Thursday, July 26, 2007


Five things meme

I was tagged by my OWN daughter Julie at Jules Journal. I knew that I was going to get caught at this sooner or later and now it is sooner I guess!! So I will give this a try!!

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Ten years ago I was working at State Farm Insurance Company in Bloomington, Illinois wondering when if ever was I ever going to be able to get away from this place. The stress of the job was getting me down and I was not feeling good almost every day of my life. Boy I am glad that is over and far behind me!!

What were you doing 1 year ago?
Being 61 and wishing that I could stay that way!! smile

Five Snacks You Enjoy
Peanut Granola Bars
Diet Green Tea
Small dixie cups of Ice Cream Vanilla (portion control)
Sugar salted peanuts

Five Songs That You Know All The Lyrics To
God will make a way
The Old Rugged Cross
In the Garden
When the Roll is Called Up Yonder
Get a Job (what a mess of different songs)...ha!!

Five Things You Would Do If You were a Millionaire
Pay off all bills
Have Mike retire immediately
Get his knees all fixed ASAP
Get us a small home (ranch style)
help our kids

Five Bad Habits
Too much time on the computer
biting my nails or picking them
Ask my hubby he can fill you in on 3 more I am sure!! smile!!

Five Things You Like To Do
Scrap book
Go visit my family and Friends
Be on the computer

Five Things You Would Never Wear Again
Short skirts
Halter tops
Short sleeved anything :(
Short shorts
just anything short I guess!! smile

Five Favorite Toys
My computer
My camera-love to take pictures
My scrapbooking supplies all of them
My printer

I am not going to pick!! I cannot remember who has done this and who has not!! If you would like to do this...BE MY GUEST!!!


Melli said...

LOL! I am sure glad you got AWAY from State Farm! Sounds like you were perfectly miserable there!

I'm not sure I can answer all these -- but it HAS been awhile since I did a meme... so I'll give it a shot!


Denise said...

This was fun, liked your answers. said...

I got mine up and I did almost all of it by myself!! I was able to copy and paste over at Julie's and wrote it all up and then Kelly linked it for me! I was so tickled when it all showed up on the page I was working on!!

sleeveless blouses, I wish I would have thought of that!! I wouldn't wear one for anything!! I used to but not anymore!!

Julie said...

Thanks for doing this mom:) I know how you love memes:P
Great answers.

Susie said...

Great answers Sandy! I once worked at an insurance company too, and was not sorry to leave that job!!

Heart of Rachel said...

I'm glad that you can now look back at the past and appreciate how you have made it out of that situation as a better individual.

amy said...

Thats a fun one..Glad I stopped by!