Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thankful Thursday once again!! Many things this week to be thankful for and many NOT to be... like our air conditioner going out yesterday!! Here in the hot South Eastern USA it stays hot for some time but at least we made it through the VERY hot part of the summer. We knew this was going to happen and so it has!! But now for my thankful list..........

  1. My bible that I can read whenever I want too (if I can stay awake while doing it!!)
  2. The windows that I can open so I can hear the birds singing outside.
  3. My parents baptism this past weekend!! I have waited for this for years and years!!
  4. My new job which I really like at Curves
  5. Finding out why I am so tired but now waiting for that medication to kick thankful for doctors and their wisdom.
  6. My church and its wonderful teaching.
  7. My husband and his tireless work even though he does not feel like it.
  8. Getting to live in our home one more month...someday I know I will look back and be thankful for this great blessing!!
  9. Knowing Jesus as my Savior
  10. Being Happy!!!
I will be going to our annual Greeters Retreat today through Saturday morning so I will not be online!! boo hoo!! I will miss ya'll. I will be at the beach!! OH it does sound hard now doesn't it??? But someone HAS to do it...right??? I will be back online sometime Saturday to try to catch up with everyone...have a great few days while I am away!!


Denise said...

Enjoy your time away my friend, love you.

Baba/night owl said...

Hi Sandy, That sounds like the kind of retreat I like at the beach..Have fun and enjoy your friends. Barb

Linda said...

What a great getaway!!! Have fun!!

T*mmy said...

Don't forget your Flip Flops ;)
You'll be missed, but have a great time!
:) said...

To the Beach! Hold on I am so there!! I wish!! Love and Hugs Carolyn Have a good time!!

Julie said...

Is this the same retreat you went to last year??? Just wondering. Hope you have a good time. Enjoy the beach for me :)

Be Inspired Always said...

Sounds like a fun get-a-away!

I'm new to your blog.


PEA said...

A truly wonderful list of things to be thankful for:-) Oh geez, what a terrible thing...HAVING to go to the retreat which just happens to be at a HORRIBLE! hehe Enjoy yourself and we'll miss you too!! xox

Melli said...

Oh dear! Sorry to hear about the AC again! (i thought you guys had gotten that fixed...)

Have a BALL on your retreat! Get in some GOOD Quality Time with God! You are prayed up!

Donetta said...

Nice list Dear Lady

Susan said...

Great list Sandy! I can't believe that your air is out again. That is so frustrating!!

How exciting that you got to celebrate a baptism. I love it that you've been praying for your parents and now they "did it". What a blessing.

Now, I'm praying that your time away is a HUGE blessing to you.

Many hugs!!

:-) Susan

Puss-in-Boots said...

Sorry your airconditioner has karked it. Just as well the worst of your summer is over.

Have a wonderful time away.