Monday, May 21, 2007

Blue Monday


I was not going to post today!! I have not been much in the mood!! I could not come up with a Monday Memory because my brain hurts from so much thinking!! I have not been doing a very good job of thinking lately!! I have been messing up BIG TIME!! So to come up with a memory...well I don't think that was going to happen!! I have lost things and messed up other things royally!!

Problems come and go but it seems like the older I get they seem to come and stay and not go...wonder why that is. You would think the older you get they would come and see how old you are and then just take off. BUT no alas it does not seem to work out in flip flop floozie's world anyway...Not in my "peppy up beat" world that I am "supposed" to be living in. Only a few will understand that statement.

I seem to be knee deep in cat urine!! Not wonderful. I have a cat that I want to kill ( I love all animals believe me..just not this one). I keep a clean normal home and so hate it when this guy decides that his "behavior" needs to have a pee job here and a pee job there. I have lost all of my throw rugs now...Thrown away in the garbage!! I decided this past Friday that whether my hubby liked it or not I was going to take him and have him put to sleep!! I was all ready and believe me as much as I love cats and animals I could do it!! But the vet refused but she said ethically she just could not do it. Just because he bites me and pees all over my house that is not a good enough reason! Okay I get it!!

She wants to try a new method called, Feliway. It is a plug-in that emits some sort of smell that comes from a mother cat. It is supposed to help calm down a cat. I have looked it up online and found out that it is quite effective. Here we go again having to BUY something else for this wonderful cat that only my hubby loves!!

More money to just calm down a cat!! What more!!

Then I fool around and lose my prescription that I just picked up at the pharmacy! I know that I brought it home but cannot find it. We leave this week to go see our granddaughters graduate from high school and 8th grade. I needed to take this along in case I get migraines. It is gone!! I cannot get anymore!! I have looked everywhere. I even went through the trash/garbage last night at 10:30 with a flashlight before the garbage truck had a chance to come and pick it up. Attired in long yellow plastic glove I went through the Whole mess..bugs, banana peels and all!! Nasty, nasty mess!! Phew!! No medicine to be found!!

We are also getting the smoke from the wildfires today and sometimes that causes me to get a far so good!!

Other things are going on and worse!! Making my mood just get bluer and bluer!! Seems like I am not doing well. Posting has not been something that I thought I should be doing as you can see.

My friend Betty really looks good!! Praise God!! She says this is not going to get her down. She is not limping as badly now. They are using radiation on her right leg where the new spot of cancer has been found!! She is a fighter that is one thing for sure. I know compare my menial problems to hers and I should be pistol whipped for feeling this way. Sorry guys! Just having a small pity party today!!

Like poor Garfield in the picture above I feel like Monday is sitting on top of me!! I also am thinking of Lazy Daisy and how she must be hurting today too. I know this all should make me feel better but it doesn't. I just have to work myself through. I thought if I wrote it all down it might help. You know sometimes it does. When you write things down it seems to erase it from your mind but my heart still hurts and tears come easy! That will have to work itself out with time.

Have a wonderful evening. Those of you that are fans of 24 tonight is Jacks big show!! It is on for 2 whole hours!! Something to look forward too!! YES!!



Mauigirl said...

Hi, just stopping in to say hello. Sorry you're having such a bad day! I can relate to the cat that pees all over the house; we took in a reformed tomcat (well, we reformed him, LOL!) a few years back and apparently he had trouble adjusting to being an indoor, non-tomcat. He still sprayed everywhere. We ended up having to keep him in the basement (yes, we tried Feli-way) where at least I could close the door and keep the smell at bay! We let him out when we were home. He was FIV+ and ended up getting lymphoma and dying a couple of years later. I don't know what I would've done if he hadn't gone to the great beyond (I really liked him, too, he was a sweet cat). I couldn't even let him be an indoor/outdoor cat again because of the FIV, since he could spread it to other neighborhood cats.

I feel your pain - but I'm glad you didn't put him to sleep. Could he be an indoor/outdoor cat? That would certainly cut down on his peeing indoors. Or, if not, could he go live somewhere in the country where he could live outside, say a farm?

PEA said...

Don't feel too bad about the self pity party...we're all allowed to have those once in a while:-) To tell you the truth, if that was me and I didn't like the cat at all, I would try to find him a new home and not spend one more penny on him. What it's cost you already is ridiculous! I love cats, don't get me wrong, but if one kept acting like that...I'd give him away. As for the medication, did you look in the car? Maybe it fell between the seats or rolled under the seats? It can't be far away!! Good to hear that you're friend Betty is looking so much better already...prayers are continuing for her!! Hopefully you'll have better days ahead too:-) xox

Melli said...

Sandy -- you have email from me sweety! I hope it helps! You're in my prayers! (as always...)

Denise said...

I am very sorry that you are having such a down day. Praying for God to lift your spirits my friend, sending you much love.

Maggie Ann said...

