Sunday, May 13, 2007

the very horrible, awful, terrible, unbeliveable,
unreal, sad, crazy day!!

Last Friday, started great with Daisy and I getting up ready to go to work out at Curves. We knew that we were going to have a great day. We were meeting some good friends and going to the Savannah Tea Room for lunch. It is a great place to go here in Savannah with great smells and wonderful the great friends...what more would you need!!

We came home and showered and were getting ready. The phone rang. I answered it and it was my friend Betty. I have written about her before. She is my friend that has lung cancer. She was crying and asked me if I would go with her to the doctor as soon as possible. I said of course that I would meet her there. I told Daisy and she said that she would get the other ladies and all would work out fine. Daisy and I sat down and prayed together because by that time I was in tears knowing that something was up for Betty and it was not good.

I hurried and dressed and made it to the doctor's office even beating Betty. When she got there you could tell she was upset and nervous. She thought that we were going in to have her new clinical trial cancer test started today. She had an MRI the day before of her head to make sure that all was well. You see the clinical trials cannot be done if any cancer is detected in the brain. She was just very nervous what these new tests would entail. The nurse had requested that she bring along a family member. She could not find one so she had asked me to go along. The nurse had been a little hesitant on the phone so again that made Betty nervous.

We were shown into a room and the doctor arrived. What a sweet man!! He looked straight at Betty and told her as gently as he could that the MRI had shown a couple of spots in her brain!! Betty looked like she was in a dream!! It took me a couple of seconds to process what he had said too....her cancer has spread to her brain!! Oh no!! I got up and put my arm around her and held her hand. She begins to cry and of course so did I. Her doctor came over and comforts her saying that this is just another "bump in the road". We cannot do the clinical trials now because this medication cannot be done if there is any cancer in the brain. We both ask what happens now. He tells us that is why we called you in early. We have the radiation dept on stand by waiting for you. You are going to start radiation ASAP!!

Betty is just so shocked!! Here she thinks she has come in to just get a treatment and she finds out that her cancer has spread to her brain. She also finds out that her left lung has filled up with fluid. She coughs and has a time breathing also. Now another problem: Her leg is beginning to hurt at the groin area and it is making her limp. Her cancer has spread to her lymph nodes and adrenal glands. News is just not good.

I feel like that at any minute we are both going to wake up and laugh and this is going to be a BIG DREAM!! But nope it is turning out to be an awful, horrible, very bad day!!

Her doctor is so kind. He just lets Betty cry on his chest as he holds her like a little child. I have never seen a doctor like this in my whole life!! I was so touched!!

We gather up everything and off we go to the 1st floor and sign in for the radiation. She is given an whole wealth of papers to fill out. She tries but just cannot concentrate. I picked them up and took them back to the lady at the counter and told her that my friend has just been given the worst news she could have had and she just cannot do this crazy stuff...NOT NOW!!

We are warmly welcomed by some sweet nurses and then yet another kind doctor. He explains all about radiation and how it will not hurt. He explains the side effects. We both ask questions and get good and understandable answers. I think that I learned more than I ever wanted to know that day!!

She had to have a mask made for her face. This was extremely hard on her because she is like me and is claustrophobic. She had a time with that!! I can well understand!! Finally she makes it into the radiation part. We have been waiting in some room now since about 11:30. We neither one have eaten since breakfast. Finally and I say finally....we are told we can leave at 4:30...such a long, long day.

She is going to have to have radiation treatments every day now for the next 3 weeks. She is also going to have a bone scan for the leg this coming Tuesday. We are so praying that it is nothing and that the cancer has not spread to her leg!!

I suppose you are wondering just WHY I would blog on such a thing as this and you know I am kind of wondering this myself. Blogging is for venting and getting things off of your chest. When I got home Friday I was so tired..mentally and I was really wearing my emotions right on the very very tip of my sleeve. I wanted to cry every time I turned around!! I think that I just needed to get this down in black and white and to realize that this is really happening!!

Today I am so much better after sleeping and taking a lot of naps yesterday!! It has so exhausted me. I know that the coming days, weeks and months are going to be filled with helping my friend fight this disease. I know that only God is going to be able to make this scary creature called cancer go away from Betty's body. Betty has an attitude that is marvelous!! She has 4 grown kids that are so grieving this for their mom. I feel so sorry for them....One has already accepted Jesus as their Savior because of watching her go through this. She is being used to lead her children to the Lord!!

We moms will do anything for our children!! Anything!! Even if it might mean giving up our lives for them!!

One other thing I learned while sitting in the waiting room....I was on the healthy side of the room and on the other side was every one going in to get the radiation!! WOW!! I was praising God for my health!! We just do not know how thankful we should be for our health. We can have all of the money in this world but if we lose our health...we have nothing!!

