Thursday, June 14, 2007

I wanted to let everyone in blogsville know that today is my daughter, Julie's birthday so that you can hop right over to her blog and fill up her comment section!! I bet some of you that visit her do not even know that she is my daughter!!

She was born on FLAG DAY here in the good ole' US of A on June 14th...weighing in at 6 lbs. 15 and 3/4 0z (or something like that) with white skin (hope so), red hair and blue eyes! Keeping with the theme for the day!! ((smile))!! My husband and I always like to do things (up right!! She was mostly bald but you could see that "glow" of red hair on that mostly bald head of hers.

I had just said only a few days before that, "I hope I don't have a red headed daughter." I had always seen red heads that were carrot topped and well then did not want my daughter to have that color (I have since changed my mind)....REMEMBER then I was only 22 and very young and naive'!!! (Sorry Melli...Young and stupid then)

She was born and there it was RED hair!! Back then in the horse and buggy days so my grand children think(ha) we did not get to know what sex we were having so we just waited and prayed that the sex we wanted just popped out!!

I was so thrilled for a girl!! We had a little boy so with the birth of Julianne I felt like my family was complete!!

Please stop over at her blog Jules Journal and leave her a comment!! That would be a great gift for her today on this her SPECIAL BIRTHDAY!! She is going into a new set of numbers and is not very happy about this NEW SET!! Oh well, we all made it there or at least most of us did and have survived them!! hmmmm!!!

So if you have a minute today run over there and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!



Linda said...

I stopped by Julie's and wished her a happy birthday. Know you are very proud of her.

Denise said...

What a proud mom you must be, on my way to tell her happy birthday.

Julie said...

Thanks for all the e cards today:)Am working today of course but only 4 kids. Not bad. Thanks for the nice post today. Love ya!!! Julie

Hootin'Anni said...

I'm on my way. Hope Julie has a great can she NOT?-------with all of our celebrating with her?!!!

Thanks for the visit, and thanks bunches for the well wishes don't know what that means to me!!

Susan said...

I dropped by earlier and wished her a happy day. I think it's so neat that you both blog! Thanks for sharing a bit of her story (and yours) with us.

:-) Susan

PEA said...

I'll go right on over and wish her all my best....I know the feeling about getting into a new set of numbers...I'll be turning 50 in October and I'm not too impressed! lol xoxo

MugwumpMom said...

You are such a proud mom!! And well you should be from the sounds of it.

Melli said...

Darn! I missed it yesterday, but stopped by this morning to wish her a belated... if it's any consolation I was NOT having FUN yesterday!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Just popping in to say I'm popping over to wish Julie a happy birhday.

I have a redhaired grandson and he was a carrot top when he was younger but it has darkened now to the most beautiful colour...of course, he hates it...naturally!

Have a lovely weekend.

Heart of Rachel said...

Oh, I've been quite busy lately and missed Julie's special day but I visited her to greet her belated happy birthday. I'm sure you enjoyed spending quality time together just recently.