Tuesday, April 10, 2007

TUESDAY TIDBITS or little bits of this and that

Tuesday again...The top half of my house is cleaned up!! Guess that is a good thing!! I also cornered both cats and their flea medication is on both of them! PLUS the good thing is that Simon did not bite me!! I was half scared that he would, of course! Annie is now a little frightened of me...can't blame her. I just despise having to do this every month!! I know it is for their own good and for ours too!! I finally figured out that I get one at a time out on the front porch...close the door and they are trapped!! I know that sounds awful but if you can come up with a better idea bring it on!! I get out my long yellow gloves and I am ready!! They hate me for a couple of hours. I really don't care what Simon thinks anyway!!

Now with the house (the top half) cleaned up I can finish up my bible study for this week and also do some scrapbooking..BUT not today!! Both of my children had to work today so that means grandma has to pick up the grandkids after school. I will be leaving soon to park at the school with all the other young moms and g and wait until their smiling faces greet me when they come running up to give me their big hugs. I have not seen them for several days now. They have been in Tulsa visiting their half sister.

Then I let them play at the playground and get all of that spent up energy out. Of course I have to stand there with all the "young" moms and hope that the gnats don't eat me up!! When I think they have ran themselves out then I holler for them and home we go.

They rummage through my cabinets looking for something..anything to eat!! We don't keep as much as we used too because it just puts weight on me...hubby does not care anymore..He says he just likes to eat!! Well, so do I!! After eating it is homework time. Both kids are very good to get right DOWN TO IT and get it over with!! Our little guy used to hate doing it. He is only in kindergarten, but you should see his homework!! Usually at least 6 sheets of homework per night!! He is really learning though. He is reading great and his handwriting is really improving from the beginning of school. He has a great teacher that keeps him in line!! He needed this kind of discipline!!

After homework they will play. Usually on the computer, with Indian and Cowboy little people or sit and color and make things. They are really good kids. Daddy comes later after supper. I usually try to keep something for him to eat. He works as an RN as well as Mommy does too. They are both very very busy people.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday. My Tuesday is not very exciting but it is mine and I love it!! Being able to go pick up my grandchildren and having them here is a great and wonderful thing for me. My health is great and I have blessings galore. I feel so much better than I did a week ago!! It is a wonder what a week will do!! Thanks to a good friend that called me and talked to me, I am feeling a whole lot better this week.

What would life be without friends?


Susan said...

Great post, Sandy! I'm sure someday your grandkids just love the fact that they get picked up by Grandma some days.


:-) Susan

the night owl said...

Hi Sandy,...You have had a buzy day...It was a little cool breeze today.; that kept the bugs away. I have been doing household duties..Washed three loads of clothes,had my nails done, went to the store, cooked dinner,changed the fish tank and now I can rest.See you tomorrow. Baba

Nancy said...

How lucky to be able to see your grandchildren that often! The pictures of them are precious.

Monkey Giggles said...

What wonderful memories you are giving your grandkids...I hope you stood TALL next to all those YOUNG one.

Dawn said...

I have my grands every afternoon and do the preschool and regular school thing - with the young moms. My daughter misses getting to do it.

I just scrolled down and saw the It's Friday . . . sermon quote. I referenced it the other day, too. I need to find my tape and listen to it again. Fabulous!!

Stop by and read Kev's and my Part 5 of our journey THROUGH his addiction.

Dawn said...

I meant to tell you that I'm heading down there for vacation next week - flying into Atlanta, going to Athens with relatives, and on to St. Simons Island for a few days. Are the flowers okay after the cold weather?

Susie said...

I love having our grands here nearly every day and sharing in the experiences of their day!
Wonderful moments!

carol said...

Hi, Sandy,
It must be such a joy having Grandkids..I have not been blessed with any yet..

Lazy Daisy said...

Ok I'm jealous...what else is new? Hugs to Miss Maddie and chattermonkey Garrett. Mr. Wonderful must be improving....he's grumpy! Miss you.

Melli said...

Mine wasn't exciting either -- just busy! I went to work from 2:30 until 8 and then an hour of pilates/yoga and then home. The morning was taken up with Laundry and Bible study stuff! (and I'm joining ANOTHER Bible Study tomorrow - Thursday night!)