Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Now everyone out there can stop all of that wonderful praying for us and our motor home!!

We pulled into our back lot about 3:30 this afternoon EST!! Hubby was so tired!! He wanted to get home since he got up about 3:30 AM this morning determined to get home today whatever!! He said he woke up thinking about driving so just decided to get up and drive!! I slept in for a little bit but all that bumpity bumping is not great for wonderful sleeping so about the time he pulled over at a Walmart for his coffee I decided that was enough of bumping for me!!

We went into Walmart for our potty breaks and sat and ate our "last breakfast" in our little moving home!!

We have had a wonderful time!! I hate it that my sweetie has to go back to work and that I will not be able to see him every minute of the day!! I have so enjoyed that!! Like some women I just do not get tired of having him around!! I know you might be saying I am a little strange but I guess that is why I married him in the FIRST PLACE!!

We have driven the entire day!! OOPS!! Not me..hubby has driven the entire day!! I have slept a lot of it and read half of another book. I have put away 2 and a half books on this trip!! I can now recommend two good books...."Secret of the Bees" (Yes, Lazy Daisy I finally got it read) and another good one an autobiography...strange for me...."LOVE LUCY" by Lucille Ball...It is just great!!! I think that I would have liked her!! I am now reading John Jakes, "Charleston". It is good too!!

We got home and here came Tootsie running over to give me a big HUG!! I need many many friends like that!! Love her!! Thanks Lazy Daisy for all the phone calls and prayers you sent up for us while we were on the road!! God has been looking out for us!! We had quite a lot of drama on this GREAT ADVENTURE!! We just wanted my parents to be okay!!
Simon and Annie are happy to have us home. Simon is another matter. Think he is on his way to a new home soon.

Will be visiting you all soon!!!



PEA said...

Welcome home:-) I've just gotten back myself from being out of town for a few days...today I'm just trying to catch up on everybody's news!! Sounds like you had a simply marvellous time:-) xox

Lazy Daisy said...

So glad you are both home. I know Mike is glad not to be fighting head winds. Hope he rests up.

the night owl said...

Welcome back you two!!!!I know Mike must be beat...Rest up my friends and see you at curves. Baba

Susan said...

Welcome home...that was a LOOOONNNGG trip...doing all that driving in one day is not easy.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Secret Life of Bees. It was definitely one of my favorite books of last year.

Glad you're home.


:-) Susan

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad you made it home safe and sound!! I know you are happy to be settling back in!!
Love you!

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Hello Sandy...
I didn’t realise you were writing your blog whilst on your travels, so I have some reading up to do.

Thank goodness you are home safe and sound, I did get a glimpse of the tyre burst, what a dreadful experience. I guess you both must be tired out. What an adventure you have had..

I know exactly what you mean about enjoying the company of your dear husband. Me too, I never tire of him being around and miss him like made when he’s not. Spring is here - Enjoy! Marion

Melli said...

Well... I think you'll still remain in my prayers! But I'm glad you're home! Glad you guys had a good time too -- and Sandy, I think it's WONDERFUL that you still LOVE spending so much time with Mike! I don't think you're crazy at all -- I think you're very BLESSED!

On the books did you mean "Secret of the Bees" ... or "The Secret LIFE of Bees"? ... I've read the Secret LIFE of Bees - it was FABULOUS! When I finished it, I turned around and read The Mermaid Chair by the same author -- which is a totally different story - but also very good. It's nice that you had time to get some reading done! I might have to pick up that Lucille Ball book -- I've always liked her - and I do like a biography every now and then! ;)

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Sandy,

Welcome back home! Glad you all had a wonderful trip and you got back safely. Take care!