, YOGURT and all kinds of things oh and Peppermint ICE CREAM right now is a delight!!
  5. Decision: I do not like having to make these. Sometimes you just have too. Pray before if you have the time. That always helps! Getting older now we have a lot of them in front of us!! Pray!! Pray!! Pray!!
  6. Degree: I never went to college to get a degree. I had a room and was ready to go but my dad told me either I take the engagement ring or go to college. You know what I choose. I have had my MRS now for 44 years this coming January!!
  7. Dentist: I still HATE going to see one!! As a child i had a lot of BAD experiences. I would kick and scream the whole time I was there!!
  8. Detailed: I never thought I was like this but at work they call me a perfectionist!! Hm!! First child syndrome
  9. Doer: Yes, that is me!! Someday I am going to learn how to say "NO" when asked to do things!! smile
  10. Drama: I loved this in school. Sometimes I miss being in plays and doing things like this. i need to get back into choir at church and then i could do some of these things again.
  11. Dance: OH!! I have ALWAYS wanted to dance!! I want to learn!! But I have a hubby that does not want to learn with me so I guess that is out!! I just know that I have some dancing inside me "going on"!!
  12. Darling: I married a darling man!! He has loved me for many, many years now!! He is good to me, works hard to make our bills work, Great father, great husband, patient and well you know how I feel about!!


Lazy Daisy said... are a delightful, darling, dazzling diamond that sparkles all the time. Merry Christmas, dearest friend! said...

Wow! Daisy has a way with words!! You are a delight for sure!! I don't know how you all do these letter deals at all! I would have a really hard time with it!!
Love and Hugs, Grams

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sandy, you left off the word "Devoted"...You are in deed devoted to your husband, family,friends and to God..Thanks for being our friend.

Betty said...

You did a good job on your Thursday Dozen. I enjoyed reading about your likes and dislikes.

Peppermint ice cream, uhmmmm. I'm afraid ice cream is my weakness.

Denise said...

I love you my dear friend, I enjoyed reading this.