I am so glad this is my blog and you can read this or just skip on to someone else's blog and say too much reading here. I just needed to write this all out...kind of like therapy for me in a way!! i feel some better already...funny how that is.


LadyBugCrossing said...

Flip Flop!! Oh my gracious, you and your friend have had quite a time!

I sure hope she gets better - this cancer stuff isn't fun. You are such a good friend and I am sure she appreciates you being there for her. Here's a big hug for you!!
LBC said...

Ohhh! What you did for your friend is real love. Love in action. It warms my heart to hear about it. I cannot imagine how this dear friend of yours must have been hurting to hear all that bad news. But as you said, much good can come out of our suffering. Sometimes we never know how our pain has touched another life. I'm not sure I'm making sense here, but thank you for sharing this story. God bless you. Linda

the night owl said...

OH>>>>> Sandy,.What a day you had on Friday.I hope Betty dosn't have bone cancer in the leg, like my cousin.My cousin`s scan on his brain was free of cancer.Betty and my cousin have the unknown to face.He is strong in his faith, as Betty....We sure do not appreciate our health everyday.Thanks for sharing. Baba

P>S> Is Curves closed Monday???

MugwumpMom said...

I'm so sorry for you and your friend. You are such a good friend to support her like you do. What a gift. May this experience draw both of you closer to each other and to God.

Akelamalu said...

I feel for Betty and her family so much, my Mum died from cancer - such a terrible disease. I will keep Betty in my thoughts and prayers, she has a true friend in you.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Oh Sandy, I feel for Betty and her family so much. I know just what they are going through.

My nephew, a beautiful young man in his early 30s and the father of a darling little boy, passed away a week before my birthday last year from cancer.

My thoughts and prayers are with Betty and you.

Melli said...

Ohhhh Sandy! I'm so sorry! I am praying for Betty and I think this post was intended for that purpose - through God! To gain prayers for Betty in any possible way!

When Derek's friend Scott was fighting cancer, I made and maintained a website for him that kept all of his friends and family updated on his ups and downs... it was a very positive thing and everyone appreciated it. AND it was therapeutic for me! VERY much so! This was my baby's BEST FRIEND... Derek had his own "stuff" to get through with it - and so did I. Of course, we lost Scott in the end... and that was a sad sad sad day -- but only for those of us left behind. Scott DID believe in Jesus.

Oh, but I prattle! The point is, of course you need to let this stuff out ... and Betty needs you to also! When people read about this and know that she is REAL and FRIEND of yours they will pray for her!!! Just like me! You keep us posted on this dear lady!

Carol said...

Looks like you had a whale of a time with your friends, with great food!My blessings are with Betty. I pray for her speedy recovery.Both she and you are blessed to be true friends for each other. God bless you!

Twisted Cinderella said...

I am so sorry for the day that you and Betty had and for the days to come. My heart and prayers go out to her, you, and her family. ((hugs)) for you both. You are truly a good friend to be there for her through all of this. It is a nice as well to see a doctor who is a kind as hers was.

Beckie said...

Sandy, I'm so sorry for Betty and I will be praying for her. I'm so thankful God is using this horrible event to bring her children to Him. I'm glad you were there for her~you have such a kind heart and it must have been such a blessing for her.

On a lighter've been tagged!

Susie said...

Dear Sandy,
My heart goes out to you and your friend Betty. Cancer is such a terrible beast of a disease.
I'll be praying for her.

Linda said...

Sandy, What a wonderful friend you are to Betty. I'm so sorry to hear about her set-back. Two years ago my brother was diagnosed with brain cancer and was give three months. He showed the doctors and made it a little more than a year. What a horrible, horrible disease. My prayers are with both of your families.

PEA said...

Dear Sandy, my heart really goes out to your friend and her family. She is very lucky to have you as her friend and just knowing that you're there for her will mean so much to her. My dad had bone cancer and passed away when he was 48 years old...I'll never forget what that terrible disease did to my dad and I certainly wouldn't wish it on anyone. Know that I'm thinking of you and your friend! xoxo

Carol said...


That other comment didn't come from me. I do not know anybody by the name of Linda...

I'm so saddened to hear about your friend. I know she's very fortunate to have you as her friend.

I'll be praying for her recovery.

Thanks for being such a great friend to her and to me.


Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Sandy. I'm truly saddened by your story. I'll be praying for your friend Betty and her family. It's really a difficult time but with people who love her, I hope she will feel better knowing she is not alone.

Hootin'Anni said...

I know just how you feel....and I know just how devastating it is for your friend.

Life can be cruel, but in turn it can also make you closer to your god! And that, in itself, makes a day brighter, and you a bit stronger!!!

Take small steps, pray, and be thankful for the has made you a stronger woman, even through the tears!!!