Thursday, October 11, 2007


Wow! What a day today has been...I am tired!! I know that it is THANKFUL THURSDAY but well with the day almost over with and me being pooped!! Well I guess i am thankful that I have accomplished alot today!!

I have been cleaning. Yesterday I mopped and all of that fun stuff!! Last night I was really sore!! We went to church as always and had the GREATEST study on Romans about how we need to realize that we are the CHILD of GOD!! All of the time!! No matter what is going on in our lives. Jeff brought it home to us that "we are not renewing our minds because we have allowed so many other things to distract us!"

Things like what has been going on here....

Last Saturday night when we were gone to be with hubby's brother...we had another break in. This time they decided to get into our tool box that is in the back of the truck!! There was not much there to take...thank goodness!! We have been broken into 3 times now and we want so bad to move from here. We cannot do it though! We love our home and our neighborhood but the break-in's are getting more and more!! Hubby went today and tried to talk to our association manager but they do not care about us. They say you should have read the covenats before you moved in here. We have spent so much money or should i say lost so much money now because of these break-ins!! Plus no one seems to want to do anything about it!!

Distractions? yes I think so...

I went to bed hurting last night so I took a sleeping pill so that I would rest. 5:30 am the phone rings. It is my friend from Curves calling. She fell last night and could hardly walk on her leg!! I had to hurry and get ready to open up Curves at 6:30. My sleeping pill did not agree that it was time for me to wake up yet...but about 10:00 with some coffee I finally came completely too.

After work I came home cleaned some more and now I have a small ironing to do. It is already dinner time but i am still working!! Hm!! The work of a housewife is never done!! Oh really!! Hm!! This has always BEEN MY STORY!!

I wanted to thank Carolyn over at talk to Grams for the nice award that she gave me!! I have honestly been so busy that I have not had the time to personally thank her. She awarded me the "Lift you UP" award!! WOW!! I think I need that right now..some LIFTING UP!! I know I am a child of GOD!! YES!! I do remember the message from last night...Guess when you are tired and there is more to do.... then well you know the story!! Thanks Carolyn for thinking of me. You wrote such nice things too!! You are so sweet!!

I leave tomorrow sometime for Palm Key, So. Carolina for a women's retreat with my church. If you would like to see what it looks like just go to It looks gorgeous!! I definitely need to slow down!!

Saturday all of you lovely ladies from the Blogging Babes Blast are starting to pour in...more come Sunday and hopefully 1 more after that!! I am so looking forward to this next week!! Remember to bring cameras...we are going to have fun!! I will try to blog and let everyone know what FUN we are having!!

Update on hubby's brother, Sonny...He is doing much much better now. He is up in a chair and eating some food. Things are getting better!! They also are trying some new Parkinsons medication on him also. Thanks so much those of you who are praying for him!! It has indeed worked..OH the power of prayer!!

Well that about sums up this day but I am still a very THANKFUL LADY!! Our cat Simon is still his usual self even on Valium!! Just TIRED and THANKFUL!! Guess that works!! smile!!

8 comments: said...

Oh Sandy, You sound so tired but with good reason!

You just traveled hundred's and hundred's of miles in a very shot time!!

and all that you have been trying to get finished before company! No wonder you are so tired....

Once you get rested up things will look better!!Is this the weeken that all the girls will be there??
You will have soooo much fun!!!

I am glad to hear that Sonny is doing better! Love and Hugs, Carolyn

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your breakins and the association's lack of caring. Just came by here from Talk to Grams and will most definitely return. Alhthough I was out of breath with all you have done today, I truly enjoy your writing and can feel the smile that comes with it; from within. God Bless You.

Melli said...

Sounds like YOU need next week as much as Kathy does! I need it too! I'm just sorry we're all swooping down on YOU! But we'll be good and helpful friends and try not to make TOO big of a mess! The camera is definitely coming!!! Please don't let me forget my MEDICINE!!! I won't have fun if I don't have THAT! :)

Denise said...

You are one little busy bee, love you my friend.

Mary said...


I'm sorry that you've had a tough day. Mine was about the same. It's been hectic.

I hope you enjoy your retreat. Sounds like you need some time off. Relax and have fun.

I will continue to pray for Sonny. Thanks for the update.

I wish you many blessings.


Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Goodness Sandy.... Slow down, you move to fast.......

I felt exhausted just reading about what you’ve been up to and I’m so sorry about the break-ins and the lack of care shown to you. Enjoy the company of your friends, I’m sure your spirit will feel renewed when you are together. Have a great time. Love and Blessings - Marion

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

That 'you lift me up' award is well deserved! It looks familiar~ it should since it is the view off my back patio!
funny ~=D
I am hoping that things quiet down a bit. Hang in there.

Susie said...

You are always so busy Sandy!
What a shame that you've had three break ins. That is enough to make one feel quite insecure isn't it!
I hope you enjoy every moment with your blogging buddies get together. Sounds like such fun!!