Monday, August 13, 2007


While I was gone another award appeared on in blogland!! This is the NICE AWARD!! Wow!! I love the sound of this one!!

This award is given as follows:

"This award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world. Once you've been awarded please pass it on to others who you feel are deserving of this award."

I have been triple-ally blessed....given to me 3 times!! WHOPPEE!! First I received it from Grams at talk to Grams; then from my daughter Julie at Jules Journal and then from Linda at This and That.....How Blessed I feel today!!

I thought I was really blessed after being at WOMEN OF FAITH this weekend. We had a tremendous weekend. We left Thursday afternoon on one of the church vans. It is quite a trip from Savannah to Atlanta!! First on the agenda would be to stop for dinner. We made a decision to try a new restaurant. We stopped at Cheddars. I had a huge gigantic salad which was wonderful but only so much chewing that one can do with one of those big salads. Then back to driving and riding.......................

We got to the hotel which was just that GRAND!! It is located in downtown Atlanta!! It is right across the street from a famous theater called the Fox. I found out that is where the cast from "Gone with the Wind" had their big party after the movie opened at the Fox Theater in 1939!!

We had some problems checking in but after we got through all of that mess and got to the room, we all about had a fit over our was superfantabulous!! The room itself is about the same size as my house!! It had a full sized living room, a dining room, a full kitchen, stove, frig, dishwasher, cabinets and all, a BIG bathroom, A huge bedroom with a king sized bed, chairs, a full sized washer and dryer even!! EVEN hall space!! I stayed with two other friends, Carol and Jane!! We three were just awed!! You could have had a dance in there!!

We found a little diner just a block away with good food. Always important.

The next day to get to the conference at Phillips auditorium we all decided to take the Marta Underground Train. Everyone just wanted to have the experience...I guess but every other woman at the conference had the SAME IDEA!! Have you ever been arm pit to arm pit with many many strangers before? Well I can tell you I did not like it plus if you have even a little bit of being too close well then this is NOT for you!! PLUS it was so dog gone HOT!!! SO HOT!!

Beth Moore spoke all day on Comfort!! My if you cannot learn from her well then you might as well just go stick your head in a hole someplace!! She is just awesome!! So sent by God to teach us women!!

We had a big break between her and the beginning of the Women of Faith!! Some of our group wanted to go to the Aquarium, some wanted to go on their own and then my group went to the Coca-Cola museum!! I am so glad that I am a Senior Citizen sometimes!! I got in for a "little bit" cheaper!!

I had a great time but my choice in shoes to bring was not correct and every step that i took on that hot hot concrete went right through my shoes. I felt every step...believe me. By the time we got back to hotel that night I had formed some really nice water blisters all over my feet. OUCH!!

The Coca-Cola museum is fun if you ever get to go to Atlanta!! They search you though...i mean your purses...i think we looked liked terrorists!! They show you how it is made; give you free samples of coke products from all over the world. I don't drink pop/soda anymore but I did enjoy sampling the tea products that are made in France. Boy they have some good ones there. i will remember when i go...SMILE!! ya right!!

The WOMEN OF FAITH began at 7:00. What a night with Sandi Patti (my hero)!! She has always been my favorite in women Christian singers. She can hit those high notes that I just long to hit!! She sang and I had goose bumps. We got to see Nicole C. Mullins and she sang my favorite, "My Redeemer Lives". Oh my nothing better than that!! It was a night that I shall never forget!!

The next day was just as spectacular!! If you ever get the chance to go to a Women of Faith in your area please do try to go! Your life, heart and spirit will be lifted up to the HEAVENS for sure!!

We had another 4 or more hours ride home. By 9:30 Saturday night we were home and i was so happy. My leadership was over and I had not lost one lady!! YES!! I was pooped with only 10 hours of sleep for 2 days!! But what an experience!!

Thanks for all of you that kept stopping by my blog. Also i wish that i could have managed to meet a couple of you that were actually there at the conference. That would have been great!! Maybe next time.

OOPSSS...almost forgot...will pick some people for the NICE award later....okay????

Blessings to all............



VAIL said...

Glad you had a good time! So did I! Beth Moore was awesome, that song "One Touch" by Nicole C. Mullen brought tears to my eyes, very touching! We went to the Coke Factory, not really my thing, but it was fun. We stayed at the Hilton, about a mile away. We walked each way - and yes, it was HOT, HOT, HOT!
Patsy Clairmont was my favorite WOF speaker, who was yours?

PEA said...

Welcome back home:-) I'm so glad to hear that the weekend went so well and that you didn't lose anyone! hehe It certainly does sound like it was a full weekend. Congratulations on the NICE awards, you certainly do deserve them:-) xox

Melli said...

Awwwwww.... I'm sO glad you had a gOOd time! Of course, I really knew you would! I'm also JEALOUS cuz you got to see Nicole Mullins! She did not come to our WOF conference. Sandy Patti was there though... she's not really my style though. I liked Travis Cottrell better. He's more like Matt Redman.... (that type of music)

Congrats on yet another award! X3!!! LOL! You go girl! I've been given it too - so you can have a 4th one if you'd like!

T*mmy said...

I think Sandy Patty is awesome!!
The singer I remember from my one and only conference (Memphis) is Sheila Walsh!!

the night owl said...

Hi Sandy, Welcome Home..... What kind of shoes were you wearing?, or was the pavement too Hot for any kind of shoe.I went to the Coke museum years ago.Come read my news from today.Barb

Donetta said...

I was going to quadruple it, You wont have room :)

Susan said...

Wow! You had a lot to blog about today. Congratulations on your SO DESERVE this one!!

I love the Coca Cola museum. It's such a fun place to visit and so educational.

I'm so glad that you had a great time at WOF.

Hugs to you!!

:-) Susan

Julie said...

I love Nicole C. Mullen's songs. Had that one My Redemer Lives on my myspace account. Glad you had a good time. Wish they had a conference closer to us.

Deanna said...

Glad you made it home safe and sound! Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Sandy. I'm glad you had a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing those lovely photos. Sorry that your shoes gave you some blisters but I'm sure that overall it was a fabulous weekend.

Congratulations on your award. Julie has been kind enough to give me this award too.

Take care!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Sandy. Congratulations on the awards...well deserved.

I'm glad you had such a wonderful time on your trip away. But it's good to have you back, too.

Take care.

Lazy Daisy said...

Hey Floozie....just wanted to tell you that you are nice, nice, nice. What a surprise? NOT!

So Glad you had a wonderful time and didn't lose anyone along the if?

Rest up dear friend.

Betty said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip...Cheddar's is my husband's favorite restaurant, we go to the one in Macon and have been to one in Illinois.....

The botanical name of the flower is

Thanks for coming by....Betty