Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Picture a beautiful day in the 80's, an Illinois day with just a slight breeze in the air, the sun is shining with no chance of rain. There are no bugs to spoil the day!! The sky is a bright blue. The day is going to be a gorgeous one. Several of us have looked forward to this day for a long long time. The day is here!!

You can smell food cooking! People are getting up and greeting each other. Some of us have not seen each other for years and years. We see each other and recognize faces. Hugs are all around. Tears are in some people's eyes. We know this may be the last time we will be seeing some of these precious faces. Only God knows this. Smiles are everywhere!! Voices and laughter are ringing in your ears everywhere that you go. Room to room or outside you hear the kids running and playing. They have just met new cousins that they never knew even existed until today! What fun they are having getting to know each other. What fun the adults are having watching them play and remembering when they were the children running and playing just like their children are doing right now. Memories...yeap tons of them are coming into these young adults minds.

The older adults...of which I am one now...are watching and thinking that now I am in the older generation. I am wondering just how I got here. Our older parents are gone in this family. My parents came so that makes it seem some better to me. They are in their 80's and in great health. They are loving every minute of this experience too. They are watching everyones faces light up when a new person walks in the front door.

A new relative walks in and gets greeted with a big hug all around!! "Boy you look the same...so good to see you. I am so glad that you could make it. Just wish more people could have came too."

We have tons of food. More than any family should have. The younger ones play volleyball and I sit there wishing that I could play...but would make a fool of myself!! Then it is on to whiffle ball...still wishing that I could play!! The bubbles come out and more fun!! Finally my turn comes when the water guns come out!! I get squirted by my son and that is all that it takes...I am off and going!! Never squirt yo' mama!!

What a day!! It was over with so soon...We took pictures of each of the families and then a BIG picture of all of us!! I am so grateful for last Saturday!! I just hope that we get to do it again.
This was the first time in 8 long years that all of my 3 children have been together!! Can you believe...EIGHT LONG YEARS!!

We have scattered all over the place. Our son is in California and cannot get any time off from his work. He had a time just getting to be able to spend this one day with us. Our middle daughter is in Northern Illinois (she blogs...Jules Journal) and our youngest lives here in Savannah. I am so proud of the way they have all turned out as God loving responsible adults!! We did good!!

Our day ended unfortunately with little by little everyone leaving. As each one left I know we all hated to have to leave. Family is such an important and valuable part of our lives. I think that you value it even more as you get older. I know that I do. Saturday showed me just how much!! I felt valued in some small way...hmmm!! I hope you understand what I mean. I felt like I had done something in my life worth while by being part of a family.
I am so happy to be home now. Home is also my special and important place!!!


For those of you who read Baba's Blog, I want you to know that she called me today. She is doing great!! She just got out of the hospital last night. She had double knee replacement. She says she will get back to blogging really soon. She said to tell everyone hello!!


Amazing Gracie said...

How very special for you and your family! There are only four of us in my immediate family, then adding my children and their children of course, it gets larger. But there are no aunts or uncles left...just me, my brother and two cousins. My brother has discovered a whole distant family we never knew about but it's far different than the close family we once had. I became the "matriarch" at 45. That's weird...
I'm glad you made it home safely and that you had such a great visit with all of your folks!!!

PEA said...

Sounds like an absolutely brilliant time was had at the family reunion...so glad the weather cooperated also!! You're right, we have to appreciate the times a family can all get together because unfortunately those times are far and few between. I loved seeing all the pictures...what a beautiful family:-) Glad to haear that Baba's surgery went well and that she's now home recovering!! xox

Melli said...

Sandy... this is the most BEAUTIFUL blog post you have ever written! I FEEL the LOVE Mama! And you do have 3 beautiful / wonderful children! You and Mike DID do good! Very good! But darlin... you have done SO many worthwhile things in your life - and yes - raising 3 great kids is probably TOP among them - but you are such a good, sweet, kind and loving person that God has given you many gifts and you share them with the world! And you share HIM with the world - through all you do! Most worthwhile, indeed!

And... THANK YOU for letting me know about Baba! I have been praying for her every day!

Peggy said...

what a wonderful time you got to have with your family! I hope you don't have to wait another 8 yrs. Thanks for the update on baba

Susan said...

I just love that you've given us a peek into a very special family time! It's so precious to preserve it here on your blog too.

Please tell Baba that we are missing her and continuing to pray for her. Thanks for the update.

Hugs to you!!

:-) Susan

Denise said...

Sounds so heavenly, thanks for sharing.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Sandy, what a wonderful time you had. Memories are just wonderful and you have created some more to pull out, look back on, laugh and cry over whenever you feel like it.

Thank you for allowing us to share your joy.

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Hello Dear Sandy.....
What a lovely posting, so good to read about your reunion and its great that the weather complimented the occasion too, you were well and truly blessed. These are precious times.

Sorry I haven’t been around much recently either with postings or leaving comments. May I say what a lovely picture of you on your blog. You’re looking good! Love - Marion

Linda said...

What a wonderful story. You presented your reunion so beautifully and it shows families are so much alike all over world. You have a beautiful family and I can feel the love through your post. You are truly blessed.

Anonymous said...

Sandy I just read your blog, know you had a good time and so did we. Just want to say thank you for including us in your plans, we sure did enjoy the days in IN., just seeing all of those wonderful people was so much fun. Now we have many pics to look at and remember. Glad your eye is better and hope it stays that way. Love and thanks so much. Mother & Dad, we do love you all.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Sandy. I'm glad that everyone had a wonderful time. I'm sure that you will always have fond memories of your loved ones' happy expressions, lovely smiles and tight embraces. Thank you so much for sharing your joyful family reunion.