Friday, September 28, 2007

How are you today?

I just got up!! But feeling pretty good this morning since I got to sleep in and did not have to get up at 5:30 to go to work!! ANSWER: Just peachy!!

Name 3 television shows you watch on a regular basis.

Only 3: Okay....this is going to be hard for you Melli!! "Prison Break"; "NCIS"; "Criminal Minds"....I like the kind where you figure things out..."24" when it comes back on in January I will not miss if I can help it!!

What’s the scariest weather situation you’ve experienced?

Definitely a tornado!! When I was a little girl i was in one. It was the middle of the night. The tornado came through and hit our house throwing the chimney into our dining room. My dad got all of us into the car and drove us to his parents house. I had to run back into the house and get my doll, Toni, off of the piano. The next day we had more walls collapse. I remember that really vividly. My brother was just a little guy so i would have been very small myself. As a married woman my family was also very close to one. It went right around our house. We were very fortunate that night as about 8 tornados hit our town. We were closed off to everyone except the police and emergency vehicles. I am FRIGHTENED of tornadoes!!!!!!!!!!

Main Course
If you could wake up tomorrow morning in another country, where would you want to be?

I would love to visit Australia!! Just visit of course. I have many blogging friends now that live there and I would love to visit them and see them face to face!!

What do you usually wear to sleep?!! I am only kidding... don't like to scare the sheets or my hubby for that matter!! P.J.'s and sometimes socks if the weather is cooler!!


Baba/night owl said...

Good morning Sandy, I am glad you could sleep in today.I saw Kim at Curves and the pictures of her new Grandson...I also saw the new poster outside the door of Curves.My picture needed a break.... Have a good day.
Barb said...

We both put tornado's down!! You are from the mid-west and I live there and Boy, they are scary!
Karen had our kitty cat spayed yesterday and I am taking care of it today! so far so good!

Linda said...

Glad you got some rest this morning. Fortunately I've never been exposed to tornado's. They do sound scary.
Have a nice weekend.

T*mmy said...

*big smile* about your dessert!

Yikes on the tornado's...I've never seen one but when stressed I dream about them!

Have a great day!

Peggy said...

glad you got to sleep in...have a great weekend. said...

Sandy,Glo just wrote a very neat post about her Grandpa and Grandma's store... You will really like it .... Love you,Carolyn

Glo said...

Don't like tornado's either.
I do like all the same T.V. shows you do...I knew you were a great gal.
Also like your dessert.Your funny.

Denise said...

Enjoyed your feast.

Julie said...

I remember some of those tornadoes. That dessert of yours....tmi for me :)

Melli said...

LOL! Laughing at your SOUP! You KNOW it! *mutters* i hate tv questions... I want 'em to one time ask "If television disappeared off the planet, what would you DO with your life?" ... I think that's a GREAT question!

I have never actually been IN a tornado. I have seen them come within a few miles of us... but I've never taken a direct hit -- so I'm still NOT scared of them. They probably WOULD be the weather thing that WOULD scare me most though... or a tsunami -- IF I lived on the beach!!!

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Sandy. I could just imagine how terrifying that tornado experience must have been. I'm thankful we rarely have tornadoes in our country. I've seen how powerful and damaging one can be. Hope you will never experience one again.

Take care!