Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Once again Tuesday is here and my tidbits are to be thought about......................

  1. I am MAD at a certain cat lately....Simon... first he bites me several times...I now am ignoring him. Now he is peeing on all my throw rugs and the floor!! What am I to do???
  2. For those of you that read Glo or Gloria from Young at heart, she is having a knee replacement today. She also has some heart problems so we need to really pray for her today.
  3. The wind finally left here!! My how I was so hoping it would leave. We live here in Georgia with the tall, tall Georgia pines. They are some 75 ft. tall with the branches at the very top. When it is windy (like the last two days) they bend and sway and sometimes break and come crashing into your home. We found that out a couple of years ago.
  4. Remember those that lost loved ones in Virginia at Virginia Tech College!! Such a tragedy!!
  5. I am faced with gifts to buy and cards for all kinds of events coming up...birthays, graduations, mother's day, you name it and it seems like I need to buy it!! Why do they all seem to come at the same time? Hmmm!!
  6. I have great neighbors!! Have I ever told you that!!??
  7. Our bible study just started in the book of Nahum. I hope it is as good as Micah was!! Those minor prophets!! WOW!! I would hate to see those MAJOR prophets!! Smile!!
  8. My friend Betty starts her new lung cancer treatment this Thursday!! I so pray this works and takes this new tumor away!!
  9. Have you got your photo hunt picture for Saturday yet? I went downtown Savannah today so I have mine all ready. Steps are all over the place down there!!
  10. Remember the Roberts babies? Well their daddy has accepted a new position as senior pastor in the Lexington, Kentucky area. They will be moving a week from today!! I am not going to get to see them grow up now!! sigh!! I so hate it. They had an open house this past Sunday. We went out to see them. Those babies have grown so much!! They did not remember me! I was so sad!! Danielle is litterly running...remember the doctors said since she had a brain bleed that her right side would just quite working? I guess they were wrong!! Benjamin is walking all over and both he and Danielle can feed themselves. Casey is walking but not as well. He still has a ways to go to catch up with his two siblings. Bless his heart.
That is about it for my Tuesday Tidbits for now anyway!! Bless everyone!! Flip Flop


SiouxSue said...

Always enjoy reading your posts. That is a bad kitty...our Gus and Jake do that from time-to-time. Boy kitties!

I know you'll miss those babies. It's hard the way our world moves around!

Yes, I am praying for all the souls who died and their families.

Nancy said...

Now, what are you going to do with that CAT? Cats can be so weird sometimes. My prayers continue for your friend and VTech families. I am also glad that the wind stopped. WOW, that was really something.

Peggy said...

The babies have grown up on you! As for your cat go to wally world and buy a can of stay off. Its a spray you spray on furniture or things you don't want the cat to bother. I had to spray my new throw rugs so Groucho wouldn't pee on them.

Susan said...

The cat...how frustrating.

I'm sure it's going to be hard to see those babies move away...what a blessing you've been to them, though.

I've been praying for the victims in VA...it's broken my heart.

I really hope that I get to go to a Beth Moore conference sometime.

Have a GREAT week.

:-) Susan

gerry said...

Nice post...and was wonderful reading through this...and also visit my blog sometime and check out all the amazing stuff i've posted there...i'm sure you'll enjoy your visit!!!

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Hello Dear Sandy, I’ve just popped over to say Hi and let you know that I’m getting back into the swing of things. I still have a lot of catching up to do. Your blog is so pretty, you seem to have added such a lot since my last visit. I wish I had the know-how to do these things.
Have a lovely day. Luv - Marion

Melli said...

Awwwww... those babies are moving? That is sad! But how great for their family that Dad is going to be SENIOR Pastor!

Sounds to me like Simon is majorly rebelling against Annie.... when cats rebel they don't do it right away ... it creeeeeeps up... this was why two of mine ended up "outdoor" cats... Freedom started peeing in the bathtubs and Squash was peeing in our heat registers!!! UGH! We had to actually replace duct work! And even once we let him outside we STILL had to watch him like a hawk when he was inside!
You might want to talk to your vet and see if he has any suggestions...

Akelamalu said...

I see Gloria is having a knee replacement - I'll pop over and give her some support as I know what it's like!

Lee-ann said...

Sandy hello to you this day!

Loved your Tuesday Tidbits but the most important thing of all is your dear friend Betty.........I send her all my prayers for a full recovery, please tell her she is being mentioned with love in Australia.

May is a big gift buying month for me too mothers day, birthdays etc.etc. wonder how that always works all in the same month.

Look after yourself my friend.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Sandy. I'm sorry about your problems with Simon. It's a weird behavior and he seems to have some issues with you. Hope that you will be enlightened about it soon and find ways to solve the problem.

God bless your friend Glo and may she have a safe surgery. Same goes to your dear friend Betty. May her treatment go smoothly.

My heart goes out to all the victims of the Virginia tech tragedy and their families.

Glad the Robert babies are doing well.

Thanks for sharing your Tuesday Tidbits.