Monday, May 28, 2007


It has been raining most of the time we have been here which is just too bad because Georgia needs it so so bad!! I just wish there was a way I could shove it down there!! Our wildfires are still burning!! It has rained here so much that it has also been cool. Cool enough that we have had our heat on in our motorhome!! Those of you that are in the warmer climates are probably thinking...HEAT on!! I know me too!! I did not bring even a SWEATER with me. Have you tried looking for a cardigan lately? Well it is almost impossible!! Finally today I found ONE and only ONE at Walmart. Even my fabulously wonderful store that we do not have in Savannah..KOHLS did not have one!! I found the ONLY cardigan that Walmart had today...a peach one...In I scooped it up and it is now mine for a mere $7.00!! I was so glad to get it that I put it on as soon as I got it and had to take it off to pay for it! My hubby said that I would walk out of the store and forget to pay for it!! SURE!! NOT me!!

We have now made it through two graduations!! I cannot share pictures with you because my laptop will not hook up to wireless here so far. I am going to have to get a ride and get to a wi-fi place so that I can hook up!! We have all the other fineries of home..cable, heat, water but no wireless!! I know I am thankful for everything else. I am not complaining just missing my laptop!!

I have not felt well unfortunately for some days now. I think I am trying to get a sore throat!! The temperature change might have something to do with it.

We are here at our daughters house for the week. Then we take off to visit friends in our part of Illinois!! After that we go to see my parents for a few days. We are then planning to go to my husbands side of the family for probably a ONCE IN A LIFETIME reunion!! Our son is flying in from California for the day just to be able to see our family. He has not seen our grandchildren (his nieces and his one adopted nephew(never) for 8 years....I am so looking forward to this ONE special day!! We are going to take pictures, pictures and more pictures that day!!
I am so missing visting all of you. When I can I get here to the computer and try to visit some of you.

We are here with a family of 3 teenage girls and 1 7 year old boy. You can imagine the line for the computer!! I have to jump in when I can!! I feel fortunate to have been able to write this post so far without looking back over my shoulder and seeing someone behind me asking, "how long are you going to be grandma?" So far so good!!
Everyone have a great week!! Maybe soon things will be back to Normal? Hm.. What is Normal anyway!!??

Flip Flop signing out until next time.


Denise said...

Great to hear from you sweet one, love you.

Melli said...

Ohhh I'm SO glad you posted! I was really praying hard for you this morning because I had not heard if you got there safely! Now my mind is at ease! I'm sorry you're trying to get a sore throat -- honestly Sandy - MY advice is to quit TRYING! But I'll talk to my Boss and see if He can help ya with that! ;) Continue to ENJOY that visit! Don't worry about us! We MISS you too - but don't worry about us! (((Hugs!)))

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Sandy. First of all, thanks for greeting my parents a Happy Anniversary. I appreciate it.

I saw some graduation photos at Julie's blog and I'm glad everything went very well.

A grand reunion like that sounds exciting. Hope you'll have a memorable time.

Take care and enjoy your time with the family.

the night owl said...

Hi Sandy,.....I am glad you made it safely ; and we made it back home on Sunday.It was lonely at Curves without you this morning.This is my last week to work out before Monday.I will try to post from the hospital..Fred is no good on the computer.Hope you are feeling better..It was cool in the mornings in Mi., but I had 2 light weight jackets.Enjoy your visit with family.

Susie said...

Glad you had a safe trip. Who would have thought finding a cardigan would be so difficult?
Your reunion sounds fun!!

martie said...

A reunion, even for just one day will be wonderful! Sounds like you have been just as busy as we have been....only we didn't get to travel as you did!!

Linda said...

Checking in to see how your trip is progressing. How wonderful that you will be seeing your parents. And, the big family reunion sounds great. Been thinking about you. Be safe.