Sunday, October 21, 2007


One week has come and gone and our Blogging Babes Blast is all over with!! Just one week ago and the ladies were arriving. There were lots of hugs and screams all around!! Now Savannah is quiet!!

Funny how you look forward to something and then you wake up and it is all over with!! This was our 2nd get together so we are hoping for a 3rd one in a year someplace!! I so enjoyed having everyone here!! SURE I am tired!! But it is a good tired!! I had a good nap!! I did not stay up at night as long as some did..DAISY AND JEN!! I knew that sleep would be important to my poor body!! I was one of the oldest too and i guess that makes me know that I needed to take care of myself!! Hm!! The others just could not stop talking!!

I have been going through pictures this afternoon trying to rename them and see what doubles we had. Everyone uploaded their pictures here on my computer so that we could make CD's for everyone. I still have to make BABA a CD but I ran out!! We sure did a lot of picture taking!! Man..there are gobs of them!!

I am hoping to scrap our good times sometime! That means that i have a lot of picture developing to do!!

I thought that i would just post a few pictures now so that you can see the fun that was had!! I am really too tired to type...SMILE!! Here goes:

Me at Tea Room

Kathy and Tootsie

Baba and Melli

The merry-go-round girls
Susan and Jen


Lee-ann said...

O! how wonderful this all is..........I wish with all my heart I could have made a visit right about then but reading about the event has been the best today I have laughed with you all and chatting along too. What wonderful friendships you all have.

To think I have layed low for a few weeks and you and "the gals" have been kicking up the heels......well good for you all!!

Love always Lee-ann

Lee-ann said...

ps....Oh! I forgot to mention I had to make the photo of Melli & Baba to see what kind of teacup they were dringking out and when the photo slowly down loaded a huge smile came onto my face........that is my good Johnson Bothers "friendly village set" well! the tea house has very good taste. lol lol lol


Linda said...

I've been following the adventures of the Blogging Babes all week. You girls certainly had a good time. Wish I could have made it. Maybe next year. I have a little award for you and the other Babe's. Stop by when you have time.

Denise said...

I am so glad that you had such a good time, love you.

Jennifer said...

Who US stay up late talking?? Whatchootalkingabout, Sandy?
I have a few pictures that you don't have on my camera...a cute one of you and Mike...will e-mail them tomorrow. I didn't get any of yours from Thursday, either...I would love to see the ones at the Olive Garden...and I don't think I've seen many of Baba's! But I still have TONS of pictures! Aren't they fun though??
I know you're hating the quiet ;). At least Mike doesn't have to wear his earplugs to bed anymore!! :D
Love you!!!!!!

Melli said...

Ohhhhh I bet it IS quiet at your house now... poor you! I'll tell ya -- I'm POOPED and proud of it! I've still gotta go unload my car!!! I haven't done THAT yet! LOL!

Kathleen Marie said...

Thanks so much for sharing your adventure of meeting all these wonderful bloggers. You deserve all the awards above! Hugs!

Deanna said...

So glad you had a great time! Have a great week!

PEA said...

I've so enjoyed reading all about your adventures...sure wish I lived nearer, I'd so love to be with you all!! I'm very shy and quiet though! hehe Loved seeing all the pictures, what a great group of gals you all are:-) xoxo