Monday, March 26, 2007

Today is an anniversary of sorts!! Well at least it is one of those dates that I remember!! It is March 26th, 2007 and 46 years ago today my honey and I started going steady!! I know some of you are going to think...she remembers THAT!! Yes and sometimes I cannot remember my best friend's name!! I seem to always remember March 26th for some reason!! Last night I asked MY HONEY if he remembered. Being the MAN that he is he said..."WHAT?" No, of course he had no idea under this blue sky what I was talking about!!

Let me fill you in on my limited dating experience!! When I was a Freshman in high school it seemed like EVERYONE was dating..except me!! Girls were getting asked out all around me and then there was ME!! I remember looking at myself in the mirror and wondering what was wrong with me.

There were guys that I liked but they would only come to me for advice about their girlfriends. Being me...I would give them the advice that they were looking for...while inside I was yelling for them to..... ASK ME OUT!!

The type of guy that finally did ask me out... I wish that I had a picture of him then!! He was very tall and his ears stuck out. I knew that he wanted to ask me out to this one particular dance. I did not dance well except for slow dances. I figured he did not either. He finally got me cornened. (I had been ducking him the best that I could). He asked me to the dance. I have always hated to hurt people's feelings. You know me then...I said, YES!!

The night came for the dance. I did my best going and standing and making it through it but promised myself I was NOT going to do this again. It went well but I think maybe by going all I did was just make things worse. I think he thought that he had some sort of CHANCE..NO WAY JOSE!!!

I managed to duck this guy for a long time!! Bless his heart he was never good looking at all. Years later he finally made it to a reunion. He had the nerve to tell MY HONEY that he actually dated me!! SURE HE DID!!

Finally in my Sophomore year my cousin (not blood related...but heart related) married this fellow. She asked me to be one of her bridesmaids in their wedding. She told me that her going to be hubby had a wonderful, handsome brother and that I needed to "check him out". I told her that my luck with guys was not very good and especially if they were good looking!!
I saw him at their wedding and went Oh My what a hunk.. he will never look my way!! I found that he was so shy that most of the time he was ducking his head!!

Time went by and she asked me to come and spend a weekend with them. She was determined to get her new brother-in-law and myself together someway!! She set up a date with us!! We had our first date on my cousin's birthday and it was a basket ball game between both of our towns.

I had to sit on the opposing side because I was of course with them. When the girls on the other side (my town) saw me sitting with this handsome hunk of a guy they all came running over and wanted to be introduced to him. You know they were not used to seeing Sandy with a guy much less one that was a hunk and actually handsome (plus his ears were flat)!!! I was in hog heaven!!

That first date started a great relationship!! We lived 40 miles away from each other but he wrote me a letter that first week and we had another date the following weekend. His parents had to drive him to my house. We got to go to the movies by ourselves.

We dated for 3 years and you know "the rest of the story"!!!

People say today that you cannot meet just one person and date them and get married...I say Oh yes you can if you meet that right guy!! I was one of the fortunate women and I like to think that Honey was too. We know that God had us placed together all those years ago because now we have been married for 43 years and we are in it for the rest of our lives. We are in it for however many more years God gives us to be together!!

I heard the other day on TV a woman say to an Amish couple, "How can you live with the same woman your whole life?" I was just got at that statement. I thougth and WHY NOT!!!??? That is they way God instituted marriage to be!! I think this woman needs to have some instructions in marriage...Course she is divorced!! Now you can see why!! I have thought about that statement all week and thought...that poor woman. No wonder she is divorced!!

Marriage is a giving of each other. It is learning that you are still YOU...Yes but it is also loving the other person so much that you want what is best for him almost as much as what is best for yourself. I hate it when my honey hurts, I hate it when he works so hard, I hate it when he is tired, I know that he loves me but I get so upset when he over does it all because of trying to keep us going!! Marriage is being one literally!! God makes it easier though...He is the GLUE!!



the night owl said...

Hi Sandy,
This is a wonderful story of you and mike..You are such a cute couple.
I want to invite you over for dinner one night. Hope you got my e-mail?
Enjoy today. Baba

on the Rock said...

I love this story - so romantic! Happy going steady anniversary!

I saw that interview with the Amish couple and thought it was the most ridiculous line of discussion ever. That same interviewer had the same conversation a few months back with an muslim woman. Oprah made it seem how astonishing it is for anyone to be marriage focused when dating. She's really starting to lose me. And don't even get me started on that road trip. It may have been entertaining tv, but for goodness sakes! All of America does road trips all the time!

Sandy, look at all the wonderful trips you take us on. The longlasting relationships should be celebrated more often in the media, but I guess good news doesn't sell as well.

LadyBugCrossing said...

What a sweet memory!
Enjoy your Glue!! I love my glue too!

Lazy Daisy said...

Ahh...that Mikey was a hunk even back then of btw for future reference if you are having a senior momment "Your best friend is Daisy and we laugh and do crazy things whenever we are together."

There now I feel better.

Happy pre-anniversary !

Beckie said...

Wonderful memory, Sandy! I haven't been married as long, and I can't remember the exact date.

btw...I love your banner!!! Where did you get it? I made for Daisy that she'll use on her Friday Feast.


YellowRose said...

What a wonderful story!!! A true love story!

Susie said...

Lovely look back at your love story!
We haven't been married quite as long, (almost 40 yrs) but I know ours is forever too!

PEA said...

I so enjoyed your story of how you and your hubby met:-) I was so shy growing up, I wouldn't even look up when a guy would call my name! lol So many asked me out and I would always say no because of my shyness. I met my husband when I was 16 and we got married when I turned 18...we've been married almost 31 years now but unfortunately it stopped being a marriage over 5 years ago. We just share the house now as friends. I'm happy, though, that yours has worked out so well:-) xoxo

Loving Annie said...

What a lovely story of you and your honey, Flip Flop ! A happy Monday memory indeed !

Norma said...

A great story--you're a good mentor for women just starting out. Ours is very different--but almost to 47--we both dated many others. He told me on the first date he would marry me.

My MM is up.

Betty said...

That's a sweet love story. Love makes the world go 'round.

My husband and I have been married 46 years. When I was a freshman in high shool. we had one date. He was a freshman in college. He told me I needed to grow up. Two years later we began dating again and dated 2 years then got married.

Melli said...

Awwwwwww... Sandy that is a sweet sweeeeeet story! And you and "honey" are BOTH very blessed to have found each other on the first try!

Ma said...

That is a wonderful love story, Sandy. It's a relationship that some people wish they could have. I had other boyfriends before Charley, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. And when Charley came along I knew that he was my soul mate and we had a wonderful life together. I sure so miss him alot. And I cherish each day I spent with him and have alot of good memories. And someday I will see him again.

Heart of Rachel said...

Thank you Sandy for sharing your beautiful love story. It's nice that you still remember the date when you went steady. I still remember mine too. It's Nov. 6. The day after my husband's birthday. :)

You're blessed to have met the right man for you without going through some heartaches. I was broken hearted once but I got over the pain when I met my 2nd boyfriend who I married eventually. :)