Tuesday, April 24, 2007

First of all, my youngest daughter has a wedding to go to this Saturday. It is an outdoor wedding for a good friend that she works with. Last week started this "I need a new dress for her wedding"!! Okay sounds easy don't you think!! I thought so too. Thus starts an almost week long DRESS HUNT for the PERFECT DRESS!!

She called me this morning to let me know that she was going out ONCE AGAIN on that never ending hunt for that PERFECT DRESS!!! I asked if I could tag along again!! She says, YES!! but I thought you were tried of this by now!! Well, which would you rather do...clean potties or go dress shopping!! Hmm!! Now let me see...give me a few minutes and let me decide...dirt...potties...dress shopping!! Oh DRESS SHOPPING!! Dirt will be there tomorrow and mother and daughter time is much more fun and rewarding!!

Did you know there is such a thing as the PERFECT DRESS? In my youngest daughters heart I think there is and well I forgot to add also in her husband's eyes too!!

She asked me to go with her last week. We started out at the BIGGEST mall that we have here in Savannah. OOPS no we started at Goody's because it was opened before the Mall....tried on and nothing there...next to the mall...looked at SEARS, PENNEYS, RICHS, every dress shop that ever so kindly offers to we spoiled American women!!

By then we were so tired so we had to eat...Panera Bread was calling our names by that time!! Yummy give those tired dress shopping women some carbs!! Quick!!

Next we tried Marshalls...no good and then onto DRESS BARN (my favorite..just wish they would change the name)!! She found one!! YES!! By that time she had tried on dozens of dresses.

Just for your enjoyment, I can tell you that the color this year is black and white and they all have empire waist lines (wanting you to look pregnant whether you are or not)!! WHY???? (who wants to dress that way unless you really are PG)!! They are all made for young girls...low cut and cute...glad I was not looking!! Nothing for an old lady like me!!

FINALLY, she picks one out and she actually takes it home!! Husband says keep trying!! She is out again and again and again!! Now with hindsight I wish that I had counted all of the dresses that girl has tried on!! I bet the count would have been somewhere around 60 plus by now!!

So back to today's adventures in DRESS SHOPPING 101....

Off we go again!! This time after some more dress trying on and me hanging them up we hit PAY DIRT!! The dresses are $25.00 a piece!! YES!! Plus two of them FIT and they are CUTE!! Not that some 20 before them have not been cute but you know I was not the one that had to wear them either..RIGHT???

We have finished our challenge!! WE have found NOT 1 BUT 2 dresses in the SAME STORE!! We thank God and do the Happy Dance!! How lucky can two women be!!??? Relief is just finding the RIGHT DRESS!!!

We walk out of TJ MAXX with TWO DRESSES and all is right with the world....our world..."Mother and daughter buying the right dress world' that is!!


WHEW!! I don't know about you but this has been a busy past few days just dress lookin'!! I came home with something that does not need to fit me....see!!! This is my new FLIP FLOP FLOOZIE RUG!! I found it at Bed Bath and Beyond and also had a $5.00 coupon...ain't I good!! I am a bargain shopper!


the night owl said...

Hi Sandy,....I love your rug, but where is the picture of the dress???See you tomorrow. Baba

SiouxSue said...

I am NOT a shopper...so better you than me. And, all three daughters are grown! I do love the rug!!

Lazy Daisy said...

Wow, girlfriend, sounds like a marathon shop a thon....so glad you found the perfect dress. Sounds like the hunt was fun though. Miss you and am praying for Betty.

Jane said...

I'm tired from listening! But I am glad she found the right dress.

Akelamalu said...

A shopamarathon that was! Love the new rug!

Hootin'Anni said...

Funny....but oh so cute! Every time I see a flip flop now, I think of you Sandy. But, oh are there ever so many cute, adorable things with the flip-flop theme!! That rug for one!!

[Thank goodness my daughter was not into shopping for dresses---her style was jeans. Still is. I swear. Guess we both are now more 'tom-boyish' together! Not that I don't like dressing up, but I'd be happy if all weddings were outside and dress casual. LOL]

Did you say what color the dress was that she is going to wear?

Melli said...

WHAT? No pictures??? After alllllll that shopping we don't even get to SEE the dresses? I DO hope hubby is happy with ONE of the final two! (you didn't mention that...) LOL! Sounds like you guys had a GRAND time shopping for them!

Heart of Rachel said...

It's not easy finding the right dress for an occasion. I'm glad you went home totally happy with the dresses you bought.