Thursday, April 19, 2007

  1. I am thankful this Thursday for my health. I found out today "two more" friends have discovered that they have cancer!! What is happening? It is all over the place!! Cancer has arrived in my world! Everywhere that I turn I run into it. Lung, Breast, Prostate and well every kind is there. My sister in law is in the hospital in Arizona and I am very concerned for her too. My HEALTH is great so I am THANKFUL to GOD this very minute!!
  2. Our beautiful weather!! It is gorgeous here!! I love this weather...on the other hand we re facing a drought right now. Not like Lee-Ann in is not that bad yet but it could get that way I suppose. We are not allowed to water at all I found out this afternoon. I was watering my poor thristy almost dead flowers when Tootsie came running over hollering at me to STOP!! WHY? I asked. She said that they had come on TV this morning saying that if anyone was caught watering that we would be fined!! OOOOPSS!! I have not been watching TV!! Poor flowers!!
  3. MY BIBLE!! What a lesson this morning in Nahum!! I am so enjoying these minor prophets. They really rock!!
  4. MY FRIENDS...Well you know ME always so very very thankful for them
  5. CURVES!! Love going there and seeing my "other" family!! GREAT women there! I have been going 2 years now and am so glad that I have stuck with it.
  6. I am just thankful for being who I am and learning how God works. I am enjoying learning about his character and who he is!! Patient, long suffering, kind, merciful, gentle but able to be angry when He has had enough. What a God I serve!!
  7. One more thing...Our daughter went to church last night and brought our grandkids!! YES!! I was so happy to have her come!! GREAT PRAISE!!


Grandparents Corner said...

Oh dear, you're under draught conditions too. We have been since last summer, but we can still water one day for a certain period of time thankfully.

My MIL passed away from cancer last year. She must have had it for a long time as it had spread and she only lasted 5 months. She's with Jesus now and has NO cancer, praise God!

Thanks for always sharing! I love your posts. Lots of hugs! Bonnie

the night owl said...

Hi sandy,....I went to curves today; I am going to Atlanta on Friday morning for two birthdays'...I will see you on Monday morning.It does seen like a lot of cases of cancer are out there ......Have a good weekend. Barb

patterns of ink said...

Saw you at Nancy's Daily Blessings and just had to say hi to another blogger from down south. I would welcome your comments on this week's series of post called "Why Bloggers Blog"
I wanted to tell you that until 3 years ago, flip flops were not allowed at the school I oversee. We changed that and now that it's warm up here in Michigan, it feels like summer is on the way because of all the flip flops on the halls.

on the Rock said...

Indeed alot to be thanful for:)
God Bless!

ps. when I type while you're music is playing I feel like my typing is like playing the piano:) lol...too much fun.

Peggy said...

You were truly blessed this week with all the things you are thankful for. Have a great weekend

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Sandy. Thanks for sharing your blessings. It's always wonderful to read about the things that you're grateful for. Hope that God will always bless you and your loved ones and shower you with more blessings.

Happy weekend!

Melli said...

Sandy... I'm sO sorry to hear so many of your friends / loved ones are suffering with cancer and all it brings. I am sending prayers for each of your "victims" - even without knowing their names - God will know!

I had my JOY Bible study tonight -- I am SO enjoying that study - and that group of women! They are wonderful new friends to me! My Monday night group is great too -- it is a mixed group - men and women. But they are dear too!

I'm SO happy about #7! That's wOnderful!!! I'm very happy FOR YOU! :)

Akelamalu said...

Sorry to hear about your friends hon. x