Thursday, March 29, 2007

I am late again getting to blogging!! Today has been go go go from the minute I got up and headed off to CURVES!!

Today I am so thankful to have my car back!! In fact, I am just thankful to have a CAR!! My honey has had it the last couple of days since he was picked for the Federal Court jury selection so I have been without one!! Guess it made me appreciate having one again!! Also I know that many people do not have the luxury of a second car!! I am so thankful for one!!

Today I also had the priviledge of attending bible study at my church. We are studying Micah right now. I was afraid that it was going to go straight over my head but again I was able to comprehend what the prophet was wanting his people to understand!! It is amazing what is in our bibles that we have NO IDEA!! I am enjoying the Old Testament so much!!

I am thankful for our newly remodeled Wal-mart where I was doing a little bit of shopping and loving looking at the new set up when my friend Tootsie called me. She asked me out for lunch. She was on the far other side of town but we decided to meet anyway!! It took me a bit but we met at my favorite place, Panera Bread (carboyhydrate heaven)!! If we did not have these nasty enemies of mine I would weigh about 110 I bet!!

We had a great lunch with talking, talking and more talking. She had taken some ceramics again and made me a purple plate for my African violets...Again thankful for wonderful friends. I cannot begin to tell you how thankful I am for friends....What would I do without them? I know because I have been there before and for me IT IS NOT A PRETTY SITE!! I am not a very nice person either!!

After that we decided a good walk was something we needed!! Freedom to walk wherever we want..again very thankful!! We walked to Michaels and had a good look around there!! Great things there too you know but again it is all things...But again thankful for just being able to go as many are not just able to GO when they want too....

We walked back to our cars. She took off in one direction and myself in another!! I am at home now and have a few little plants that I want to get planted on my back porch. I need to look out there and see some color so that I can feel happy!! I like to see growing things everywhere that I look!!

I am thankful as always for my sweet Honey!! He is off working again today and never once complains. He has another cold but just takes it all in stride without complaining!! What a guy!!
I am thankful for our great church, the people that attend there and the WORD that is preached every weekend and Wednesday night. What blessings I have all around me!! last thing I forgot to mention...Barb told me about a fellow tht critiques your I swallowed hard and went over and asked him to critique is what he said...."Flip Flop Floozie's blog is one of those blogs that make you feel good all over and puts a smile on your face because you can just tell she loves life, her family and her friends! First thing that greeted my was a tune by Beethoven. I have to say that these Sonific widgets scare me once in a while because I don't expect the music. I think if you are looking for a feel good blog where you can sit down with a cup of coffee and enjoy the time you spend there then this blog is for you. The bloggers personality jumps off the screen and it is truly an enjoyable read. Well done!"

If you would like for him to do this for you just go to this address and he will do it for you..... His name is Billy Mac. I guess he likes doing this because once you get on his site you will see some of the blogs that I think you will be familiar with!! Baba's blog is there. She got a good write up too. I wonder if he gives any bad ones...Hmmm!!

Have a blessed day!!


Loving Annie said...

What a wonderful critique from Billy mac ! And lots of very nice things indeed to be thankful for, Flip Flop !
African violerts are favorites of mine, too...

the night owl said...

Well Sandy,.... Billy Mac did a great job on your critique!! all the things he said about you are TRUE.I did mine today on my teenage granddaughter,come see. Baba

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your review. You have a great blog. Stop by mine and say hi sometime.

~Sandy G.

Grandparents Corner said...

Hi flip flop :)

This is my first time visiting you. I joined Thankful Thursdays today and followed the link to you. Thank you for sharing, and I love all the photos from your trip. My favorite color of flip flops is red! ;)

Please stop by and visit my Thankful post, and if you have another minute or two, read about my husbands heart events in my post on Tuesday, the 27th. God was with us! He is so good!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Very close names. Mine is Sandra Dee. Thanks for stopping by.

~Sandy G.


Billy Mac gave you a wonderful, fair review!!!
I really enjoy your Thankful Thursdays.
*You asked about my comment about losing readers. I was being sarcastic about my comment about global warming being "hype." I try to be middle-of-the-road on my blog but some of my Westcoast Conservative leanings creep out now and again!!!

Melli said...

How fun that you and Tootsie got to have a little time out together today! That's always good! Glad your enjoying your Bible study too! I'm enjoying mine too! I just finished the one I was doing on my own -- Walk A Mile In Their Shoes... or something like that! It was about 6 women in the Bible ... Deborah, Rabah, Hagar, Abigail, Hannah, and the widow the the oil. It was very good - but would have been better with a group!

Sorry to hear Mike has a cold again -- I hope he feels better soon!

Tammy said...

I think I'm visiting for the first time...:)
I have seen you reply to some of the same friends a few times and finally decided to drop over!
What a nice Thankful Thursday post! And I have to say, this is one of my favorite pieces of music, though I haven't heard it in beautiful.

And I'm not sure I have the courage to get my blog all were brave!

I enjoyed visiting you...come by anytime! :)

PEA said...

You certainly do have many wonderful things to be thankful for:-) What a lovely day you had with your friend...I love doing stuff like that, what a shame we live so far apart!! I'll have to go over to Billy Mac's and have my blog fun!! hehe xox