Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Up and going this Tuesday morning...headache starting but oh well just need a pill!! smile!!

Looks like we will be heading to Illinois. Finally got hubby to make up his mind last night. His brother is having a triple bi-pass this Friday and we are needed there!! I dread that 1000 mile trip!! Hubby says it is only 800 miles...I don't think so!! Like that 200 miles he just conveniently took off just because....would make it any easier!!?? hm!! I don't think so!!!

We are going to be leaving very soon once I can get someone to watch these wonderful two cats of ours!! Pets are wonderful to have around but when you need to leave in a hurry then they are NOT the best to have!! You have to figure out what to do and quickly. Simon has to have his "chill pill" and his anti-biotic shoved down his throat twice a day!! It is such a fun job!! I have the pleasure of that!!

Last night was our youngest granddaughter's 9th birthday!! Their parents always let them pick out the restaurant they want to eat at. Both kids always pick a Mexican one!! This time it was no different...so off to eat Mexican...again!! She looked so grown up. She told her mother that she now could comb her hair better!! She came in all dressed up like always with her purse thrown over her arm like she was about 18!! She has always been a girly girl and still is!!

We told the waiter it was her birthday. She got a big fried ice cream with all kinds of whipped cream on the top!! Both kids LOVE whipped cream so they dived in!! Her grandma Donna had sent her some money so she had to look around at the mall some after dinner. She was good and could not find anything that she just HAD TO HAVE. She has a birthday party this Saturday too!!

We left our family at the mall so that they could go home. Bedtime is important since it was a school night!! Hubby thought it would be a good idea if we went to Dairy Queen and got an ice cream cone in honor of Maddie's birthday!! Any excuse that he can find!!

Today I am just going to try to get as much done as possible. For those wonderful ladies that will be coming here soon...i hope you realize that this is NOT going to be the plaza when you come!! My maid is on vacation and the butler....well the BUTLER Max...we don't talk about him anymore!!

I am going to clean when I can and hopefully it will not be TOO BAD when ya'll arrive!! Try just to look past the DUST BUNNIES...Okay!!

Everyone have a great day!! Looks kind of overcast here..Maybe rain... (probably why my head is hurting) who knows!! Love ya'll!!



Hootin'Anni said...

Oh dang.....I really wouldn't fret over 'being a plaza' when the group gets together. They'll be there for fun! Besides, you could make a game of it and chase dust bunnies....and the one with the most will get the door prize when they leave!!!

In all seriousness...do drive safely and know you'll all be in my thoughts. Hope the surgery is a success.

Linda said...

Have a safe trip to Illinois. And, I'll be praying for your brother in law. Now a days, heart surgery is so routine.

PEA said...

I don't envy you the 1000 mile trip but I think it's very important to be there for your BIL if you can go!! Happy 9th Birthday to your granddaughter...she looks adorable and very grown up:-) You all must be getting so excited for the upcoming blogger get together...I wouldn't worry too much about how clean your house is, I'm sure they won't notice it!! hehe xox

Talk..to..Grams said...

I will be praying for your brother in law that all goes well.... boy that is a long drive from GA to IL whew!!I will pray for you to have a safe trip....It is hard with pets when you leave....

You all will be having so much fun and caring on when the gang gets there that if there is a dust bunny here or there they won't even notice!

Jennifer said...

Honey, I am not in the least interested in staying at the Plaza...being in your home, with you and your family, sounds better by far...dust bunnies or no (and I have more dust bunnies than you, hands down, any day!! :) )
Have a safe, careful trip...love you!

Julie said...

You are coming to Illinois and we don't even get to see you :( We are going to be gone this weekend ourselves-either to a competition for Em or to see Caleb's football game(long story)
Tell everyone hi for us. Wish we could come see you. Love ya, Julie

Baba/night owl said...

Hi Sandy, Wishing you a safe trip to be by your brother-in-law's bedside.Don't worry about the dust,it comes and goes.... My daughter gets a person at the vets to come to her house and feed her cat when she is out of town..I don't know how much they charge. What day do you leave??
Take care. Love ya, Barb

Denise said...

Praying for your brother in-law, and for your long trip my friend.

Sandra said...

Praying for your BIL....hope you have a safe trip too.

I know what you mean about pets, I love them but they're a big hassle when you have to go somewhere fast or on vacation and can't take them.

Susan said...

No worries about dust bunnies. I'm sure you've figured out by now they make me feel right at home! I can't wait to be there and visit with you all. It's going to be so very very fun.

I'm praying for your trip and your BIL. May God bless him and the surgeons.

Blessings, Sandy.

:-) Susan

Susie said...

I've said a prayer for your safe travels Sandy.