Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday Memory time once again. My Memory is not as good as it used to be so when one comes into this dense brain of mine I figure that I had better get it written down before it leaves me again!!

Yesterday when our daughter Becky and her two Garrett and Maddie were driving home from the waterpark...the kids were fighting in the back seat. As usual I was trying to get them to stop by teasing or anything that I could come up with. MOST of the time and I say MOST of the time, it is Garrett's fault because he just cannot leave his hands to himself. He has to pick!! I told them that there was a BIG yellow line down the middle of the back seat and that they were not to put their hands or ANYTHING across that line. Garrett says, "Grandma, there is no yellow line on the seat!" I say..."Oh, yes there is. I am older than you are and can see it." He keeps up with me talking and talking about no yellow line and keeps picking and picking on his sister. Finally he makes her cry!!

Mommy says, "I am going to pull over right here on this big highway and fix your little behind if you don't straighten up young man!" Course he knows she is not going to do that and just keeps picking and picking.

So I told them about what I did to their mommy.....

She was under 5 I think. I cannot remember her age now. I remember the car we old clunker like we always had then. She was standing in the front seat (remember we always did it that way then). She was giving me a hard time and would not pay attention to me. We were driving in town. I was not going fast...believe me or I would have not done this. I kept telling her and telling her. She thought I would not pull over and spank her either. Finally I surprised MYSELF by slamming on the brakes at a STOP sign. When I did that she flew and I mean flew onto the floor and up under the glove compartment.

I remember her looking back up at me with those big blue eyes that she has like...WHY DID YOU DO THAT!!?? I said, " I told you, didn't I?"

You know she never did that ever again!! I just stop threatening and she listened!!

I think more parents need to stop threatening and do it!! Kids will pay more attention. I know you are saying ...MAN...You were mean...YES and you would be right...I was!! But you will never know how many times I would go and hide and cry about how I disciplined those kids. I spanked!! Oh yes I did!! I know today that I would be taken in by the DSFS or whatever they call themselves in your part of the country.

Any of you that know my children (my grown adult children) know that they did not steal, turn tricks, do drugs, land in jail or turn out to be bad adults. They have families and careers of their own now and lead good, healthy and spiritual lives. Did discipline hurt them? I don't think so.

After I told Garrett and Madison that story, they thought that was so funny. They just laughed thinking that their mommy was thrown on the floor of the car for being mean!! I think it made them think that she was a little rotten kid too....which she was!!! Spoiled is more like it!!

Just one memory that my poor lost brain brought up into my old mind yesterday!! smile!!

15 comments: said...

I loved this post because back when I rasied my kids it was okay to spank them! and I did!!
They have all grown up to be very nice adults!
I have a new post about my son Bill and his family.
He loves to tease me about when he was a kid and how I made him mind! He has everyone laughing when he tells his stories!! I just tell him you turned out just fine!!!

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing your memories.

talktokld said...

Jeepers, my mom (talktograms) sounds just like you!!

She says I can't mention anything else.. got to go. She's on the phone with me now and I REALLY am getting in trouble, you'd think that I would learn by now -- being 40!!


PEA said...

That is what's wrong with today's kids...parents don't discipline! They yell and threaten but the kids know that's all they'll do. I spanked my two boys when they deserved it...I sent them to bed early if they deserved parents did the same thing to us while growing up...we all turned out just fine and have respect for people and things!! Today's kids don't! It really is a shame. I loved your story:-) xox

the night owl said...

Hi Sandy, I have had a busy day.After PT, I came home and cooked dinner for out of town family members.I remember standing up in car seats with my kids. It was really dangerous, but at the time it was the thing to do...We grew up like you with discipline and spankings if needed and we turned out fine.Still don't feel like doing much blogging. Talk later, Barb

Melli said...

Ohhhhhhhh I hate to ADMIT some of the horrible things I did to MY children when they were young! I've made them all get out of the car and WALK home a time or two when they couldn't get along IN the car! They don't like THAT let me tell ya!

On the other hand, I bet your grands really ENJOYED hearin' about when Momma got in trouble!

Susan said...

I think little ones always enjoy hearing the antics of their parents. And, oh, how I remember riding while standing in the front seat with my parents! I don't remember ever getting thrown to the floor, BUT I DO remember getting swatted on the leg once or twice for my behavior. And, yes, I've given my kids those same SWATS!!

:-) Susan

Puss-in-Boots said...

Yes, Sandy. The do gooders have made a rod for all our backs by banning spanking. My two were spanked, especially if they had had it explained to them why they musn't do whatever. They spanked their kids and I have wonderful grandchildren, who are growing into responsible young adults.

So, Sandy, good for is hard to spank your kids when you just want to ignore it, but to ignore naughtiness is inviting trouble, don't you agree?

You've got children to be proud of and that's because you gave them guidelines, something today's kids lack.

Great post, Sandy, and from one who is a loving mother and grandmother.

Hugs xoxo

Lazy Daisy said...

I can testify that your kids turned out great (despite their parenting!) Just kidding or course!

Boy Wonder still claims that he raised himself!

Miss you!

MugwumpMom said...

Boy, how I remember lax car rules in those days - no seatbelts, standing, I even remember laying down on the back window well! And riding in campers.

Hootin'Anni said...

Here!! Here!!! I so agree with you! Whole-heartedly. Spanking is really okay in my book. It's the peer pressure now=a=days that makes a child 'tell on you' instead of respect your discipline. [they hear other kids talk about their parents beating them...and they get attention...when ALL you were doing was making a child mind with your guidance]

I bet your g-kids enjoyed the story.

Nancy said...

Oh my this really hits home... the line in the backseat! Discipline is so important and you are a great grandma to realize the importance. "Train up a child" and you are- even with your grandchildren!

Thanks for so many sweet comments during this wedding process. It has really touched me.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Sandy. I'm guilty of that. I often give "threats" but seldom do I really do it. I understand your point, sometimes there's really a need to be firm to children. I worry I spoil my child sometimes by giving in too quickly. Thanks for sharing your experience and for the good advice. Take care! said...

Sandy, I have an award over at my blog for you! Please come and see what it is about.

Anonymous said...

Oh do I remember those days, spanking a child did not hurt any of them. I feel I raised 2 nice children and they have raised a family and without the discipline that I gave mine. Dr. Spock was not a smart man at all, Kids need discipline and that way they know you love them. I can remember the back seat of our car, one side belonged to you Sandy and the other side belonged to your brother, just stay on your side and all went well, but pass that little yellow line meant trouble. I really do miss those days, you kids made our lives worthwhile and such wonderful memories for your old Mom and Dad. Love you Mother & Dad