Wednesday, March 07, 2007


This is what happened on our first day of our "Big Adventure" to Arizona!! See what
happened!!??? We had our guardian angels watching over us because it blew
on a big highway and could have thrown us over.
Hubby managed to get the hurricane off of the
to a parking lot...there another man helped us. We bought another
spare only to have to use it today BECAUSE another tire blew!!
We are trying to remain as positive as we can be and know that God
is looking after us!! Keep praying if you are praying for us now!!
He is listening!! Believe me I know that and we feel it too.


Susie said...

That had to be pretty scary to have two blowouts in one day. You had a guardian angel watching over you!

PEA said...

Waittttt for meeeeee...heyyyy you forgot meeeeee! hehe I am so ready to go away on a vacation!! lol Hmmm I guess those two blown tires wasn't a very good start to your travels but hopefully from now on everything will go perfectly for you! Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures:-) xox

the night owl said...

Sandy, I heard about your tire blow-outs from Julie.I pray this will be the end of trouble.You were lucky to get safely to the side of the road.Tell Mike he is a GREAT DRIVER!!
Miss you, Barb

Jennifer said...

How scary, Sandy!! I'm grateful everyone's OK! Two tires in one day? At this rate you'll have an entire new set before the end of the week!! (((HUGS)))

Melli said...

Oh my gosh! Sandy! How frightening! WOW! Yep! Jesus is riding WITH you on this trip! Yes He is!!! Wow! Well, I am SO happy you guys are safe and everything is okay! I'm sorry about that added expense though... I know you weren't looking to spend any extra.... But goodness - that's a small price for your health and safety! I AM still praying for you -- and I hope from here on out it all goes smoothly!!!

Anonymous said...

OMGosh! I'm so glad your guys are ok!! How scary! Praying that the rest of your trip is easy and relaxing!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hey Sandy, you are being protected. You're both safe!

A bit scary for you though and I hope the rest of your trip goes without incident.

Take care

Ma said...

Oh my! I'm glad that everything turned out okay. Two tires! I think we all need to pray for a safe and blessed trip for all of you. Take care.

Heart of Rachel said...

I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm thankful that you're safe from harm. Hope you'll have a smooth trip from now on. God bless.

Penless Thoughts said...

I'm new to your site. Saw this picture. Praise God you are okay and can post about it. We had a tire on our 5t wheel catch on fire on a CA highway going into Lake Tahoe. We weren't even aware of it until another driver (guardian angel) pulled along side us and frantically waved and caught our attention. They had a cell phone (we didn't) and call 911. All was well, except we spent 5 days parked in a parking lot of the repair place that was fixing it.

Marcia said...

My heart goes out to you, I hope your trip back goes a bit smoother.