Thursday, May 03, 2007

Do you know what the verse is that is directly in the center of our bible? It is Psalm 119:8. "It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man."

What greater verse of all the verses in the bible could God have placed right in the center!! I think he picked just right...God is our GOD of perfection anyway!! Today I am thanking HIM for being MY God of HOPE!! Without HIM and knowing that HE is the God of HOPE I wonder just how we as Christians would manage to do this thing we call LIFE!!

We are told in the bible to share the HOPE of Jesus Christ!! What does this mean? To share the GOOD NEWS that he brings in the bible. The GOOD NEWS that we can have through salvation which we can only get thru asking HIM into our HEARTS and our LIVES!! This indeed is a message of HOPE!

God tells us all through the Bible that HE is still in Control even in the midst of trouble and confusion...he is still on his throne and He is still the ONE we need to turn too...THIS is our HOPE!!

Submission to GOD!! Another part of being a Christian we might not like but again part of what I am thankful for and another part of HOPE!! We may not like what we know might be our future ....but we have HOPE...HOPE that God knows our future and that we are willing to give it all to HIM!!

I am thankful this week that I can turn my problems, my anxieties, my finanes, my worries, my health,my husbands health, my friends health, my prayers over to a God that is all HOPE!!

We are not a HOPELESS SOCIETY if we have God. We have HOPE!! A HOPE for a better future!! One that only God knows that that we need to put into God's hands and let HIM work it out. After all He knows how it is going to go and how it is going to end anyway...Right?

Are you hopeful?


Denise said...

A great big amen to this.

Terri @ In His Hands said...

Amen! Yes, I am hopeful!

Excellent post--I love learning about the Psalm verse that is in the middle of the Bible. How fitting!


the night owl said...

thanks sandy for your message of hope.Did you get your air condition fixed yet??? This smoke in the air is bad and it would be bad to come into your house with the windows open....
My cousin with lung cancer, was told he has cancer all over his body.We don't know how sick he will get....
see you tomorrow. Barb

Grandparents Corner said...

Sandy, thank you for sharing this. An awesome message. Hugs, Bonnie

Monkey Giggles said...

What a great reminder. Thank you. Have a great and restful weekend.

on the Rock said...

Hope is a great theme:) Thank you for sharing.

God Bless, Betty

Akelamalu said...

If we don't have hope we don't have anything.

Puss-in-Boots said...

In this day and age, we need hope, more than ever.

Have a wonderful weekend.

eph2810 said...

Amen to that, Sandy. Yes, I have hope. A hope that sees me through it all :). What a wonderful and inspiring post.

Thank you so much for share your gratitude this week with us.

Blessings to your Friday and always.

Hootin' Anni said...

Hi Sandy-

I'll email you when I start feeling better.

But, just wanted you to know I really love the fact you care. I'm doing pretty good now. The meds have been changed for me, but they're a lot stronger and nauseating so I'm not up to doing anything lately.

Will email you now that I have your addy.

Again, thanks for caring.

Melli said...

Ahhhhhh... always and forEVER hopeful! Indeed! Sandy... you weren't by any chance studying the topic of HOPE this week were you? LOL!
Love you girlfriend!!!

Love Bears All Things said...

Thank for stopping by my blog. I think I might have married a little earlier than you. We've been married 40 years and counting. I love where you live.
Hope is something to be thankful for, couldn't agree more.
Mama Bear