Tuesday, October 23, 2007


My day has been busy but then again MOST of my days are busy so what is NEW!! Our car was finally ready to be picked up this morning!! I have really missed our car!! Silly but i love to drive plus i like being able to go when I want too..Spoiled!!

Hubby took me to pick it up around 8:30 this morning. We have found out that the dealer that had the car the other day did not do what he said he had done. We had two recalls that needed doing. Our car was acting up. It needed these recalls so that it would operate correctly. Thinking that the dealership knows what they are doing we took it to have it done. Picked it up and the light was still on telling us that something was still wrong. We took it to a mechanic that we trust. Long story shorter...the dealership did not fix the whole problem. Our mechanic says that a lot of times when they get a recall they just fix the simplier of the problems and do not do the harder. Well, this is what they did on our car. Only our car kept telling us that something was still wrong. Our mechanic says we should go and confront them. We have proof now!! I am just happy to have it back.

My cell phone has been not charging correctly. I went to AT&T and explained. Walked out with a new RED ...yes RED...Samsung phone!! It is fun and I am going to really enjoy it.

Hair cut day!! Thank goodness...this took some of the dark brown color that I had put into my hair...AWAY!! It was just too dark for me. I had to work just a couple of hours at CURVES for my friend while she went to the doctor. We are going to be having some exciting new things happen at CURVES!! I really like my job!! I am starting to get more hours too which is great!!

Came home and saw our son, Jon on line. I have been talking to him most of the afternoon. He is the middle of that fire in California. I am very concerned for him of course!! He was taking pictures and sending them to me as he looked out his diningroom window!! Oh technology!! I could not live without it now!! He showed me the huge smoke cloud that he sees. It just keeps getting bigger. He stayed at home today because he works in Irvine, Ca and they have had a lot of fires there. He says he is packed up and ready to go if they call an evacuation. He will have to leave his sports car and take his truck. That will kill him for sure!! He needs the truck to carry as much of his valuables as he can. Pray for that area now. So many are losing their homes and everything that they have worked for. It is so sad!! (I was going to show you a picture but blogger says NO)

It is warm here today...around 85 or so..Sun is shining!! I wonder when FALL will hit here!! Soon i hope!! AT least we are not having fires or hurricanes!!

Hope all is well in your world today!!


Baba's Blog said...

Hi Sandy, I can't believe people say one thing and do another..I hope your car is fixed this time. I had my car over at OC"S in S.C. today to fix a recall on the rear braces..Too many recalls now days....Talk soon, Barb

Talk..to..Grams said...

I hate car trouble!! Thinking about your son.... Glo's nephew and family live where the fire went right by.... Scary! Love you, Carolyn

Melli said...

Glad your car got fixed RIGHT this time! And ya walked out with a new RED phone, huh? Krysti has a red phone too! It LOOKS exactly like my LG - but it's not an LG. It MIGHT be a Samsung...

I sure hope Jon doesn't have to leave his home... You know, Hawaii is having horrible fires like this right now too. My friend, Quilly, is suffering from the smoke in her apartment. It's just awful!

Denise said...

Sorry about your car problems sweetie.