Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Another Thursday almost!! I am blogging tonight because tomorrow we leave once again for Indiana!! I am thankful that today we found a good doctor!! I so needed to find one. I found out that I have conjunctivitis in my left eye and an infection in my ear and throat!! I am so thankful that while we were there they gave me samples of the other medications that I take. I was just absolutely thrilled by that!! Medications cost so much any more!! When I can get them GIVEN to me FREE I am so so Thankful!! We had to go to the Pharmacy of course. I was sitting there wondering if I was going to have to take out a loan!! They called my name and it was only $30.00!! WOW!! Another thankful moment today!! I was just very happy!! I have had a very thankful day!!
Now if this crazy infection will just leave this ole' body of mine I will be quite thankful and delighted!!
We are off to our BIG reunion!! I so love seeing family get together!! I miss it!! Families are just so precious to me and so spread out everywhere anymore!! I miss being together and seeing everyone grow up!!
I am so thankful once again for my salvation and the goodness of my Saviour!! He has loved me and given me so much in this life.
I am thankful for my home and am ready to get back to it also!! ((smile))!!
Take care everyone and come see my pictures next week once I get HOME!!


Peggy said...

glad you found out what was wrong and got your medication. I had to go to the eye doctor today to get a piece of hay out of my eye. I was lucky too with the cost and free samples for the scratch in my eye.

Sioux said...

Hope your trips is wonderful and safe. It is so hard to get family together...good for you for doing it!!

Melli said...

OH! I'm sO glad you got some medicine! Oooo conjunctivitis! Don't TOUCH anything!!! And stay away from ... everything! (((cyber hugs))) I am sorry! I'm praying for your safe travels today! Love you!!!

Denise said...

Hey sweet friend, so glad you found out what the problem was with your eye.Hope it gets much better very soon, enjoy your travels, love you.

Susan said...

I'm glad they figured out what it is...with the meds, I'll bet you'll be on the mend quickly.

Hugs to you!!

:-) Susan

Beckie said...

YIPEEEEE, free meds!! What a blessing. I'm glad you found out what the problem is and will soon be back to normal. Have a wonderful time and praying that you'll have a safe journey.

Blessings Sandy.

PEA said...

Glad you got in to see the doctor and got some meds for your infections!! Now may you heal quickly:-) Have FUN at the reunion and safe trip home!! xox

Susie said...

Hope that medicine works quickly so you can enjoy your reunion!