Oh dear, I'm sorry your cat is causing you grief...and that your prescription is gone. We misplace things all the time...over and over. The last time it was my birth certificate. We needed it to get back into the U.S. when we went to Niagra Falls. We looked high and low for the thing, here it was in my jewelry box (where both of us had looked about 5 times each) folded into a small bit and tucked into another envelope. We only found it the day before we were going to cancel our trip! We were thanking God for sure. You take care...trusting things will all work out ok.

Carolyn said...

Oh Sandy ((((hug))) I know these kind of days. Wish there was something I could do to make it better. God will get you through this, and there are better days ahead. Know your friends are thinking about you and praying for you.

Autumn said...

I use to work in a pet store and my customers raved about the felaway.saying it worked.Unfortunatly If the cat is a male it is probably spraying to mark its territory and most males won't stop. Even if you have the cat fixed, boys are just bad.

Linda said...

Sorry you had such a bad day. If it will make you feel better, it is 3:15 a.m. and I can't get to sleep. So what am I doing, reading blogs!
I misplaced my meds one time and found them in the console of my car. They can't be far.
This afternoon my Avon lady dropped off the new catalogue and they are offering a tote with flip flops on the bag. I immediately thought of you. If we were close I would get that for you.
I understand your feelings about your cat. I love cats, but I know some have mental disorders that make them unbearable to live with.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hey Sandy, it's okay to have a wallow occasionally. After what's happened to you, I'd have dose of the poor mes too. Sometimes, we're the only ones who do feel sorry for you go ahead and feel sorry for you today. Tomorrow's going to be fine!


Akelamalu said...

Sorry you're feeling so down, hope tomorrow is brighter. Pop by my place and read my post 'Exam Answers' from Sunday, it will make you laugh guaranteed!

the night owl said...

Good Morning Sandy,....Have you found your medicine yet?? Your Tom cat needs to go outside and find a female cat and live outside........I hate to see you so down.Wish I was there to give a big hug...
I am out the door to Curves.Take care, Love ya, barb

Lee-ann said...

Sandy I have no idear why when something goes wrong everything goes wrong enough to make a girl go and buy something truly it does.

I hope you have now found your tablets I cannot even think from down here in Australia were they would be but I know once I lost a packet of soap and I found it about a month later in my recycle plastic shopping bags holder I had not even taken it out but simply buddled the bags together and jammed them into the overflowing recycle cupboard (I use them for garbage)
anyway I do hope the visit to see the grandchildren at school settles you down and I will look in in a day or two to see how all is going.

Hootin'Anni said...

Dear sweet lady---

Don't feel that you're taking everyone down with us [by your 'warning' depression follows].

We're here to listen to you, comfort you in any way we can---we know how these days go with all of us. We're entitled to vent and try to make things better by doing so.

If it'll make you feel better [I know it won't but hey---] We had a dog once that was a beautiful wonderful pet for our kids....then, once he jumped the chain-link fence, got hit by a car, jumped back over the fence into our yard. We were gone at the time, and our neighbor got in our yard and checked our pet....he was okay, limping, but okay, no cuts or exterior bleeding showed up. When we got home we were told about it all, took him to the vet, and all was well....just bruised.

After weeks, he started acting anxious. And the more traffic sounds, the more erratic his behavior.

Then, one time I was outside, reading, and a car's brakes screehed just down the road...then a bump. Accident! Well, the dog went crazy. He started chewing the HOUSE!! Literally chewing the wood!

This went on every time he heard brakes squeal.

Talk about expense. Our wooden privacy fence, the house, the name it---all was ruined eventually. Thousands of dollars in repair work. Not to mention the vet expense and medications to calm him.

It was a nightmare.


You take things easy my friend, hope as the days go by, you'll feel better.

[PS---did you look under the seats of the car...or in the glove box?]

Lazy Daisy said...

Hey babe, sounds like you were having a bad day. Sure hope it is past tense! I'm going to call the orthopedist today. My knee is not improving. If anything, it is more painful. The general soreness is much better. I'm still nauseated from the medication....not the best diet I've ever been on. You are all prayed up for the day.

Peggy said...

I am sorry you had a bad day but glad today is off to a good start for you. Have a fun trip and take lots of pictures. And may the rest of your week be filled with happiness and fun!

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Sandy. Sorry I've been away for a while. I wasn't able to go online for several days because I was bit preoccupied.

I'm sorry that you've had a blue Monday. Hope things are much better today as you read this.

I've read about your cat before and how he has bitten you several times. I can't blame you for wanting to get rid of him but I'm glad that there is a better alternative. I just hope that the new measures recommended by the vet will do wonders. Crossing my fingers for everyone's sake.

Take care and wishing you brighter days ahead.

Liz said...

Hope your week has improved! I've read the next medication post and that's good news.

Our dog is getting very old and poops all over the house. He's not even aware of it. But actually pooh is easier to clean up than pee so I do feel for you. Hope the magic does the trick.

Anonymous said...

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