Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Just like this little kitty seems to be stepping out of her comfy chair...this is the way I feel today!! I just want to stay comfy and not go or do anything!!

It is cool here today for the Southeastern USA!! We have so much warm weather that when it gets cool well we feel like we are freezing. Me being a transplant from Illinois, should understand cool weather, but after you live here for a time then when the cool comes...it is COLD. I love wearing jeans and sweatshirts so I like this time!!

Today is at least sunny so I do not feel like I need to go to sleep. These past few days have been dreary and tired seems to be my mood!!

Our neighborhood is about ready to have yet another party!! I have the invitations done and if I can get myself up and out of this house today....I need to go pass them out to everyone!! We are having a HAT party this time...You are to make your own hat and come to the party in it!! I hope this will go over good!!

Grandkids have to be picked up this afternoon after school so that means homework!! UGH!! Oh well, hopefully I will understand it!! Smile!! Soon...ever so soon they are going to get ahead of me...hopefully they will be able to do it themselves because when it come to Math especially I am just NO GOOD!!

Grandchildren are the greatest thing!! I think better than children sometimes!! But when you have a crisis like we had this past Sunday then you really realize just how much you love them and how much they mean to you. We had a little thing with our oldest!! I am sure that she has learned a lesson. Also I am hoping both of her sisters did too!! Something good has to come out of her family and her grandparents being so upset!!

Hubby's work as slowed down but we are still smiling here!! God is good and He will provide!!
I get to see him more this way...always look for the good!!

Well this has been a bit of ramblings, hasn't it? I have to get my speech ready for November 10th. I am speaking at a ladies meeting. They have asked me to speak on Curves. I am not scared just wishing that it was over with!! Smile. I will be fine when I am speaking on something that i believe in!!

Guess i should get to writing down a few notes....the 10th will be here before we know it....Halloween is tomorrow!! Fun time for the kids!! I have my candy all ready....it is the kind that I do not like!!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!! I hope the SON is shining in your heart!!


Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sandy,It is cold in the mornings here in Atlanta.This morning it was in the 40's..I had the heat on to take the chill out of the house.My daughter will be back home tonight from her trip with hubby to Las Vegas...I have been busy cooking, washing towels and shopping...Tomorrow I go back to my youngest daughter's house for a few days before we head home on Friday.See you soon. barb

Julie said...

everything is settling down here:) Ready for Halloween tomorrow. I love watching all the little kids come to the door. Of course, hubby is getting us candy this year as usual.
Have a great day.

Julie said...

check out my blog. Just addded a new header. Am just glad I got it to work:)!!!!

PEA said...

It was so cold the last few mornings we even had snow flurries but today it's sunny and mild...hopefully it will stay like that for tomorrow for the trick or treaters! A hat party sounds like so much fun...make sure you take lots of pictures:-) As long as your granddaughter learned a lesson from the crisis, then all was not lost! Take care my friend! xox

Melli said...

Oh golly! Busy busy busy you!!! Always busy! You really shouldn't have ANY extra pounds - you know that? You stay sO busy you run them all off! (well... that's how it SHOULD work!)

Glad you're enjoying the cooler weather -- it's finally cooled off up here too! I'm still in shorts though - I've been CLEANING! (your spic-n-span house shamed me into it!) ;)

I soooooooo want to come to your HAT party! What kind of hat are YOU making?

Donetta said...

I think I'll crawl up in that comfy chair the rest of the night too.

Jennifer said...

You never slow down, do you??
It's getting cool here too...I like it, as long as I get to wear cuddly clothes and stay comfortably in my warm house! :)
I have been asked to give a talk about CIs to a bunch of kids...and am considering it! I think you're right...it's easier when it's something you believe in! :)

Denise said...

My friend, it is cool here too. I am drinking lots of hot chocolate.