Friday, December 14, 2007


Today I decided that I would do something that I wanted to do. Since it was just my own idea I decided to do it on my own. I LOVE going to the movies! I had wanted to see Will Smith in another movie so this was as good a time as any!! I decided i would just take MYSELF and go!! I saw a review of it this morning and it was not a good review...I almost talked myself out of going...but thought how bad can it be if it has WILL SMITH in it!! Right!!??

I bought myself a Senior Citizens ticket and was also first in line. I decided that a nice size bag of popcorn would be a great idea!! I was hoping that I would not be the only one there since it was in the afternoon!! I was thrilled to see a lot of people coming in.

Lights down!! Big screen comes to life!! FINALLY after what seems like a million previews and commercials we get right into it!!

I really enjoyed this movie but you know I love Sci-Fi movies!! Also you need to know that i LOVE MOVIES!! It doesn't have to be Sci-Fi I just love movies. I find myself the happiest when sitting at the movies with the BIG SCREEN and the BIG SOUND!! I simply love that!!

This is a story about the last man left on our planet. A doctor had made a vaccine to cure cancer. It was going along fine until people started dying. A bad virus has erupted that only a few are immune to it. Will Smith finds himself left alone in New York City with just his dog Sam. They have to do everything during the day because at night...YES at night...I won't let you in on that!!

Will is as good as he gets I think. I have always liked him even back on "Fresh Prince". He does a great job in this movie. ( Not bad to look at either!!)

I love getting into the story and just kind of feeling like i am really there!! I have enjoyed movies way back when my parents would take Ron and i to the drive-inn to see Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire movies!! What fun. We would take popcorn and something to drink. Ron and i would dress in our PJ's. Sometimes though we would get there early and then Ron and i could go and play at the playground which was right under that BIG BIG screen!! I was hooked way back then!! Remember those radios that you had to put on the side of your window? Sometimes we had to move the car back and forth before we could get it in just the right place for the radio so that we could hear!! The people next to you had one for them too that was attached to the same pole!!

Sometimes we would lay on the hood of our car or even on the roof to watch the movie!! (if Dad would let us) WE thought that was extra fun. Also if Dad stopped to get gas for our car before the movie, sometimes he just "might" pick up 4 Mounds Bars for all of us!!

We were very simple back then!! Movies meant a lot to me. TV came out and with it movies!! JOY JOY for me!!!

Last night I received a package from UPS!! I opened it and found it was from my friends that I used to work with back in Illinois. We have been gone almost 7 years now but they still miss me. They sent me a real pretty gold flip flop necklace. On the back it has engraved part of the words from "Footprints in the Sand". In case you are not familiar with that it says, "When you have seen only one set of footprints is when I carried you." It is very pretty!! I was just overwhelmed that those great friends would remember me with such a nice gift!! Isn't it pretty!! So now FLIP FLOP has a necklace to go with her name...Smile!!


PEA said...

Well good for you!! I'm glad you went...sometimes we just have to do things by ourselves:-) You're my kind of gal...GOTTA have popcorn when watching a movie! lol So, did you enjoy the movie?? I've heard about it but not if it was good or bad! xox

PEA said...

Ok, now I see you've added to your post! lol Glad you enjoyed the movie, I love Will Smith also and I don't think he ever does a BAD movie:-) We don't have Drive-Ins here anymore although they do still have some in some cities south of us...I miss them!! xox

Susan said...


What a sweet gift you received! I would have never picked you for a sci fi fan...I learn things all the time when I read blogs! Hope you're feeling OK and those knees are holding up.

Much Love,


Denise said...

I am so glad you enjoyed your day sweetie.

Melli said...

Well... even though I'm not a movie person, I would certainly HAVE to agree that Will Smith is worth seeing - no matter what the cost! LOL! (and I like his "values" too!)

Sandy - that is the PERFECT necklace for you! How sweeeet!

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Sandy. I love watching movies. I'm looking forward to that movie. It's not yet showing here but hope to catch it at the theater as well.

That's a lovely gift your received.

Take care and happy weekend.

Betty said...

I remember those old drive in movies and the sound boxes that you clipped onto the window of your car. Those were the good ole days.

I love your necklace. It's so appropriate for you.

Peggy said...

I want to see that movie. Guess I will have to go alone as William hates watching movies and even tv

Amazing Gracie said...

Boy, are you ever a Memory Maker!
Sometimes the sound would be all "crackely" and also, I remember times when the fog would roll in and you could barely see the screen. They'd give you passes to come back. I remember going in my pj's with my brother, too...
Such a different time!