Monday, November 12, 2007

"Monday, Monday so good to me"....Remember that song? Mondays aren't quite as bad as they were when I was going to school or when I was working full time. I honestly despised them!! Crazy I know but sometimes I think that Monday has always got a bad rap!! From me I know it has!!

Today is the start of another week that I am hoping brings me good health and NO HEADACHES!! I am off to the eye doctor this afternoon just to "make sure" that my eyes are not causing this problem. I goofed and did not go last year so i need to go for sure this time. I need to take care of my eyes!!

Just returned from working out and i need a shower but wanted to sit here and put some words down first...Thanks to all of you who came by faithfully while i was not feeling well and left such great words of encouragement. You will never know just how happy that would make me feel. I tried to read a few blogs last week but when your head hurts well it makes it just worse. So thank you.

I received an email from the parents of the little triplets that I used to watch. If you have been reading me for awhile you will know that one of our pastors and his wife at our church had 4 babies in November 05. Emily died about 19 days after her birth but Benjamin, Casey and Danielle were okay. They had a big battle in front of them. Danielle was never supposed to walk because some of her brain was missing from a brain bleed. I, along with others from our church signed up to help the parents with these babies. I so enjoyed it. But about 6 months ago their daddy was called to a new church in Kentucky. Now i don't get to see them!! boo hoo!! Today I got a great email with pictures and with a wonderful video. It just did my heart good to see them. They just celebrated their 2nd birthday and all is well. Casey is still having some eating challenges like he always did. They are all walking and talking!! Their older sister is 3 1/2 now and she is beautiful!! If you would like to see a great video of them just go to their website. I am sure that you will enjoy it!! They are so sweet and so grown up already!! (the picture above is Grandpa and the three!! Great picture)

We have had the best weather here!! I wish that it would just stay!! So beautiful!!

Hope ya'll have a great day. I will try to visit when i can. Busy week this week. I work every day!! Good paycheck!! Smile.


Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

Gee Whiz! I'm out of the loop for a week and all kinds of things happen in your life! Oooh! As a life-long migraine sufferer, as well as just 'normal' headaches galore, I really feel for you! There is nothing you can do with a headache except suffer, sometimes, and the worst part is, you can't tell by looking at you that anything is wrong. So you keep plugging along when really you just want to be decapitated and end it all! Anyway, did you radically change your caffiene consumption? I've found that I have to keep a careful balance between too much and not enough, and then once in a while my body rebels and it's NO MORE CAFFIENE until my equilibrium gets sorted out. Glad to hear you are feeling somewhat better, though!

Julie said...

Glad your headaches are gone. I had one last week for a couple of days too. Go figure. Must be the weather lately. Those kids are getting soooo big Emily loves to see pictures of them on their website since she got to see them.

Denise said...

Such precious children.

Melli said...

Well, of course, I HAD to go watch the video! They are so cute! She is doing SO well! What a little miracle baby!

I never like Monday's when I'm working -- but I LOVE them when I'm not! :)

Lazy Daisy said...

Glad you are feeling better babe. Gotcha prayed up for the day. Emma and Becky get here late Thursday...this momma is excited.