Sunday, March 04, 2007


Another Sunday afternoon!! It is a nice one here in Savannah, but this ole' lady is a tired ole' lady today for some silly reason!! I had a small nap which helped a little!!

We have been working in the motorhome getting ready to head out for our "GREAT ADVENTURE"this coming Tuesday morning!! Boy, we have a lot of miles to cover!! I figure that I will wake up Wednesday morning with my bed rocking!! Knowing my hubby he will be up "bright and early" (something like 4 or 5 AM) and be driving and I will be sleeping away!!
He does not like sleeping like this ole' flip flop likes to sleep! I am a fan of "sleeping" for sure!! I love getting all nice and cozy and warm especially when no "body part" is hurting then I am very happy and do not want to move for fear something WILL START to hurt!!

I am going to have to get used to swaying back and forth while dressing and also eating I bet!! Oh well I can learn something new even at 62 I bet!!

We are going to be getting to see our son also when we arrive in Arizona. He is driving over from California. We are having a get together of our family out in Arizona on Friday night. It will be nice to have some of us together then. We can never get us "ALL TOGETHER". The rest of the family is in Illinois and Georgia. It just never works out anymore for all of us. So we have to do what we can WHEN we can. Too bad how families just are not together anymore!!

I have been trying to learn this Garmin GPS that my hubby got for Christmas. It is installed on my laptop. I just hope that I can understand how it works. It would be great for us to use. It seems complicated but I will try to learn it...FAST!! (plus it talks to you) wow!!

Hope you like my cartoon today!! I used to tell everyone that there are NO CALORIES in donut holes (that was when I actually ate donuts). I have not had one in a LONG LONG time now. I want to lose this weight. My clothes size is going down really well. I feel so much better about myself now!! Self esteem...great thing when you feel good about it!

Well everyone have a great week!! I will post tomorrow but who knows when I will be able to again...UNLESS I can find some Wireless just sitting there with my name on it!! SMILE!! If so then I will grab it and post!! Till then I will be missing everyone.



Glo said...

Loved the cartoon today.Our prayers are with you and your hubby while your on BIG ADVENTURE.With my MY Mike and I, I'd be the one driving and he be swaying. Have fun and Happy swaying.

julie said...

Take some pictures while you are gone. Am feeling better today thank goodness!!!Guess that flu is going around here. Why'd it have to stop at our house:P. Have a great weekend

Peggy said...

have a wonderful trip. Will miss stopping by for a daily visit.

Susie said...

Not too long till you're on the road!
Hope the trip is a fun adventure for you!

PEA said...

That cartoon depicts how I feel about eating calories in the hole! hehe Sounds like you're heading on quite a safe and have fun!! I think it's wonderful that you'll be getting to see your son and some other family members on the way:-) I just watched the movie "RV" starring Robin Williams today...have you seen it? Hopefully your adventures are not like his! lol Take care xoxo

Melli said...

You guys will have to go have breakfast in a hotel every now and then so you can use their internet connection! Or park in the parking lot at the library!!! LOL! Goodness Sandy! What ARE we going to DO without you for a whole month??? I'll lose my mind!

Well... we are back from our "jaunt" and by tomorrow morning I should be rested! I hope! I have to work the next 3 nights in a row....

I'll be praying for your safe journeys daily. You guys be careful! ESPECIALLY dressing and cooking while the vehicle is MOVING!!! I think your guardian angels are going to be working double-time! :)

Betty said...

Thanks for dropping by to visit and comment. Marion is indeed a dear friend.

Enjoy your trip. I hope you have better luck with your laptop than I did. The support person said my problem was something about the address. I'm computer illerate so......

Wishing you Godspeed and sunshine.
Betty at Country Charm

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Sandy

How nice that you will be getting together with some of your family at least. I know what it's like. My eldest grandson is moving to Holland in August. His fiancee lives there so that's where he wants to live.

Anyway, I hope you have a safe and happy trip, Sandy. Keep smiling!



I prayed for travel mercies for you and yours and hope that this trip will provide many happy memories for all of you!!!
Waiting for some great stories when you return - and stay away from those donut holes...

Liz said...

I love to sleep too. To be snug and cosy, mmm. Hope your adventure is safe and fun. Enjoy!

It will be great to get togehther with family. My children are spreading away now and I DON'T like it. But that's what our job is: to give them roots and wings.

Look forward to hearing your stories on your return.

Twisted Cinderella said...

That cartoon is too cute!

the night owl said...

Hi Sandy,
How early are you leaving in the morning?Have fun with your family.Enjoy the ride and the sights along the way.You and Mike take care and have a safe trip.