Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I know you have heard "Better Late than never" well that is today for sure!! We pulled in here today at about 7:00 Central time!! We are in Oklahoma today at a KOA campground right along old Rt. 66!! It is historic now!! Does that make someone like me that graduated in the 60's HISTORIC too!! ??? Probably...by the time this GREAT ADVENTURE is over I may feel like I am very HISTORIC or ANCIENT!! smile!! We have gone so many many miles now that I have lost track!! We are hoping to be in Illinois by Thursday!!
My parents are doing pretty well I think at this stage of this LONG trip!! Dad has been holding up well. Tonight we had Brunswick Stew for supper and cornbread!! Pretty good I thought!!
Our weather was good as it has been the whole way. It was cooler today but very nice. My hubby does have to "buck some bad winds" though which is hard with this big motor home!! I hate that for him.
Well I just wanted to catch everyone up. I wish that I could come and visit everyone but I may not get that done. I want to visit but just not enough time!! Thanks for all of you who have been so supportive!! It is great to really know who your friends are!!



Susie said...

Sounds like you're making pretty good time. Winds like that can make driving quite tiring.
I'll keep you in my prayers..

Melli said...

Sandy - tell hubby my prayers are with him driving THAT thing in strong winds! I hate windy days in my SUV -- I can not IMAGINE trying to keep THAT sucker on the straight and narrow! Sounds like you guys are doing okay now... I hope your getting some pictures of this adventure!

I'm prayin'!!!

Lazy Daisy said...

Wow, babe, I know you are trying to save money but I don't think I would have posted my laundry! (tee hee!) Sounds like you are making good time. You are all prayed up for the day.

the night owl said...

Sandy,...Another Day...Another mile!!
are right behind you and yours all the way. Baba