Thursday, December 13, 2007

Welcome to my own meme called The Thursday Dozen!!
Today is letter C's turn

  1. Courteous: Hopefully. This is something that I try my hardest to be. At this time of the year it can get even harder.
  2. Crazy: You get me in the right mood and I can be just as crazy as you want...RIGHT blogging babes!!
  3. Cats: I have loved cats since i was very young. My first one that i remember was from the farm. Her name was Susie. She was a gray kitty. I remember that awful day when our cow stepped right on her. I cried and cried!! Since then we have had more kittens that i can remember. I used to try to save them when i was young too. I just love animals.
  4. Camera: I love love love my digital camera. I enjoy taking pictures and seeing them right away!! What a wonder technology is!!
  5. Concerned: I try to always stay as concerned about my friends and my family. These are the most important people to me!! Without them I don't think I would be anything!!
  6. Converse: Oh do I like to talk!! If you know me you know that!! I love telling everyone things!! I have got a lot quieter though as the years roll along...YES REALLY I HAVE!! (rolling eyes upward)!!
  7. Coca-Cola: I was a BIG JUNKIE for the straight stuff for years. I decided about a year ago to just give it up!! I have not missed it since....empty calories you know!!
  8. Creative: I love doing crafts and having something turn out so nice!! I love scrapbooking of which I am so far behind now that i wonder if i will ever catch up!!
  9. Country: I guess this is what i am in decorating...i am not sure anymore!! I am just happy to have what i have and go from there!!
  10. Cumulate: This is something that i am 'trying' to learn to stop doing!! I have always loved collecting things. I have a collection of snowmen; cherished teddies and craft things!! I know that soon I am going to have to get rid of a lot of these things so I need to STOP collecting!! sad!!
  11. Computers: MY FAVORITE!! I wish that I had been born a little later. I would have loved to attend college and learned all about them. Course i wasn't so now i try to learn as much as my old feeble brain will allow me to learn. I love technology and just wish that i could live long enough to see where it is going!! it is so COOL!!
  12. Christian: I have had a personal relationship with my Lord and Saviour now for almost 36 years!! I have grown and fallen and grown and fallen just like every human being seems to do. Asking Jesus into my heart and life was the best decision that I ever made!!


Linda said...

That is a great list of C's!! I could have written this list with the exception of #7 and 8. I love my caffeine free diet coke!!! I use to enjoy crafts, especially counted cross stitch, and I have no talent for scrapbooking. I am trying to learn digital scrapbooking.

Love ya, too!!!! said...

You have a great list!! I love my diet coke!! Big time!

I have learned so much about computers since I started blogging in June!
Hugs, Carolyn

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sandy, Your list of C words is great, but you left off a very important word that starts with a C;

" Curves " Your new way in life and the perfect person to help others..

Love ya, Barb

Denise said...

I enjoyed your meme sweetie.

Betty said...

Sandy, I enjoyed reading your meme.
It is hard to be courteous this time of year. It seems everyone is in a hurry and wanting to get things done yesterday.

The way your numbered list of "C" words is displayed is exactly what I was trying to relay to others to help me achieve that look. I was typing my list up just like your's but then when I posted it the second line started right under the number instead of under the first word of first sentence. I think the way you did it looks so much neater. I can't figure out how to do it.

I know everyone will be glad when I get some experience at this under my belt, lol.

Melli said...

"C" is a good letter for you! Crazy? Yea! (and all the other's too!) LOVE YOU!!!