Sunday, December 30, 2007


For those of you that visit me often you know that hubby and i attend church on Saturday night. We attend a growing and alive Christian Church here in Savannah.

Last night without exception, we had a marvelous sermon from one of our younger pastors, Brian. He always has something special to bring to us from God and of course last night was great!!

He was talking about having a heart of gratitude...what you should be focusing on...what are our treasures!! He wanted us to learn to recognize that everything we have is a gift from God. We are blessed people!!

He then went on to say that we need to recall all that God has done for us!! His suggestion was to make a BLESSINGS LIST!! I was sitting there thinking well, Brian we do that all of the time in my world of blogging!! I already know the advantages of listing what i am thankful for!!

I thought since this is our last Sunday in the year of 2007 that today would be a good Blessings List day....So here goes....

  1. My salvation
  2. Forgiveness in Christ Jesus
  3. His death on the cross for my sins..yes just for my sins!!
  4. My home in Heaven one day
  5. His long suffering and patience with me
  6. I have a home here on earth that keeps me warm in the winter and cool in the summer
  7. Food and water a plenty
  8. Family that I love and miss
  9. A husband that still loves me after almost 44 years of living in the same house!!
  10. Three children that grew up to be wonderful adults and parents
  11. Seven grandchildren...our quiver is full for sure
  12. The good air that we breathe
  13. Freedom that we enjoy here in the US and take for granted!!
  14. Riches galore!!
  15. A car that runs and looks decent
  16. Living another year
  17. Both of my parents alive and well and in pretty good health
  18. Tons of Christmas cards from friends and family show me that I am loved
  19. hugs from my grandchildren and children
  20. Sweet kisses and holding my hand in public from my dear husband
  21. Able to pay bills
  22. Great music to listen too
  23. My job
  24. Friends that I make everyday
  25. New Blogging friends that i have made this year
  26. Good eyesight and also good health
  27. Able to exercise still
  28. My computer...I know silly but I love it
  29. God's grace to me
  30. Ability to praise God!!
I know that i could probably go on forever but don't want to loose you from coming back to my humble blog!!

Just let me say that we all need to resolve to give thanks in every circumstance!! Even in those bad times when it is so much harder!!

I hope that this coming NEW YEAR of 2008 will bring everyone a great year!! God is still in Control you know.



PEA said...

Hello dearest Sandy:-) I'm slowly making my way to everyone's blogs...I miss a few days of blogging and look what happens, I'm wayyyy behind!! lol I've so enjoyed reading your last few posts...glad you had such a wonderful Christmas at your daughter's place. I really miss having young children around at Christmas time. I keep telling my two boys since they've grown up they're no fun anymore! lol Your list of blessings is certainly a great one...we get so busy in our lives that we tend to forget to be thankful for even the simplest things that we take so much for granted. Thank you for the reminder!! xoxo

Betty said...

Sandy, from the looks of your list you are truly blessed in so many ways. As usual I enjoyed reading your post.

God is good!!

Oh by the way, thanks for the good wishes you posted on my blog concerning the heart procedure I had recently. said...

You have a wonderful list!! I love it!! You are truly blessed! So am I!! We take for granted some of these.... Thanks for the reminder! Love, Grams

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sandy, I have a list a mile long of blessings too!!! You are better at expressing yours than I am....My husband gave me a GPS system for my car and it is cool... and today I got myself a new printer .. a HP photosmart c6280 which can print, copy and scan..This whole month I have been blessed with so much from family and friends..Hugs...

Susan said...

I love the list, Sandy. I think we forget so often to be grateful for the bountiful blessings God has given us.


:-) Susan

Lazy Daisy said...

Hey Sweet are a blessing to me. Happy New year...hope it is a healthy one for you and Mike. Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Just read your list and it is a good one. You know Sandy Dad and i have a CD by the Statler Bros that we listen to about everyday and we love the one where "There's a Man in Here." If you have not heard it you should, it is gorgeous and so true. Also have another one and in the song they say, the blood that flowed down his face and onto the cross and there was one drop he shed just for me. I love that one and I am very grateful for our Jesus. As you said the list could go on and on. Thanks for sharing. love Mother & Dad.

Peggy said...

Have a great new year!! you have been tagged for a meme. Sorry if you have already done this one.

gab said...

What an awesome list. I agree with them all with the exception of my hubby and I have only been married 33 years. I too have 7 grandchildren. Happy New Years.

Julie said...

love your new background!!! Hope you all have a very happy new year. Going to Kim's this evening after work.

Hootin' Anni said...

I'm making the rounds in blogland right now...wanting to send you the happy wish for a prosperous new year Sandy.

Glo said...

Love the new look and the wonderful list you made. You've had a lot of blessings. We pray your list will be even better at the end of 2008.
A very Happy,Safe & Blessed New Year to you and your family.

Linda said...

Hi Sandy, I'm trying to catch up with everyone. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. Your list shows just how blessed you are.

Wishing you and your family the happiest New Year!!!